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AJ McLean was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States on January 9th, 1978 and is the Pop Singer. At the age of 46, AJ McLean biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, songs, and networth are available.

Other Names / Nick Names
Alexander James McLean, A.J., Alexander McLean, A.J. Mean McLean, Alex, Bone, Bone Daddy, Johnny No Name, Mr. Cool
Date of Birth
January 9, 1978
United States
Place of Birth
West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
46 years old
Zodiac Sign
$30 Million
Actor, Model, Musician, Singer
Social Media
AJ McLean Height, Weight, Eye Color and Hair Color

At 46 years old, AJ McLean has this physical status:

Hair Color
Not Available
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Not Available
AJ McLean Religion, Education, and Hobbies
Not Available
Not Available
Osceola High School, Florida Academy of Dramatic Arts
AJ McLean Spouse(s), Children, Affair, Parents, and Family
Rochelle Karidis
Dating / Affair
Anastacia Newkirk, Stephanie Hirsh (1991-1992), Marisa Jackson (1991-1997), Amanda Latona (1998-2000), Kristin Denehy, Casey Raye (2000), Sarah Martin, Dalene Kurtis (2003), Summer Altice (2003), Shauna Sand (2003), Kaci Brown (2005-2006), Wendy Rice (2008), Shelly Martinez (2008), Rochelle Deanna Karidis
Robert Blue “Bob” McLean, Denise
Other Family
Luther Irving McLean (Paternal Grandfather), Irene Frances /Francis Thompson (Paternal Grandmother), Ursula Margerat /Margaret Maier (Maternal Grandmother), Adolph Henry Fernandez (Maternal Grandfather)
AJ McLean Life

Alexander James "AJ" McLean (born January 9, 1978) is an American singer, guitarist, actor, dancer, and model.

He is a member of the Backstreet Boys, a vocal group.

McLean is also a contributor to the It Gets Better Project.

Early life

Denise Fernandez, now Solis, and Bob McLean were born in West Palm Beach, Florida, on January 9, 1978. Denise is of Cuban-Puerto Rican and German ancestry, and Bob is of Scotish and English descent. According to a DNA test, he traces his ancestor to Iberian, Central and South American, North, West, and East African, North African, Nigerian, Ashkenazi Jewish, and Middle Eastern. He is the only child. He was solely raised by his mother and grandparents (Ursula and Adolph) as his parents divorced when he was two years old. He hardly saw his father. When he was ten years old and then again at age 12, they saw one another. In 1997, Mclean reunited with his father. Throughout his career, his father had been watching him. Following their 17-year separation, and then again after a previous traumatic break out before he got married when he went to rehab for the second or third time.

Personal life

McLean said his grandmother was like a second mother to him, and that his grandfather and uncle were the only two father figures in his life. He had trouble with alcohol use after his grandmother died in 2001. McLean missed the show due to his grandfather's repair after the group was performing at London's Party in the Park 2000 with Elton John. McLean lost his stepfather Tony Solis on June 7, 2021.

McLean, the daughter of former manager Donna Wright and stepdaughter of Johnny Wright, began dating Marissa Jackson, who dated her for six years after joining the Backstreet Boys in 1992. In the music video for "We've Got It Goin' On," she appears. They remained friends after their breakup, and Loving A.J. was her first book. A 6-year Romance with a Backstreet Boy about their marriage, with his love letters and poems included. McLean then began dating Amanda Latona of Innosense for two years, Kristin Denehy, one of the band's dancers, for three months, and she proposed to Sarah Martin before she broke it off in 2003.

McLean appeared on his podcast on Cheryl Burke and Rene Elizondo Jr., and on Dancing with the Stars, where she was a Halloween dancer and makeup artist/hairstylist before meeting Rochelle Deanna Karidis, a Hollywood waitress and bartender, in 2006. However, she didn't win her over right then and there, she flatly refused him and went on to have fun with her friends instead. McLean proposed Rochelle at a Las Vegas restaurant on January 9, 2010, for his birthday. Rochelle is credited with assisting him in getting sober and battling his heroin use for many years. The couple married on December 17, 2011 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, with the majority of the Backstreet Boys in attendance. They have two children together. She was dubbed the first Backstreet Girl after McLean's first daughter's birth, and she was the first child born to any of the Backstreet Boys.

McLean was a victim of heroin and alcohol use during his Backstreet Boys days. He said that the first time he did cocaine was on the set of "The Call" in 2000. His bandmates knew something was wrong during the 2001 Summer tour for Black & Blue. Although the company was in Boston in July to attend five sold-out shows, McLean was eventually struck. He was reportedly furious after an intervention by bandmate Kevin, who confronted McLean on his problems. He threatened to leave the band but then burst into tears and knew he was out of place. Within hours, he arranged a flight to return to recovery for anxiety, Anxiety, and heavy consumption of alcohol. A press release was sent out on July 9, 2001, announcing that the remainder of the dates in Boston would be postponed due to Nick Carter's hand injury. McLean's recovery was announced later that day on MTV's Total Request Live to announce that he would go back to rehab. His health impacted his performance on stage. He started recuperation in August 2001 and the group's Black & Blue tour was revived. He said that the reason for his bingerism was probably due to his father's inability.

His sobriety was brief, and he went back to rehab in 2002, which lasted from 2001 to 2007 as he said he had regressed in his heroin use. For the third time, he entered rehab, citing personal reasons. McLean said, "I want to be fit and perform and sing for people at my very best and happiest" in preparation for the NKOTB and Backstreet Boys tour. The tour was not affected by his time in rehab. In addition, he said he wanted to be healthy and sober before getting married. He had intended to marry in June 2011, but had to postpone the wedding due to the NKOTBSB tour. This stay in rehab did not have a tour, and it went as expected. McLean has been sober since going into rehab, although he also struggles with alcohol. McLean said addiction was the hardest thing he's ever had to live through during an interview with New Zealand radio station ZM, implying that it is something he fights with every day. In an interview, McLean said in a recent interview that he relapsed and is now nine months sober by trying to be a better husband and father to his family.

McLean appeared to be completely sober and following a strict diet in 2020, becoming a dietary supplement, gluten-free, plant-based, and sugar-free.


AJ McLean Career


McLean had a speech immunization as an infant, which gave him a lisp and a tendency to stutter.

He discovered his passion for performing and embarked on a career in acting, Dancing, and singing. McLean, who was four years old at the time, began to concentrate on his love for dance. His mother took him to dance lessons every day for two hours. He studied ballet, tap, hip hop, rhythm tap, hip hop, rhythm tap, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, jazz, hip hop, groove tap, rhythm hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip-hop, hip-hop, hip hop, hip hop, hip hop, contemporary, ballroom, salsa, merengue, and gymnastics. When he was five years old, his mother introduced him to modeling, and he was included in J.C. Penney catalogs and runways. He also built fences, as a result. When growing up, his grandmother taught him piano and took him to auditions. McLean, a sixth child of the Seven Dwarfs, was part of a school play in which he played Dopey at Unity of Delray Beach church and school. He appeared in more popular musicals, such as The Nutcracker, The King and I, and Fiddler on the Roof, as well as Fiddler on the Roof before the age of 11. He had appeared in 27 classic school plays by age 12.

He wasn't limited to singing and acting, but he was also an excellent dance student, studying everything from jazz to ballet to hip hop. "Dancing was really my thing in the beginning," he said in interviews. "I wanted to be a dancer not a actor or a singer." He formed his first dance troupe and would participate in dance competitions, which was a valuable learning even though they didn't win.

McLean appeared in his first role in the 1986 film Truth or Dare? McLean, his mother, and grandparents all moved to Kissimmee, Florida, in 1990 to pursue his acting and singing careers. For four years, he attended a private acting school, the Florida Academy of Dramatic Arts, and taught occasionally. McLean appeared in Hi Honey, I'm Home, a Nickelodeon comedy series in 1991. Skunk is a human. However, after the pilot, he was excluded from the show due to his height.

He saw an ad in the newspaper for a Latin festival in 1989, and since his grandfather's grandfather has Latin roots, he applied to audition. He received first place and a $1,000 reward. The festival's producer hired him to perform a 45-minute one-person show and a puppet show, showcasing his singing, acting, and dancing. He met a young 16-year-old Howie Dorough (Tony Donetti at the time) through a mutual vocal coach at the Latin festival. McLean tried out for Star Search when he was 13 years old, but the show never returned a call.

McLean's junior high career culminated in him winning a Nickelodeon show Welcome Freshmen, which began his continuing work with Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. He appeared on the Nickelodeon show GUTS and a Muppet commercial. He met Howie D. and Nick Carter during one of his auditions for the former, stitching together the group's history, which would later become Backstreet Boys.

He was mocked during his career, nicknamed "gay," "fag," "queer," and even "nerd" and was referred to as a "nerd" in his character. He admitted he's a strangeo, but it was mostly due to jealousy and that he was never the same as other children, including friends.

In March 1992, an ad was placed in a local newspaper looking for young men aged 16-19 for an audition for a new music company. Despite being 14 years old, he auditioned for the company. McLean was officially the group's first member to join the Backstreet Boys in April 1992. Since joining the Backstreet Boys, he completed the remaining three years of high school via correspondence courses with a tutor on the road. Backstreet Boys' founder, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson, Kevin Richardson, and Kevin's cousin Brian Littrell formed the vocal group Backstreet Boys in 1993. In the late 1990s-early 2000s, the company was very profitable. In 2013, the band In a World Like This released their 20th anniversary and launched In a World Like This. They released Don't Go Breaking My Heart in 2018 and 2019, their tenth album, DNA.

McLean invented "Johnny No Name" for his alter ego, which he used as his alter ego. When not performing with other Backstreet Boys, he uses this word. For example, the character is similar to McLean; both had single mothers and lived with their grandparents from a young age. Johnny has been to jail, but McLean has not. Johnny No Name has appeared in rock/metal clubs around New York. He founded the JNN Foundation to raise funds for diabetes research and other causes such as the preservation of music programs in schools. As Johnny No Name, McLean performed on a nine-city tour to promote VH1 Save the Music. According to a source, Johnny No Name would debut a solo album as Johnny No Name, but it never happened.

Johnny Suede, McLean's alter ego, was born. This was a name based on a character played by Brad Pitt, and when the studio threatened to sue McLean, he changed it to Johnny No Name.

McLean's first solo performances at the Anaheim House of Blues and The Roxy in Los Angeles were not until March 2008. "Incomplete" was the show's combination of his solo career and a solo version of the Backstreet Boys. In parallel to the Backstreet Boys tour, the solo tour toured Europe in May and June. On January 20, 2010, he solo album Have It All was released. The US version was announced on the Backstreet Boys cruise in December 2010, but it has not been confirmed since then. McLean, a musician, produced Dan Muckala and Kristian Lundin, as well as former NSYNC member JC Chasez, worked on his solo project. The album was a blend of pop, rock, and a little bit of r&b. Chasez co-wrote "Teenage Wildlife," the album's first and only single. "Sincerely Yours" was his co-written ten songs, as well as a personal one about his father. McLean had hoped to debut the album in the United States in 2012, but he later dropped the plan.

McLean was working on his second solo album of original as of June 2012. On July 23, 2012, "Peach" and "P.L.A.R.S" were two of his new songs on Socialcam, "Peach" and "P.L.A.R.S." The album had been planned to be released in 2012 but it had to be postponed.

McLean, who appeared on various Backstreet Boys albums such as This Is Us and In A World Like This, began about early 2015. Live Together, McLean and Omley's first single, was released as a fundraiser for Marshall Fundamental School in Pasadena, California, who had had their musical equipment stolen. McLean, as well as singers Becky G. Omley and Blake Lewis, attended the school, and some even performed at the theater. On May 12, 2015, People.com premiered "Live Together," a documentary that was first broadcast on October 5, 2015. In the meantime, the album suffered due in part to McLean's new songs and the Backstreet Boys' preparation and promotion for their 2017 Las Vegas residency.

"Clouds," a Finnish rapper, starring McLean, was released on May 22, 2013. It ranked at No. 1 in the United States. In Finland, there are four of us.

In September 2016, a second solo album titled Naked was expected to be released, but it was postponed. On September 4, 2015, "Live Together" was announced as the lead single on iTunes.

During an interview with Billboard on April 15, 2018, McLean discussed his plans to "disrupt country music" for his forthcoming solo project. He also said that the Backstreet Boys' collaboration on Florida's "God, Your Mama, and Me" inspired him to record a country album. McLean's single "Back Porch Bottle Service" from a forthcoming album was released on June 4, 2018. McLean continued his march into country-pop in March 2019 as a single from his forthcoming album Long Road. René Elizondo Jr., who is best known for his collaboration with Janet Jackson, was the film's producer.

McLean's first single "Love Song Love" on April 27, 2021, which showcased his love for the LGBT community and later announced his second solo album, Sex and Bodies, which followed his debut in 2021.

McLean introduced Skulleeroz Vapor, a range of liquids intended for use with electronic cigarettes, on July 22, 2015.

McLean introduced Ava Dean Beauty, his nail polish line, in 2020, which debuted on November 30, 2020. He was inspired by his children, Ava and Lyric.


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