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Gene Snitsky was born in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, United States on January 14th, 1970 and is the Wrestler. At the age of 54, Gene Snitsky biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, and networth are available.

Date of Birth
January 14, 1970
United States
Place of Birth
Carbon County, Pennsylvania, United States
54 years old
Zodiac Sign
American Football Player, Professional Wrestler
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Gene Snitsky Life

Eugene Alan Snisky (born January 14, 1970) is an American actor and former professional wrestler best known by his ring name Gene Snitsky, who is best known for his time with World Wrestling Entertainment.

He played college football at the University of Missouri and was on the Canadian Football League's pre-season roster in 1995.

Early life

Snitsky played football at Panther Valley High School. Snitsky played as a punter while in high school. He was named All-State during his senior year. Snitsky received a full scholarship to the University of Missouri, where he served under offensive lineman coach and future Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid after graduating in 1988. Snitsky, a Missouri Tigers fan, attended training camps with the intention of playing professional football. He later signed with the San Diego Chargers. Snitsky re-aggravated a shoulder injury that had previously been misdiagnosed from his college days during training. The injury ended his NFL hopes.

Personal life

Snitsky and his wife live in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, where they spend a lot of time outdoors. He has a father who served in the Air Force and a brother who served in the Army. Snitsky opened a sports store in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, where he also spends time riding bike trails after being rescued from WWE.

Snitsky has appeared in numerous WWE video games, including WWE Day of Reckoning 2, WWE Smackdown! Vs. vs. n.a.

Raw 2006, WWE Smackdown!

vs. vs. a. Raw 2007 WWE SmackDown vs. SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 and WWE Smackdown vs. Spike vs. Jesse Owens. Raw 2009.


Gene Snitsky Career

Professional wrestling career

Snisky competed in the World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW), a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based team, and was a member of "Mean" Gene Snitsky. Under a football gimmick, he and his partner Robb Harper were crowned the Twin Tackles in the tag-team championship, as the Twin Tackles. When he first started competing in singles, he defeated the WXW Heavyweight Championship. In 2013, Snitsky was inducted into the WXW Hall of Fame.

Snisky, the day after winning the WXW Championship in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, at a Raw taping, had a tryout match with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Snisky, who was wrestling as Gene Snitsky, was defeated by fellow WXW wrestler "Smooth" Tommy Suede. Following this match, he was signed to a developmental contract and sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). "Mean" Gene Mondo, the brother of Mike Mondo, appeared on OVW as "Mean" Gene Mondo (a name influenced by "Mean" Gene Okerlund).

In a no-disqualification match against Kane on September 13, 2004, he made his WWE debut on the WWE version of Raw against Kane. Lita, who was (kayfabe) pregnant with Kane's child, distracted Kane, who was poised to injure Snitsky. Kane will be hit from behind with the chair, causing Kane to fall on Lita and causing Lita to miscarry her unborn baby, according to Snitsky. When interviewed about the incident, Snitsky vehemently stated that "It's Not My Fault" (which would eventually become the character's catchphrase). This gave Kane a face turn and would have Snitsky quickly establish himself as a full-time heel wrestler.

Snitsky, who had appeared on Kane as a visible jobber, would reveal years later that he was supposed to attend a one-night display and then return to OVW for further preparation before being called back to the main roster on a full-time basis. However, Kane and Lita's relationship had gone so well that WWE made a last-minute call to bring Snitsky to the main roster full-time, and Snitsky had to fly Snitsky in on the company's corporate jet to get to Raw on time.

He was later identified in a big feud with Kane, which culminated in a match in Taboo on Tuesday. Snitsky used a steel chair to smear Kane's larynx in this match. When Kane's absence was explained as a result of WWE's creation of See No Evil, WWE used this angle to justify his absence. When Kane returned and defeated Snitsky, the feud resurgent at the New Year's Revolution pay-per-view. Snitsky lost a steel cage match to Kane on January 31 of Raw Raw, putting an end to the feud.

Snitsky had an encounter with a character like his own, Heidenreich, in which they discussed their opinions on each other and each other. "I.. like what you do." Both their trademark ways of talking are exhausting, though breathing is difficult. Snitsky was then on Team Triple H vs. Team Orton during the game, but he was banned from attacking Maven with a steel chair. Snitsky and Heidenreich unethically affiliated with Heidenreich, hoping to intervene in Heidenreich's casket match with The Undertaker at the 2005 Royal Rumble. Kane was later revealed to be in the casket, who pounced on both Snitsky and Heidenreich. They continued their fight in the crowd before allowing the casket match to continue. Snitsky took part in the Royal Rumble match, defeating Paul London and then being eliminated by Batista later that night.

Snitsky had a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, but Shelton Benjamin had earlier held it. After smashing Benjamin with a steel chair, Snitsky lost by disqualification.

Due to a blood clot in his stomach, he was off WWE television between April and May 2005. On May 28, he returned to action on May 28, and on May 30, where he resurfaced on Raw, where he resurfaced in earnest his television feud with house show opponent Chris Benoit. Benoit's appearance at ECW One Night Stand was concerning; Snitsky, Eric Bischoff's Raw workers, were "hired guns" to try to overthrowrowne the pay-per-view and ruin the ECW reunion.

Edge and Lita used Snitsky to sue Kane and Eric Bischoff as punishment for anyone he did not like. Edge told Snitsky that he knew about his female foot fetish and suggested that Snitsky "have a go at Lita's feet" if he'd assist him in a match against Kane on July 11. Lita and Snitsky were chastised when Lita and Snitsky acknowledged Snitsky's contributions nine months before, saying she would have avoided birthing Kane's spawn and gave him a kiss as a reward.

Snitsky faced WWE Champion John Cena in the Lumberjack competition on July 18, where Chris Jericho picked all heel lumberjacks to make the odds unfair for Cena.

Snitsky formed a tag team with an initially reticent Tyson Tomko, following mainly wrestling on Heat. The pair smashed the tag team of Viscera and Val Venis in their first team match together. As a tag team, the pair will have some success, winning the top-one contenders spot for the World Tag Team Championship at one point. The two were unable to win the Big Show and Kane awards, despite the fact that Snitsky had feuded with them in the past. When Tomko left WWE in April 2006, the team was disbanded.

Snitsky turned face and formed a tag team with Goldust, defeating several squads of wrestlers on Heat, earning them a disappointing title shot against Spirit Squad. However, this team was also broken up when Goldust was drafted from WWE.

Snitsky's character was redesigned in 2007 and the actor was now depicted as a psychotic madman with a grotesque appearance. To this effect, all of Snitsky's hair and face had been shaved (including his eyebrows), his teeth were colored a dark yellow, and several red marks were placed on his face. A vignette introduced the newly reformed Snitsky to the viewers on the ECW on Sci Fi version on February 6, 2007. Snitsky debuted and assaulted ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley later this week. This re-established him as a monstrous heel, reminiscent of Kane's unmasked gimmick. Snitsky will enter the ring after matches and assaulted several ECW stars, including CM Punk, Hardcore Holly Balls Mahoney, and Matt Striker, over the next few weeks.

Snitsky defeated Holly in a match on April 3, 2007, which he won. Snitsky shoved Holly's arm between two steel steps and then stepped up the steps with a steel chair, breaking Holly's arm. Snitsky and Balls Mahoney soon began a brief rivalry. With Rob Van Dam, the guy will begin a short feud. Snitsky would lose his first ECW match after being defeated by Van Dam by disqualification during this feud.

Snitsky was drafted from ECW back to Raw as part of the WWE Draft on June 11th, according to his WWE Draft. Snitsky made his Raw debut on July 9 in the company's first edition, defeating Super Crazy.

Snitsky remained undefeated on Raw throughout the summer, winning pinfall over several wrestlers, including Super Crazy, Val Venis, Rory McAllister, and Robbie McAllister.

Snitsky played in his first one-on-one main event match since losing to John Cena on Raw in 2005, then again against Cena, but that was disqualified when Randy Orton interfered. This was Snitsky's first loss after returning to the Raw brand. Snitsky was not Vince McMahon's illegal son, not Vince McMahon's on the 9th Raw. Snitsky returned from the Raw on October 8 Raw, defeating Val Venis after swapping for Santino Marella, who was feuding with Venis. Jeff Hardy pinted Snitsky in an Intercontinental Championship match on December 3, his first pinfall loss of the year. Snitsky last appeared on WWE television on November 24, 2008 Raw, losing an Intercontinental Championship tournament match to CM Punk. Snitsky was fired from his WWE contract on December 11, 2008, at his request.

Snitsky continued to work in independent wrestling, mainly in World Xtreme Wrestling, where he captured the WXW C4 Ultimate Heavyweight Championship on April 20, 2012. On November 3, 2012, he vacated the position. Snitsky, a Delaware-based Right Coast Pro Heavyweight Championship, won the Right Coast Pro Heavyweight Championship on November 4, 2017. However, he resigned after losing the title on May 19, 2018. After appearing at just a few more shows on June 22, 2018, Snitsky revealed that he intends to retire from professional wrestling.

On the June 25 taping of Impact Wrestling (which aired on July 24) as a heel, Snitsky and Rycklon debuted for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, ostensibly aligning with Dixie Carter.

Carter fired Snitsky and Rycklon from Impact Wrestling's August 7, 2014 issue. As Team Dixie (EC3, Rhino, Rycklon, and Snitsky) lost to Team Bully (Bully Ray, Devon, Tommy Dreamer and Al Snow), they were in an Eight-Man Hardcore War earlier on the program (Bully Ray, Devon, Tommy Dreamer, and Al Snow).