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Drake Maverick was born in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom on January 30th, 1983 and is the Wrestler. At the age of 41, Drake Maverick biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, and networth are available.

Date of Birth
January 30, 1983
United Kingdom
Place of Birth
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
41 years old
Zodiac Sign
Professional Wrestler
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Renee Michelle ​(m. 2019)​
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Drake Maverick Life

James Michael Curtin (born 30 January 1983) is an English professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the SmackDown brand's ring name Drake Maverick.

He also appears on 205 Live, where he is also the brand's General Manager.

Curtin began his TNA career as "Rockstar Spud" in the British independent circuit, winning many titles, including International Pro Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, or XWA Wrestling.

In 2012, he competed in the TNA's British Boot Camp, winning the tournament and being signed to a job with the promotion.

He will be the sidekick of TNA's President Dixie Carter and Ethan Carter III in TNA.

He was also a two-time TNA X Division Champion during his time in the competition. In October 2017, he will leave TNA and sign a WWE deal the same month.

He will be branded as the on-screen General Manager of 205 Live, the WWE's first-time competitor for the cruiserweight division (205 lbs.).

And under), and spent a brief time as the AOP on Raw's boss.

He became more popular in 2019 as an in-ring fighter, specifically wrestling for the WWE 24/7 Championship, sparring with R-Truth and Elias over the title.

Personal life

Renee Michelle, a professional wrestler, married Curtin on September 8, 2019.

Curtin is a fan of football team Everton FC and the Nashville Predators' ice hockey team.


Drake Maverick Career

Professional wrestling career

James Michael Curtin was born in Birmingham on January 30th, 1983. He was first trained by Jack Storm and Chris Gilbert at the K-Star Wrestling promotion in Birmingham's Perry Barr area before coming under the SAS Wrestling Academy's tutelage. He continued to perform in a variety of entrepreneurial positions in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe under the ring name Spud. Spud's first major appearances came with the Revolution British Wrestling promotion in 2003, although on the independent circuit. Spud defeated Jack Hazard on August 30th to become the first British Welterweight Champion, a title he held for several months before losing the title to "The Gift" Ross Jordan in a Iron Man match in December 2003.

Spud began working for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance in 2004, and was drafted into the main roster to be used as a jobber for a brief period, facing several other larger opponents. However, FWA began displaying their flyweight division at the start of 2005; later that year, Spud entered a competition to crown a Flyweight Champion. He made it to the tournament final, defeating Ross Jordan, the first FWA Flyweight champion. However, Jordan was only awarded the match after the referee suspended the match due to a kayfabe fractured Spud's leg. The two guys fought for more than 14 months, with Jordan constantly attacking Spud in an attempt to re-injure his leg. Spud defeated Jordan in a Last Man Standing match at FWA Last Fight at the Prom on September 30, 2006.

Spud made his first appearance in the United States in April 2006, competing for Ring of Honor during their two-night Weekend of Champions shows, following a talent transfer deal with the FWA. Spud appeared in ROH's first tour of shows in the United Kingdom in August 2006, Unified and Anarchy in the United Kingdom. He competed under the FWA banner during the British Under 23's Championship tournament, marking FWA's first champion under the age of 23. However, Spud lost in the first round to tournament runner Sam Slam.

Spud appeared under his Rockstar gimmick with an over-the-top entrance that featured a female security guard, a band, and a groupie, following the FWA's relaunch. Spud was accepted into the FWA Flyweight Championship Tournament and won the qualifying four-way match at the comeback show, New Frontiers. In the next round, he lost to Jonny Storm. Spud became embroiled in a war of words with Storm in 2010 and will appear in several FWA Flyweight Championship tournaments. Storm culminated in a no contest at New Frontiers 2011.

Spud competed for the International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom's promotion began in 2004. Spud had a high-profile rivalry with Jack Storm, which culminated in a street fight in January 2006. Spud, a member of IPW: The United Kingdom, was one half of the Dragon Hearts tag team, alongside fellow wrestler Dragon Phoenix. Dragon Hearts defeated The Untouchables in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs tournament on September 24th, 2006, becoming the IPW:UK Tag Team Champions. Spud competed with the Frontier Wrestling Alliance in IPW:UK, and the Dragon Hearts were also involved in a match against Team FWA. In a match that saw both Phoenix and Spud suffer injuries, the Dragon Hearts teamed up with Leroy Kincaide to face Iceman Jonny Storm and Jorge Castano. Phoenix sustained a deep wound in his head, while Spud suffered what seemed to be a detached or dislocated shoulder due to a dropkick at the hands of Storm. Spud and Spud met in early 2007, with Spud winning the battle.

In the joint FWA/IPW final frontiers show losing to Hade Vansen, Spud went on to represent IPW:UK. Luke Dragon Phoenix left the team disbanding after a losing effort against IPW:UK Tag team champions Swiss Money Holdings in IPW's debut in Liverpool. Spud defeated Big Brother contestant Billi Bhatti in a losing effort due to the Hated Heroes. Spud recently defeated Dave Moralez and Eamon O'Neill in the first round of the British National Championship, but Sam Slam in the quarterfinals defeated him. Spud's most recent appearances in IPW:UK have seen him losing his attempts to former Gladiator's and current TNA star Magnus Nick 'Oblivion' Aldis.

Spud returned to action after 6 months under his "Rockstar" persona and defeated Lion Kid to become the IPW's Cruiserweight Champion. Spud has been active with SAS Wrestling, a London and Midlands firm, since its inception in 2005. Since he turned on long-time rival Jack Storm in the "Bring Your Jeans" show of November 2005, he has waged war with him. Spud fought with Team Charming members for almost a year before deciding on Jack Storm. After a hard-fought match that some regarded as UK Match of the Year in 2006, he met him later in the final of the first SAS UK Wrestling Championship tournament, defeating his opponents. Spud lost the championship a month after him losing to Jack Storm's boss Charming Don Charles, and the two brothers fought him in a one-on-one streetfight match pinning him with one foot after a steel chair shot to the head.

Spud defeated Jack Storm in a steel cage match in April 2008. Spud turned his back on the fans by attacking Phil Bedwell, blaming the fans who care about him as much as they do about the former alcoholic as his motivation. Spud defended the championship for the majority of 2009 against Derise Coffie and Bubblegum, before losing the championship to Bubblegum in a Steel cage match in June 2010. Spud will continue to appear on IPW in sporadic fashion before leaving for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

The XWA was established from the FWA's remnants after the feud between FWA and IPW:UK concluded. Spud feuded with El Ligero, the XWA Flyweight Champion, after losing him in a last man standing fight to become champion with assistance from The Kartel and Martin Stone to form 'The Firm' faction. Spud defeated Sam Slam at the Prom in the 2009 Last Fight at the Prom, becoming the No. 1 Contender to the XWA Heavyweight Championship while also the XWA Flyweight Champion. Curtin, on the other hand, was disqualified from the XWA Flyweight Championship due to his lack of defenses, and he also lost the XWA Heavyweight Championship to Johnny Phere later this year. Spud has been battling with Nathan Cruz in September 2010 after losing the XWA Heavyweight Championship. Spud returned to action in February 2011 after being confronted by Cruz and his former colleagues Team Rockstar for abandoning him in the annual XWA Goldrush Rumble.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's first tour of the United Kingdom in February 2006, where Spud teaming with Topgun Talwar and Aviv Maayan defeated Excalibur, Disco Machine, and Ronin in a 6-man tag team tournament, where Excalibur pinned Spud. Spud faced Joey Ryan in October 2007, PWG's second UK show. Following a Superkick, Ryan pinned Spud. Spud also became one of the top British actors on the One Pro Wrestling roster since its inception in 2005. Spud had a long feud with American wrestler Sterling James Keenan and the super heavyweight Abyss, who was still fighting under the outmatched underdog scheme. Spud and partner Luke Dragon Phoenix resurfaced in 1PW to win the Tag Team Championships in their first as a team, but Spud and partner Luke Dragon Phoenix stayed in 1PW until losing the 1PW Tag Team Championships to The Damned Nation and partner Luke Dragon Phoenix. Spud later returned to 1PW on the 3rd Year Anniversary as Hubba Bubba Lucah's unethical tag team partner was the catalyst for the Damned Nation's disbanding. He defeated Darkside in the 1PW Openweight Championship on November 15, 2009. Spud made his Chikara debut on September 20, 2014, losing to Juan Francisco de Coronado.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) reported on September 5th that it had completed filming of British Boot Camp, which also included Spud. Spud competed in the competition and earned a spot in the TNA family. Spud made his debut on Tuesday, February 7th in an interview segment with Robbie E and Robbie T and ended with Spud's beating Robbie E. Spud, defeating Robbie E. Spud in the Impact Wrestling show on February 21.

Spud returned from Impact Wrestling's episode on July 18th when he competed in the Destination X episode of Impact Wrestling and entered a tournament to determine the new X Division champion; Greg Marasciulo defeated him in his first round three-way match, which also included Rubix.

Spud's journey to Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA's growth area, was confirmed on March 13, 2013 episode of OVW. He defeated Cliff Compton in the OVW Television Championship, making him the first man to win the title in his debut match. He would continue to defend the title for 59 days and staging several successful weekly defenses before losing it to Randy Royal.

Spud's new chief of staff, Dixie Carter, appeared on Impact Wrestling on November 28th. He hosted an in-ring Thanksgiving dinner with the entire heel roster only to be interrupted by Kurt Angle and the faces of TNA, which culminated in a brawl later that night. On the 30th of January 14, 2014 episode of Impact Wrestling, he attempted to question The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) about who The Investor was, only to be defeated. After Team Dixie was defeated by Team MVP at Lockdown, MVP, who had assumed the position of chief of wrestling operations, she sacked the position of chief of staff.

However, Carter, when his TNA contract came up for renewal in April 2014, gave him a'substantial wage increase' in exchange for his service to her and also retained his role as her chief of staff. Spud made his debut for the Japanese promotion in Tokyo on July 6th, alongside Ethan Carter III in a tag team match in Tokyo, where they were defeated by Tajiri and Yusuke Kodama. Spud appeared in the ring with Ethan Carter III on September 4th and cut a promo about Carter's rage at those who were not in charge of TNA President and his aunt Dixie Carter being put through a table.

Ethan Carter III, a former wrestler, called him out and gave him a chance to make amends on September 8th's episode. Carter chastised Spud for failing to prevent Bully Ray from placing his aunt, TNA President Dixie Carter, through a table, prompting him to lose his aunt and slapping him in the face. Spud fought back and punched Carter right away, turning face in the process. EC3 fired him from his position as the Carters' chief of staff rather than physically punishing. Spud's Spud teammate Eric Young and the EC3 and EC3's new ally Tyrus in a Tag Team tournament on October 22nd teamed up with Eric Young in a losing effort against EC3 and EC3's new ally Tyrus in a losing battle in a Tag Team tournament.

Spud won the Feast or Fired match on January 23, 2015, giving the opportunity to compete in the TNA X Division Championships. Spud's feud with Carter ended in a hair vs. Spud lost in a hair contest. Spud defeated Low Ki to win the X Division Championship the following week on the 20th March episode of Impact Wrestling, the following week. In a rematch of Impact Wrestling, he successfully defended his title against Low Ki on Saturday. Spud lost his X Division Championship against Kenny King in a ladder match that also involved Tigre Uno and Mandrews on May 1st. During a Gauntlet match, Spud captured the crown back on May 29th episode of Impact Wrestling.

Spud vacated the title on June 10th to gain a championship shot for the World Heavyweight Championship. Spud faced Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the same day, but the team was unable to win the championship. He began feuding with Austin Aries later in life. On an impact vs. career match on August 5, Aries defeated him, bringing an end to TNA's career. Spud's former rival Ethan Carter III was defeated by his TNA World Heavyweight Championship on September 23 in a losing fight. Spud appeared in the first TNA World Championship Series as a member of Group UK on September 7, defeating Grado in the first round, earning him 3 points. He later failed to qualify for the Round of 16 after losing to both Drew Galloway and Bram, who were also competing in Team UK.

Spud formed a relationship with his former rival Ethan Carter III in February in an attempt to avoid problems with Hardy and Tyrus, overcoming them in a tag-team match on Impact Wrestling's 16 February episode. Spud came out during the 2016 Lockdown, allegedly to discourage Reby Sky from attacking the EC3. However, Matt Hardy will close the cage door on EC3 to help Matt Hardy keep his TNA World Heavyweight Championship intact, proving heel once more in the process. He'll follow up with a conchairto to EC3 with his head on the course, with Matt Hardy's support. Spud, Matt Hardy, and Tyrus all joined together to create a stable on March 9, 2016 after Spud said he was punished by Carter for his cruel treatment of him last year. In a losing effort, the trio will meet EC3 and Jeff Hardy. Impact Wrestling's Matt Hardy, Rockstar Spud, Tyrus, and Reby Hardy were disqualified by Carter in a Four On One Handicap match on March 29, 2019. Carter was defeated by Carter in a Six Sides of Steel match on May 10th episode of Impact Wrestling. Jeff Hardy defeated Spud and Tyrus in a Ladder match in May Mayhem. The BroMans defeated Impact Wrestling, Spud, and Tyrus in a number one contendership match on Monday, defeating Decay for the TNA World Tag Team Championship at Slammiversary. Braxton Sutter, Spud interrupting him during a match against Indy wrestler Balam on June 21, 2016 episode of Impact Wrestling. Sutter went on to defeat Spud and Spud, who was stabbed repeatedly by Spud. During X Division matches, Rockstar Spud and Braxton Sutter have had many rivalries over the course of months. Rockstar Spud brutally assaulted Sutter with a chair during an Ultimate X match on September 1, 2009, fracturing one of his teeth, and his son is now vying for a seat at Impact Wrestling after his match against Drew Galloway breaking one of his teeth. In the "Empty Arena, No Turnbuckles" match, which was won by Sutter in the September edition of Impact Wrestling, the feud came to an end. He was involved in the Bound for Gold in Bound for Glory, but he was disqualified by Tyrus.

Spud took part in the Team X Gold match against DJ Z, Braxton Sutter, and Mandrews on a losing effort on the 27th October episode of Impact Wrestling, Spud. Impact Wrestling, Spud, and Decay lost a three-way match against Go for Broke and The Helms Dynasty on November 3rd. They were defeated once more in a three-way tag team match against Go for Broke and The Helms Dynasty, this time in an elimination match. Spud's son King Maxel defeated him at "Total Nonstop Deletion," according to Broken Matt Hardy's son. He died at Tag Team Apocalypto the same night as his partner, Swoggle, assaulted him. Spud called out Swoggle for his betrayal but then missed an impromptu match on January 5th, but Spud continued to win. Spud, a bemoaning and outraged, has now ostensibly dropped TNA. Spud, Aron Rex's manservant, was back on January 12, 2017 as he was now portraying a "Liberace"-esque character. Aron Rex and Spud defeated Robbie E and Swoggle on January 19, 2017 episode of Impact. Rex's old management halted the company's relationship, and Rex is no longer being affiliated with Impact Wrestling.

Spud was the new ring announcer for Impact Wrestling. Spud was brutally stabbed by Swoggle, who mistakenly had his pants pulled off by Spud earlier in the evening, on the Impact broadcast. Spud revealed during the match that Spud did not intend to have Swoggle's pants pulled off during the fight, causing a feud that culminated on June 29, 2017 edition of iMPACT in a Mumbai Street Fight. He ripped the pants off the referee (who was the size of Swoggle), resulting in his absence from Swoggle. Spud was officially launched two or three weeks earlier by Impact Wrestling on October 30, 2017. Curtin reportedly requested the resignation himself after Impact told him that the promotion would decrease his salary.

Curtin joined WWE in October 2017, but he had to postpone his debut until his US visa was renewed. He made his debut as a celebrity under the name Drake Maverick on January 30, 2018 and was appointed the new General Manager of the brand. In his first appearance, he announced a 16-man WWE Cruiserweight Championship tournament, which would culminate at WrestleMania 34.

Maverick was accompanied by the tag team AOP (Akam and Rezar) as their new boss on the 3rd episode of Raw, thus turning heel. Maverick led AOP to their first reign as Raw Tag Team Champions on November 5th on Raw 5 & 9. Maverick was in AOP's corner for their match against The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus), but the Bar's assistant, Big Show, wetted his pants, deterring The Bar long enough to allow AOP to win. AOP lost their title to Bobby Roode and Chad Gable in a three-on-two handicap match that also involved Maverick on December 10 in a three-on-two handicap match. When Akam sustained an injury, he stumbling on his AOP relationship. On 205 Live, Maverick remained a face General Manager while being a heel on the main roster. Maverick managed EC3 in a tense match before the SmackDown episode on April 9th. Vince McMahon, WWE's president, was reported to have disapproved the match and manager roles, so the match was not brought to television.

Following the unveiling of the WWE 24/7 Championship, Maverick followed the former champion of the championship on Raw, SmackDown, and 205 Live over the next few months, becoming more popular as a wrestler. Maverick will produce flyers of whoever the current champion was and give them out to followers, backstage workers, and celebrities in several countries during his championship campaign. Maverick's thoughts were welcome by WWE management, who gave him a little push. On an impromptu match for the title, which Maverick lost, the Shane McMahon Appreciation Night on 29 May. Maverick and R-Truth interrupted the Shane McMahon Appreciation Night. R-truth in the arena parking lot stunned Maverick (assisted by R-Truth's ally Carmella) for the honour and sped away in the referee's vehicle on 18 June. This was his first appearance in WWE. After R-Truth, Maverick became the second holder of the title for more than a day. However, R-truth lost the title at his wedding two days later. Maverick had a rematch against R-Truth for the title during the following episode of Raw, but was quickly dismissed. On the 1st episode of Raw, Maverick assaulted R-Truth with a suitcase and pinned him in the backstage area, while the former wrestlers were evicted from a crowd to become a two-time 24/7 champion. However, Maverick lost the title to Truth 14 days later after Truth pinned him on his hotel bed during his honeymoon. He will win and lose the title four times in the coming weeks. Maverick was drafted to the SmackDown brand as part of the 2019 WWE Draft, but he will still be GM of 205 Live.

Maverick was named as a participant in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament on April 12, 2020, representing Group A in the tournament. Maverick was originally suspended from his WWE job as a result of budget cuts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic on April 15, 2020. Despite this, he was still slated to compete in the Interim Cruiserweight Championship tournament. Maverick's appearance was integrated into the tournament's plot line, as he has consistently stated that he did not want to leave WWE without the Cruiserweight Championship. If he was disqualified, he would reach the finals against El Hijo del Fantasma. After the match, Maverick was offered an NXT contract, which he signed immediately, re-hiring Maverick, who had only been contracted to work the tournament.

Maverick and Killian Dain will form a tag team soon after. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan fell to NXT Tag Team Champions Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan in a Tag Team Street Fight match for the Tag Team Championships on December 23rd episode. Both Maverick and Dain qualified in the 2021 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, defeating Curt Stallion and August Grey in the first round of 205 Live. However, the pair were disqualified in the second round by MSK on the 27th of January. Maverick and Dain defeated Breezeango 5-0 to earn a future NXT Tag Team Championship match, according to the NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver pre-show. On the following episode of NXT where they met the reigning champions, MSK, in a losing effort, Maverick and Dain will earn their title. Imperium had targeted Dain and Maverick after the match, causing them to be engulfed. Dain was released from his WWE deal on June 25th, effectively ending the team, thus disbanding the team.

He was drafted into the Raw brand as part of the 2021 Draft and has twice won the 24/7 Championship. Curtin was first released on November 18th.

Curtin was recalled by WWE once more in February 2022, and now works as a member of the company's creative team.


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