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Metal Singer

Geoff Tate was born in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany on January 14th, 1959 and is the Metal Singer. At the age of 65, Geoff Tate biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, songs, and networth are available.

Other Names / Nick Names
Jeffrey Wayne Tate
Date of Birth
January 14, 1959
United States
Place of Birth
Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
65 years old
Zodiac Sign
$10 Million
Composer, Lyricist, Saxophonist, Singer
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Wilson High School, Tacoma, Washington, USA
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Ella Tate, Perry Tate
Geoff Tate Life

Geoff Tate (born Jeffrey Wayne Tate, 1959; he later changed his first name to Geoffery or Geoffrey) is an American singer and guitarist.

He came to fame with the progressive metal band Queensrche, who had commercial success with their 1988 album Operation: Mindcrime and the 1990 album Empire.

Tate is ranked 14th on Hit Parader's list of the 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time.

He was voted No. 1. 2 on That Metal Show's top five hard rock vocalists from the 1980s.

In 2012, he won the Vegas Rocks!

"Voice in Progressive Heavy Metal" has been named by a magazine music award for "Voice in Progressive Heavy Metal."

He ranked ninth on OC Weekly's list of the Top High-Pitched Metal Singers of 2015.

After his farewell tour as Queensrche, he renamed his band Operation: Mindcrime after the Queensrche album of the same name.

Early years

Tate was born in Stuttgart, which was then part of West Germany, to American parents. His mother's side of the family is from New Orleans. His family was relocated to Tacoma, Washington, shortly after his birth. Tate was involved with music from an early age. He was particularly keen on symphonic works. Tate didn't want to be a footballer until he sustained a knee injury. After graduating High School in 1977, he enrolled in Tacoma Community College. After a year, he dropped out.

Personal life

Sandy was Tate's first wife. Tate was married to Sue (Suzanne) from 1990 to 1996. "Jet City Woman" was inspired by her lyrics. Susan, his ex-wife, married him in 1996. She and Geoff used to be vegans. Tate has three children, Sabra, Bella, and Emily, as well as one stepdaughter, Miranda. Tate was never married to Sabra's mother. Riot Danger, Geoff's first grandchild, was born in 2011.

Tate is well-known for his family involvement in his musical endeavors. Susan's wife Susan has been with Queensrche's fan club since 1997, served as the band's assistant manager since 2001, and was band boss from 2005 to 2012. Tate's solo career makes her the boss of Tate's solo career. Miranda, the stepdaughter, has also been active in Queensr's fanclub. Parker Lundgren, a guitarist, appeared on Tate's solo album in the summer of 2008, before dating Miranda. He joined Queensr'che in February 2009 and Miranda married Miranda on July 18, but about half a year later. Miranda, a go-goal dancer with the Queensr'che Cabaret, was born in late 2009 and early 2010. At age 12, daughter Emily performed a duet with her father on the album "Home Again" by Queensrche in 2009. Miranda and Emily performed backing vocals on a re-recording of "Silent Lucidity" for the album Frequency Unknown in 2013.

Tate is interested in acting and sailing, and he loves motorcycling and sailing.

Tate is both a libertarian and socialist.


Geoff Tate Career


Tate formed Tyrant, an urban cover band, with Adam Bomb and future Culprit/TKO member Scott Earl. Tate was using the term "Jeff Waterfall" and appearing in Van Halen and Rainbow covers at the time. Tyrant broke up and Tate moved on to progressive band Babylon after losing a local "Battle of the Bands" to a group that would later change the band's name to Fifth Angel. While Tate was in Babylon, he was invited to perform with the cover band The Mob (who would later write original content and become Queensrche) at a local rock festival. Tate appeared with The Mob briefly after Babylon broke up, but he left because he wasn't interested in performing heavy metal cover songs. Tate was also a member of The Myth Metal band as the lead vocalist and keyboardist. Kelly Gray, who was later one of the replacements for Queensrche guitarist Chris DeGarmo, and Randy Gane, both of whom appeared in Tate's version of Queensrche in 2012, were among Myth's other band members.

The Mob called on Tate in 1981, this time to record a demo tape, and he obliged his bandmates in Myth that getting professional recording experience would benefit all of them in the future. In the meantime, The Mob already had a set of songs, but one song was left without lyrics. Tate was asked to write lyrics to this song, which would be titled "The Lady Wore Black" in Tate's first penned song with the band. The demo tape was widely distributed, and it was released as an EP on the 206 Records label in 1982. The Mob's name was changed to Queensrche around this time, and Tate left Myth to become Queensr'che's permanent lead singer. After Tate had left, Myth went on to record the album Arabia.

In 1983, Queensrche was signed to EMI for a 15-year deal with seven albums. The EP, Queensrche, was re-introduced by the EMI to moderate success, peaking at No. 10. According to Billboard's charts, 81 is at number 81. Tate's Queensrche had a lot of success, especially with the concept album Operation: Mindcrime, which was released in 1988 and 1990's Empire. The band has has sold over 20 million albums around the world.

Queensr'che had fired Tate on June 20, 2012, replacing him with Crimson Glory vocalist Todd La Torre. Tate and his wife Susan (who served as the band's boss from 2005 to 2012) filed a lawsuit in a Washington court a few months later, claiming that he was wrongfully dismissed from the organization. They also filed a preliminary injunction in the hopes of preventing either party from using the band's name and image before the litigation was settled, but a judge told them that neither party would use the name Queensrche until a deal or a court decision determined who would get the name. Rockenfield, Wilton, and Jackson were granted the exclusive rights to the Queensrche mark, according to a press release on April 28, 2014, and Tate obtained the rights to Operation: Mindcrime.

The band fired Tate's stepdaughter Miranda from running the fan club and their band manager Susan, who had not attended a band meeting since 2005. According to Wilton, "the last three years, basically it came to a point where we didn't have a voice in the band anymore." The singer and his manager, the wife, were all in charge. Tate had an argument with the other members about his family's dismissal on April 14, 2012. The brawl became tense, with Tate retaliating by throwing over the drum kit, punching several times, physically attacking, and spitting on Rockenfield and Wilton. Wilton, Rockenfield, and Jackson all agreed that Tate continued to misbehave, and that they will no longer work or perform with him." "Te." On June 5 (some sources report it was June 6). Tate was voted out of this conference call after all band members voted to "consider Geoff Tate's expulsion from the band" and "continue to use the Queensrche name with a new lead singer."

Tate and his wife filed a lawsuit in a Seattle court against his former colleagues, alleging that he was wrongfully dismissed from the group. They also requested a provisional injunction to prohibit the plaintiffs and the defendants from using the Queensrche name. The Washington state superior court denied this appeal on July 13, 2012, as well as a petition for a preliminary summary decision filed by the defendants. Both parties may use the brand Queensrche until a court decision or settlement would have otherwise resolved, according to the court. Both bands had a brand and brand of Queensrche from June 2012 to April 2014; these two bands were fronted by La Torre and Tate announcing his own lineup as a result of the judge's preliminary decision.

On April 17, 2014, a deal was reached, and both sides' statement was released on April 28, 2014. Tate had lost the brand Queensrche to Rockenfield, Wilton, and Jackson, who, with La Torre and Lundgren, will be "the sole band recording and touring as Queensryche," according to the statement, while former singer Tate has the right to perform Operation: Mindcrime II in their entirety "in unique performances." A press release was posted on Wilton's Facebook page on May 5, 2014, further clarifying the details of the deal as:

Tate revealed his own collection under the name "Queensrche" on September 1, 2012, while waiting for the outcome of a settlement or court decision determining who will eventually have access to the name Queensr'che.

Before Tate lost the brand Queensrche to his former colleagues in April 2014, his company was promoted by their booking agent under the title "Queensrche Starring Geoff Tate the Original Voice." Rudy Sarzo, Bobby Blotzer, Glen Drover, and two of his former bandmates from the band Myth, Kelly Gray, and Randy Gane will appear on the lineup. Drover left the band on November 23, 2012. Bruce Robert Sarzo (Rudy's brother) was named as his replacement on January 25, 2013, although Blotzer was also replaced on drums by Simon Wright, who hasn't stopped playing since.

Tate unveiled the album Frequency Unknown under the Queensryche brand on April 23, a Cleopatra Records sub-label. Jason Slater, created and mixed in 6 weeks by Jason Slater and Maor Appelbaum, but Billy Sherwood was later hired to remix the album, "[as it] seems there are sonic defects with the previous versions." Sherwood later pulled out of the scheme, citing scheduling issues as the reason for the delay. Due to the deadline that had to be met, the work was later distributed to at least four remixers. On April 3, 2013, "Cold," the first single off Frequency Unknown, was released.

On April 6, 2013, the band embarked on a "Operation: Mindcrime Anniversary Tour," marking the album's 25th anniversary. The American Southwest is mainly a tour guide. The tour lasted until September 2014, with some of Tate's solo band touring in May 2014.

Tate renamed his band Operation: Mindcrime after the 1988 Queensrche album of the same name was released on his farewell tour as Queensrche. Following the departures of both Sarzo brothers, John Moyer, Brian Tichy, and Scott Moughton became full-time members in 2015. The Key, their debut album, was released on September 18, 2015. It's part of Resurrection (2016) and The New Reality (2017), it's a concept album trilogy about virtual currencies, internet banking, and stock trading.

Tate was instrumental in the famine relief project Hear 'n Aid in 1985. Tate unveiled an eponymous solo album on Sanctuary Records in 2002. He shaved his long hair around this time to show his love for a close family friend who was fighting cancer before her death. Tate's second solo album on InsideOut Music, Kings and Thieves, was released on November 6, 2012.

In the found footage horror film The Burningmoore Incident, Tate appears as both narrator and murderer. On March 4, 2013, it was released direct-to-video. Tate is expected to perform the soundtrack to the in-production crime film Fallen Moon.

Tate is a wine enthusiast. "I was a kid scout and you could get a merit badge if you made a beverage or a food product, and I made dandelion wine, which was good but it also got me started on the hobby." "I have been collecting wine seriously since the band first signed in 1983, when we were touring the world." Tate's passion for wine piqued when Tate was in Queensrche: I'd make special arrangements to leave at a certain point in the tour and fly into the wine regions. "I began to become even more interested in how grapes were grown and how grapes were grown, as well as which grapes grew best where and this sort of thing." Tate has given several interviews to the journal Wine Spectator. "Insania," Geoff and Susan Tate's own brand of wine, launched in 2010.