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Barry Buchanan was born in Bowdon, Georgia, United States on January 15th, 1968 and is the Wrestler. At the age of 56, Barry Buchanan biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, and networth are available.

Date of Birth
January 15, 1968
United States
Place of Birth
Bowdon, Georgia, United States
56 years old
Zodiac Sign
Professional Wrestler
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Brooks Jensen
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Barry Buchanan Life

Barry Buchanan (born January 15, 1968) is an American retired professional wrestler.

He is best known for his participation in the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E) under the ring names Recon, Bull Buchananan, and B2 as Buchanan, as well as his appearances with All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) and Pro Wrestling Noah (PWN).

Buchanan is a retired WWF World Tag Team champion, All Asia Tag Team Champion, GHC Tag Team Champion, and USWA World Tag Team Champion, primarily a tag team wrestler.

Personal life

Benjamin, who is also a professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, is Buchanan's son, who also works under the name Brooks Jensen.


Barry Buchanan Career

Professional wrestling career

By James Hammonds, Buchanan was taught to wrestle. "The Punisher" debuted in 1995, wrestling on the North Georgia independent circuit as "The Punisher." "Body Count" was Buchanan's tag team, with Ric Savage. Before Jim Cornette for Smoky Mountain Wrestling, the duo competed in National Championship Wrestling (NCW).

"The Punisher" debuted in Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) in 1995. He was a member of Jim Cornette's "The Militia" and served as Cornette's bodyguard, feuding with Boo Bradley and The Bullet. Buchanan took the final SMW show, teaming with Tommy Rich to face Buddy Landel and The Bullet, while The Bullet.

Stud was a member of the Black Riders who toured Billy Black as The Dark Riders. The team made two appearances on ECW World Tag Team Champions, The Eliminators, in March 1996, which were shown on ECW's weekly television program.

Buchanan was signed to the United States Wrestling Association (USWA), where he was known as "Recon" of the Truth Commission after SMW closed. Buchanan defeated Billy Joe Travis and Flash Flanagan in the USWA World Tag Team Championship on March 6, 1997 with his partner The Interrogator. The pair only had the titles for a week before losing them to Flash Flanagan and Billy Joe Travis. The Truth Commission regained control in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 19 after defeating Billy Kidman and Ace Darling. Steven Dunn and Paul Diamond defeated "Recon" and the Internator on May 14 to bring the second reign to an end. The Truth Commission became three times champions and held them until the titles were withdrawn on June 14. Since a Truth Commission member Tank teamed up with "Recon," the titles were vacated, and there could not be defended by a replacement. The Truth Commission came to the United StatesWA just a short time later, when they were called up to the World Wrestling Federation.

The entire Truth Commission (except "Sniper") was incorporated in the World Wrestling Federation up until that time. On the 1997 episode of Shotgun Saturday Night, they made their WWF debut. Sniper made his debut in the following week, only after Tank was released from the team. The Truth Commission stable was short-lived; it was disbanded in 1998, but Buchanan and Sniper of the Truth Commission remained together as the short-lived tag team, Armageddon. Buchanan's team was suspended from television and was sent to their "growth market" Ohio Valley Wrestling to develop his skills. Buchanan and his partner Mr. Black also won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship while being there.

On the 19-20th anniversary of World War II, Buchanan was back in the WWF as a "Bull Buchanan" and dressed in a SWAT uniform, assisting the Big Boss Man in his assault of Mideon. As Buchanan acted as some sort of an aide to Boss Man, Buchanan and the Big Boss Man continued wearing matching SWAT-style uniforms and teaming up. The team had a good deal of success as they defeated The Godfather and D'Lo Brown at WrestleMania 2000, as well as beating the Acolytes at Backlash, the following month. The crew split on the June 5, 2000 version of Raw Is War; after losing to the Hardy Boyz, Buchanan, and Boss Man, the team began to argue, culminating in shoving and eventually destroying Buchanan with his nightstick when Buchanan's back was turned.

After that relationship ended, Buchanan briefly went out on his own, unsuccessfully competing in the King of the Ring tournament, before joining Steven Richards' ultra-conservative stable Right to Censor. Buchanan met the Godfather on July 24 in which he promised to give up pimping if he lost. Buchanan defeated The Godfather, who returned to the stable and renounced his former conduct. Right to Censor defeated Too Cool in a six-man tag team match at SummerSlam on August 27, Right to Censor defeated Too Cool in a six-man tag team match. The Acolytes were defeated by the Acolytes on the September 11 episode of Raw, Buchanan, and the Rechristened Goodfather. Val Venis slew the Acolytes during the match, joining the team in the process. The Acolytes and the Dudley Boyz were defeated at Unfortun, Right to Censor. On October 22, Buchanan and Goodfather took on a elimination tag team tables match, which was won by the Dudleys. As the newest member of Raw, Ivory, the group's next night was revealed. On the November 6 episode of Raw, Buchananan and Goodfather captured the WWF Tag Team Championship from the Hardy Boyz. Buchanan and Goodfather teamed up with Edge and Christian to face the Hardys and the Dudleys in a losing battle at Survivor Series. The pair retained their titles against the Hardys at Rebellion. In a fatal-four way tag team match involving K-Kwik and Road Dogg and the Dudleys, they lost the titles to Edge and Christian at Armageddon.

Buchanan appeared in the 2001 Royal Rumble match at entry number 2 on January 21, 2001, but the Hardys eliminated him. The APA (formerly the Acolytes) and Tazz defeated Buchanan, Goodfather, and Venis at WrestleMania X-Seven. Ivory lost the WWF Women's Championship to Chyna at the same time. Right to Censor lost to the Brothers of Destruction on a 4-on-2 handicap match after all other participants walked out on Richards mid-match on April 26. Buchanan will continue to play with Goodfather until the Friday Night Heat, where they lost to the Dudleys in the Dudleys on Sunday night.

Buchanan was sent back to Ohio Valley Wrestling after being disbanded in mid-2001. He returned to the WWE in August 2002 after losing multiple matches with ostensible or intent until Rikishi pinned John Cena on November 21. After the match, Buchanan came out and attacked Rikishi, putting himself with Cena, who was launching a rapper gimmick in which he would freestyle rhyme about his opponent as he made his entrance. Buchanan portrayed himself as an enforcer figure for Cena and then ended Cena's Freestyles with a single line: "Boo-yah!" cena's Freestyles. Buchanan also started using the word B-2 (also written as B2, pronounced "B-Squared"), and was also known as Bling Bling Buchanan. This pair didn't last long. On the 2003 season of SmackDown!, Cena and B-2 lost to Los Guerreros in a tag team championship match that resulted in Cena blaming B-2 after the match was pinned. This culminated in the shoving of Cena down by a slapping B-2 and B-2. Redd Dogg debuted and soared through the crowd and joined Cena in a violent confrontation on B-2; Redd Dogg was the B-2's replacement for B-2 on Cena's side. The last televised match for B-2 was on January 19 at the Royal Rumble, in which he appeared at number 11 and was dismantled quickly. In the January 23 edition of SmackDown, B-2's last match was cut out. In which Redd Dogg defeated B-2, the B-2 was defeated. On January 26, 2003, B-2 was announced by WWE.

Buchanan said that Cena killed his life eight years ago on the show "Live" on November 14, 2011.

After leaving WWE, he signed with Top Japanese wrestling company All Japan Pro Wrestling and performed as Buchanan. He debuted in early October and immediately joined Taka Michinoku, D'Lo Brown, and The Gladiator, and eventually joined Roughly Obsess and Destroy. Buchanan and Brown met Arashi and Keiji Muto in the World Tag Team Championship on October 26, where they lost. Buchanan teamed with Gigantes in the World's Best Tag Determination League 2003, winning six points but not enough to advance. He partnered with Gladiator in his second Unified World Tag Team Championship on February 11, 2004 and lost to the champions, Kaz Hayashi and Satoshi Kojima. Buchanan competed in the World's Best Tag Determination League for the first time this year and partnered with D'lo Brown, but the first hurdle would be met again. After working with several members of RO&D and having no success, he decided to bring in a new one, Rico. This would be the correct idea as they defeated Masayuki Naruse and Mitsu Nagai to become the All Asia Tag Team Champions in their first match, on February 5, 2005. RO&D won all the AJPW championships with that win. RO&D won an AJPW vs. RO&D later this month. Buchanan will compete in his first Champion Carnival, 2005, where he earned five points. Buchanan and Rico vacated the All Asia Tag Team Championship on May 27, 2005, due to Rico's resignation. In late 2005, RO&D became known and rivalry against the Voodo Murders. Buchanan and D'lo Brown lost to Katsuhiko Nakajima and Kensuke Sasaki in a match for the All Asia Tag Team Championship during the transitional period, and later this year, they competed in the World's Strongest Tag Determination Championship 2005. Buchanan would work with many members of RO&D and compete in tournaments over the course of 2005 and 2006, with no success. With that in mind, Buchanan and his regular tag team member, D'lo Brown, deceived RO&D and joined the rival Voodo Murders faction on September 17, 2006. In Voodoo Murders, Buchanan and Brown continued to work with each other, and they even competed in the World's Best Tag Determination League, 2006, where they lost once more. Voodoo Murders and AJPW left Voodoo Murders and AJPW in early 2007 to join Pro Wrestling Noah.

Pro Wrestling Noah, Buchanan, D'lo Brown, and Taka Michinoku debuted on May 17, 2007, with Pro Wrestling Noah and Pro Wrestling Noah renaming Roughly Obsess and Destroy. The GHC Tag Team Championship was pitted against Jun Akiyama and Takeshi Rikio on July 8. Buchanan and Brown were among the finalists in the GHC Tag Team Championship Decision Tournament, where whoever gained the most points would win the tournament and the championship. Buchanan and Brown scored six points, the most of any team's, and earned the GHC Tag Team Champions. Despite this, the celebrations will be cut short because Naomichi Marufuji and Takashi Sugiura lost the prizes a week later, on October 10. They will compete in Global Tag League 2008 and 2009, but they will fall short. Buchanan was dropped from the tournament but returned in February 2010 for one last tour.

On October 30, 2004, Buchanan and AJ Steele defeated David Young and Sonny Siaki to become the GCW Tag Team Champions, but Steele would turn on him and team up with Damien Steele in a two-day competition for the Steele Brothers. Buchanan established Bad Company, which was made up of himself, David Young, and The Grappler. Buchanan and The Grappler faced The Steele Brothers for the GCW Tag Team Championship in late 2004 and lost. Buchanan and Young defeated Southside Trash (Big Daddy and Rowdy) for the GCW Tag Team Championship on April 23, 2005. They lost the titles to John Bogie and Lee Thomas on July 11. Buchanan and Johnny Swinger defeated The Diamonds In The Rough (David Young and Elix Skipper) on December 13, 2006, becoming the third time GCW Tag Team Champion. They will hold the titles for 56 days before losing them to the NOW (Hale Collins and Vik Dalishus).

Buchanan defeated former tag teammate Johnny Swinger to become the GCW Heavyweight Champion on September 29, 2007. Buchananan will regained control to Swinger in December. He will face Swinger in a number of rematches, but he lost his first and secured the second via DQ, effectively not winning the title back. Buchanan will work with David Young, another former partner, and Sonny Siaki in mid-2008. Despite the fact that neither of them had a tag team championship shot, the three of them received a shot at a Swinger heavyweight title and finished fourth, but Swinger came out top in a four-way elimination tournament. Buchanan and Scotty Beach defeated Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones and Shaun Banks) in the GCW Tag Team Championship on June 27, 2008. They retained the titles until September 18, when they lost them to Micah Taylor over Cru Jones in a game. On January 28, 2010, Buchanan defeated Kyle Matthews to become the first GCW Heavyweight Champion, but he will lose it to Murder-1 on February 11. Buchanan had numerous championship shots in the remainder of 2010, but no one seemed to profit from any of them.

In his final years as a performer, Buchanan worked mainly for Universal Independent Wrestling in Georgia. He retired from pro wrestling on November 22, 2014, working with D'Lo Brown to face AJ Steele and Brad Lynch in their final match. Buchananan and his son Ben returned to the ring team in March 2019, where they defeated a tag team competition.