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Poppy was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States on January 1st, 1995 and is the Pop Singer. At the age of 29, Poppy biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, and networth are available.

Other Names / Nick Names
Moriah Rose Pereira, That Poppy, Poppy Chain
Date of Birth
January 1, 1995
United States
Place of Birth
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
29 years old
Zodiac Sign
Singer, Youtuber
Social Media
Poppy Height, Weight, Eye Color and Hair Color

At 29 years old, Poppy has this physical status:

Hair Color
Dark Brown
Eye Color
Not Available
Poppy Religion, Education, and Hobbies
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Poppy Spouse(s), Children, Affair, Parents, and Family
Titanic Sinclair (July 2016-Present)
Not Available
Dating / Affair
Titanic Sinclair (July 2016-Present)
Her father used to be a drummer in a band.
Poppy Career


Poppy appeared at IndieCove in August 2011, where she covered an Alanis Morissette song. "Moriah Poppy," which has been taken down, and "Poppy," her new channel, are two YouTube channels. She appeared at social media festivals, including VidCon in June 2012 and DigiTour in June 2013.

Poppy moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to pursue her musical career. She worked with filmmaker Corey Michael Mixter, better known by his stage name Titanic Sinclair, to produce a series of abstract promotional videos on a YouTube channel that was originally named "thatPoppyTV." Despite the fact that her Sinclair relationship came to an end in 2019, the channel is still uploading videos and has a large audience as of April 2022. In 2015, she signed to Island Records under the name That Poppy and unveiled her debut song, "Everybody Wants to Be Poppy," in June of that year. In November 2015, she appeared at the Corona Capital Festival for the first time. "Lowlife" was released a month after launching her first single "Everybody Wants to Be Poppy" and a four-track pop album called Bubblebath on Island in 2016. The EP includes four songs: "Lowlife," "Money," "Altar," and "American Kids." As part of the Steve Madden Music initiative, she unveiled a series of advertisements for the shoe company Steve Madden on her channel in August 2016.

Poppy released 3:36 (Music to Sleep To), a minimalist music collection created by Titanic Sinclair and herself with support from polysomnographists from the Washington University School of Medicine.

She became the frontwoman of Sanrio's first "Hello Sanrio" collection in November 2016.

Poppy appeared in a series of videos for Comedy Central called "Internet Famous with Poppy" in February 2017. They received a Streamy award in the category 'Breakthrough Artist' in September.

Poppy.Computer, Poppy's debut studio album, was released on October 6, 2017 by Mad Decent. The Poppy.Computer Tour, her first concert tour, began in Vancouver on October 19, 2017. Poppy revealed in November that their second studio album was "most ready" and that they were heading to Japan to finish it.

Poppy made her YouTube Rewind debut in 2017 and was one of the few content creators to get their own lines. Poppy appeared at the Japanese pop music festival, Popspring, in March 2018.

Sinclair and Poppy's former business partner Mars Argo filed a 44-page lawsuit based on copyright abuse, alleging that Sinclair based Poppy's online profile on their behalf, as well as emotional and physical abuse Sinclair had allegedly exposed them to in the period immediately after their separation and the project's subsequent abandonment. Poppy made a public statement on May 7 in which Argo said that it was attempting to manipulate them psychologically. The suit was described as a "publicity campaign" and a "desperate search for fame." On September 14, the Sinclair case was dismissed out of court "with no money exchanging hands."

On all digital platforms, Poppy released a single cover of Gary Numan's "Metal" in 2018. Am I a Girl? She released the first single on July 27, 2018. The film "In a Minute" is titled. On August 22, 2018, she debuted American DJ Diplo's album "Time Is Up," which stars American DJ Diplo. On October 12, 2018, she launched "Fashion After All." On October 19, "Hard Feelings" was published, and "X" was announced Amazingly on October 25, 2018.

Poppy.Church, a Poppy.Church, was the first hint at a new project and website in 2018. The website is no longer accessible. Poppy received the 2018 American Music Awards. Poppy returned to the Streamy Awards in 2018 as a host after winning the Breakthrough Artist competition in 2017. In the video game WWE 2K20, her cover story "Metal" was included.

Poppy Comics' Genesis 1, which was released to comic book stores on July 10, was the first graphic novel to be published by Z2 Comics on January 8, 2019. Poppy's origins are chronicled in this graphic novel. "Is she a doll?" says Z2 Comics' website.

Is she a machine?

Is she humanity's salvation or its damnation? Don't be afraid – she is Poppy, and Poppy is your favorite. In this original graphic book bundle with an exclusive brand new album, see the origins of the internet phenomenon. Poppy, Sinclair, and Ryan Cady co-wrote the book, with artwork by Masa Minoura and Ian McGinty. In an interview with Gigwise, she elaborated that the album with the graphic novel I C U: Music to Read is meant to be read while reading.

Poppy, the augmented-reality story created and directed by Asad J. Malik, will be seen in Billboard's A Jester's Tale, January 23, 2019. It was produced by RYOT and 1RIC, premiering at the Sundance Film Festival as part of the New Frontier Initiative. "Takes viewers inside a child's bedroom to meet a cast of character holograms," the storyline "transports viewers into a child's bedroom." Viktor & Rolf's dress was on display at the iHeartRadio awards in 2016, and she returned in 2019 to stand front row at their fashion preview. Poppy announced plans for a movie and her own music streaming service in 2019. She appeared at Billboard Music Awards. "Scary Mask" was the first single by her artist "Fever 333," and she appeared on May 29. The song appeared on her second EP, Choke, which was out on June 28, 2019.

Following "Concrete" in August, the title track was released as the album's second single (following "Concrete" in August). The album pre-order was available on October 4 as the second single from the album (following "Concrete" in August). The album continues to be a hit on her 2019 EP Choke and Am I a Princess's latter half. On November 6, 2019, "Bloodmoney" was the album's third single, and "Fill the Crown" was the album's fourth single on December 11, 2019. On January 10, 2020, the album and the music video for the song "Anything Like Me" became available on the album and the music video. Through Sumerian Records, I Disagree was announced on January 10, 2020.

Poppy and Sinclair parted ways in December 2019, according to a statement from the Poppy and Sinclair representatives. She accused him of glamorizing suicide and manipulating her. "Many of her videos were "inadvertent cries for assistance," Poppy said, adding that, although it was not intended, the videos showed a facet of reality and "people online detected it a lot sooner than I did." Poppy has never retracted her initial remarks concerning Mars Argo's allegations, saying she was "never controlled" by Mixter. Poppy's Inferno, illustrated by Zoe Thorogood and Amilcar Pinna and co-written by Ryan Cady, was published on January 28, 2020. It was released on October 20 with a soundtrack album, Music to Scream To, after many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Poppy published a cover of the 2002 t.A.T.U., which was published on June 3, 2020. "All the Things She Said" was the subject of the narrator. Shortly after, the album "Khaos x4" was announced, as well as the introduction of the deluxe version waterfall I Disagree (more), which was released on August 14, 2020. Sumerian's Christmas EP, A Very Poppy Christmas, was released on December 1, 2020.

Poppy revealed on December 29, 2020, she had been working on the sequel to I Disagree's, and that it would have "a completely different sonic vibe" to its predecessor.

Poppy's album "Bloodmoney" received a Grammy Award for Best Metal NUllity on March 14, 2021, making her the first solo female artist to be nominated in the category. In addition, she performed "Eat," a new song. Following her appearance at the above function on April 9, 2021, she and her musician "Say Cheese" became the official theme tune for professional wrestling show WWE NXT. "Eat" and "Say Cheese" were included on her fourth EP, as a surprise appearance entitled Eat (NXT Soundtrack). "Her" was her first single from her fourth studio album Flux on June 30, 2021. Flux would be released on September 24, 2021, according to the artist, who revealed the title track as the album's second single on July 29, 2021. "So Mean" became Flux's third single with accompanying music video on August 25, 2021. She first appeared on September 24, 2021, the majority of the studio album's contents were released.

Following the introduction of the album and streaming Flux on the gaming website, Poppy and Sumerian Records teamed up with Roblox for its first-ever listening party. Music from the album was included in nine Roblox games, beginning on September 24 and ending on September 26.

Poppy's "3.14", a new song that debuted on January 11, 2022. In addition, she introduced the Never Find My Place Tour, which began on March 8 in Sacramento, California, and is set to conclude in Glasgow on November 30.

Poppy premiered "FYB," an acronym that stands for "Fuck You Back" at the Reading Festival on August 27, 2022. She revealed her EP Stagger, which was released on October 14, 2022, on the same day. On September 23, 2022, the EP's lead single, "FYB," was announced. It was also announced that the Stagger EP would be her debut on Republic and Lava Records.


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