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Marilyn Manson was born in Canton, Ohio, United States on January 5th, 1969 and is the Rock Singer. At the age of 55, Marilyn Manson biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, songs, and networth are available.

Other Names / Nick Names
Brian Hugh Warner, Marilyn
Date of Birth
January 5, 1969
United States
Place of Birth
Canton, Ohio, United States
55 years old
Zodiac Sign
$10 Million
Actor, Autobiographer, Composer, Film Actor, Film Director, Guitarist, Journalist, Lyricist, Music Critic, Musician, Painter, Singer, Singer-songwriter
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Marilyn Manson Height, Weight, Eye Color and Hair Color

At 55 years old, Marilyn Manson has this physical status:

Hair Color
Eye Color
Not Available
Marilyn Manson Religion, Education, and Hobbies
While growing up, he went with his mother to the Episcopal church. He was also enrolled in a Catholic school.
Not Available
Heritage Christian School, GlenOak High School
Marilyn Manson Spouse(s), Children, Affair, Parents, and Family
Dita Von Teese, ​ ​(m. 2005; div. 2007)​, Lindsay Usich ​(m. 2020)​
Not Available
Dating / Affair
Lexa Vonn, Wendy Moore, Michele Greenberg, Missi Romero (1992-1997), Jenna Jameson (1997), Rose McGowan (1997-2001), Dita Von Teese (2001-2006), Evan Rachel Wood (2006-2010), Isani Griffith, Stoya (2009), CariDee English (2010), Esmé Bianco (2010-2011), Lindsay Usich (2010-2015), Peaches Geldof (2011), Lana Del Rey (2012), Avril Lavigne (2012)
Hugh Angus Warner, Barbara Warner Wyer
He is the only child.
Other Family
John/Jack Angus Warner (Paternal Grandfather), Beatrice Frank (Paternal Grandmother), Allie Dee Wyer (Maternal Grandfather), Blanche Pearl Jones (Maternal Grandmother)
Marilyn Manson Life

Brian Hugh Warner (born January 5, 1969), also known as Marilyn Manson, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and music video director.

He is known for his tumultuous stage presence and image as the lead singer of the band Marilyn Manson, which he co-founded with guitarist Daisy Berkowitz and of which he remains the band's sole regular member.

His stage name was derived from combining and juxtaposing the names of two American pop cultural icons of the 1960s: actress Marilyn Monroe and criminal Charles Manson. Manson is best known for records from the 1990s, most notably Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals, which (along with his public image) earned him a reputation as a controversial figure and negative influence on young people.

Three of the band's albums have been awarded platinum status and three others have gone gold, and three more have gone gold, and the band has had eight debuts in the top ten, with two of the band's debuts in the United States alone, including two number one albums.

Manson has been ranked 44 in the "Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists" by Hit Parader, and he and his band have been nominated for four Grammy Awards. In 1997, Manson made his film debut as an actor in David Lynch's Lost Highway.

Since then, he has appeared in a number of minor roles and cameos.

He was portrayed in Michael Moore's political film about gun violence, Bowling for Columbine, exploring potential motives for the 1999 Columbine massacre after media reports that the shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, were avid followers of Manson's music; he denied charges that his music was a contributing factor.

The Golden Age of Grotesque, his first art show, was on view at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition Center from September 13 to 14.

In 2010, he unveiled a series of 20 paintings titled Genealogies of Pain, an exhibition on which he collaborated with Lynch at Kunsthalle gallery in Vienna.

Early life

Brian Hugh Warner was born in Canton, Ohio, on January 5, 1969, the sole son of Barbara Warner Wyer (died May 13, 2014) and Hugh Angus Warner (died July 7, 2017). He has also stated that his mother, who hailed from the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia, had Sioux roots. Warner attended his mother's Episcopal church as a child, though his father, a Roman Catholic, attended his Episcopal church.

From the first to the tenth grade, he attended Heritage Christian School. In that class, his teachers tried to tell children what music they were not supposed to hear; Warner later fell in love with what he was not supposed to do; Warner later attended GlenOak High School and graduated in 1987. In 1990, after relocating with his parents, he became a student at Broward Community College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was preparing for a degree in journalism, but he was also writing articles for the music magazine 25th Parallel. He also interviewed musicians and eventually met several of the musicians to whom his own works were later compared, including Groovie Mann from My Life with Thrill Kill Kult and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, with the former becoming his mentor and recording his debut album.

Personal life

Manson is heterosexual. He was married to actress Rose McGowan from February 1999 to January 2001. McGowan's involvement ended later, citing "lifestyle differences" as the reason for the decision.

Manson and burlesque dancer, model, and costume designer Dita Von Teese married in 2001. He proposed on March 22, 2004, and the couple were married in a private, non-denominational celebration hosted by Chilean film director Alejandro Jodorowsky. Von Teese filed for divorce on December 30, 2006, citing "irreconcilable inconsistencies." Von Teese later stated that she did not agree with Manson's "partying or his relationship with another person." Manson's "heavy boozing" and distant behavior were also blamed for the break. On December 27, 2007, a divorce was delivered in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Evan Rachel Wood, a British actress, model, and singer, was confirmed in 2007. According to reports, they had been on the laming, off-again relationship for several years. During a Paris stage performance in January 2010, he suggested Wood, but the couple decided against it later this year.

In the March 2012 issue of Revolver magazine, American photographer Lindsay Usich was referred to as Manson's girlfriend. The article discussed a new painting by him depicting her. Born Villain's 2012 album, Usich, is credited as the photo source for Manson's 2012 album's cover art. It was later revealed that the two were romantically linked. Manson told Beat magazine that he is "newly single" in February 2015.

Manson revealed in a private ceremony during the COVID-19 pandemic in October 2020. Since she changed her social media name to "Lindsay Elizabeth Warner," the individual he married was revealed to be Usich.

Manson is Lily-Rose Depp's godfather.

Manson claims he was a friend of Anton LaVey, and Lavelley alleged him to be a minister in the Church of Satan early in the neo. Manson played down the fact that he was "not really" a minister" earlier in his career, saying he was "somebody" a friend who's now deceased, who was a scholar who I learned a lot from." And that was a title I received, so a lot of people made a lot out of it. "It's not a good job, but it didn't get paid for it." Manson was never confirmed as a minister in their church, according to the Church of Satan itself.

Despite that, Manson has been described as "the most visible Satanist ever" with strong anti-Christian views and societal Darwinist leanings. Manson denies this, however, and the following is quoted: "Manson denies it."

Manson is also familiar with Aleister Crowley and Friedrich Nietzsche's writings. Throughout his autobiography, Crowley's most notable dictum, including Thelema's, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" is quoted. In a large portion of Manson's early work, Crowley's esoteric subject matter makes a central theme.


Marilyn Manson Career


Warner and guitarist Scott Putesky formed the band in 1989, with Warner writing lyrics and Putesky composing the majority of music. Marilyn Manson, the band's first demo tape as Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids was released in 1990. The group quickly established a following in South Florida's punk and hardcore music scene, owing to their intentionally surprising concerts; band members often appeared in women's clothes or bizarre costumes; and live shows regularly featured amateur pyrotechnics, naked women nailed to crucifixes, children in cages; and still no one remains. They were playing sold-out shows in 300-capacity nightclubs around Florida within six months of opening. They signed a record deal with Sony Music in early 1991, but the contract was canceled before any information was recorded for the brand. Rather, the band used the proceeds of this arrangement to finance the recording of subsequent demo tapes, which were later released as a result of a separate auction.

Marilyn Manson was born in 1992 and the group continued to perform and sell cassettes until 1993, when Reznor signed the act to his vanity label Nothing Records. Portrait of an American Family, the company's debut studio album, was released in July 1994. Manson chastised Nothing Records and its parent company Interscope for a alleged lack of promotion later this year. The band decided to unleash the resultant material as a standalone product instead of recording b-sides and remixes for the album's forthcoming third single, "Dope Hat." The album contained a cover version of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", which established the band as a mainstream act. The song's music video received a first nomination for Best Rock Video at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, and was rewarded for the band's first nomination for Best Rock Video. Christian fundamentalists' second studio album, 1996's Antichrist Superstar, sparked a ferocious reaction. The album was a huge commercial success, debuting at number three on the Billboard 200 and selling nearly 2 million copies in the United States alone, as well as 7 million copies around the world. At the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards, the lead single "The Beautiful People" received three awards, where the band also appeared.

Manson said he was inspired by 1970s glam rock and developed a wardrobe and hairstyle similar to David Bowie for 1998's Mechanical Animals. Following the band's commercial breakthrough, he said he did this to avoid being portrayed as a "bogeyman." The album's promotion was enormous, with the brand erecting massive billboards of Manson as an androgynous extraterrestrial in Times Square and the Sunset Strip. At the 41st Annual Grammy Awards, lead single "The Dope Show" was selected for Best Hard Rock Performance. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, but it was the lowest-selling number one album in the United States at that time, with sales of 1.4 million copies in the country as of 2017. Longtime fans, who screamed over the album's radio-friendly design and accused the singer of "selling out," were apparently dissatisfied with Interscope's commercial success.

Holy Wood (In the Shadow of Death) was a return to the band's industrial metal roots after the glam-influenced Mechanical Animals, and it was the singer's reaction to media reports accusing him of influencing the Columbine High School massacre's perpetrators. The album was a critical success, with many publications lauding it as the band's best work on record. Despite being awarded gold in the United States for shipments in excess of half a million units, mainstream media has questioned the band's commercial appeal, noting the dominance of nu metal and inflaming hip hop artists such as Eminem. In 2002, a magazine called "Tainted Love" debuted around the world, peaking at number one in several countries.

The Golden Age of Grotesque was released the following year, an album that was mainly inspired by 1920s Berlin's swing and burlesque movements. Manson likened his own often-criticized work to the Entartete Kunst, which had been barred by the Nazi regime, in an extended metaphor. The Golden Age of Grotesque debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in 1998, but it was the lowest-selling studio album to debut at number one this year, with 527,000 copies in the United States as of 2008. The album was more popular in Europe, where it sold over 400,000 in the first week of its debut on Billboard's Top 100 Albums. Manson began his relationship with French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier during this period, who created a majority of the band's elaborate clothing on the "Grotesk Burlesk Tour." Lest We Forget: The Best Of was released in 2004.

The band reformed with Eat Me, Drink Me, after a three-year absence in which the singer pursued other pursuits, the band's Eat Me, Drink Me. Manson's marriage to Dita Von Teese and his affair with 19-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood were largely related to the album's lyrical content. The High End of Low was their seventh studio album, and Interscope's last album was released in 2009. Manson made a series of disparaging remarks about the brand and its artistic censorship, as well as its president Jimmy Iovine, while promoting the album. Manson signed a lucrative recording deal with British independent record label Cooking Vinyl in 2011, with the band and label sharing revenues equalized after the label recouped costs associated with promotion, promotion, and distribution. Born Villain, 2012's first album to be released under the licence, was the first album to be released under the offer. The band's lead single, "No Reflection," received their fourth Grammy nomination. Loma Vista Recordings' subsequent albums were released in the United States, beginning with 2015's The Pale Emperor, which was widely regarded as a revival of form and a commercial success upon its unveiling.

Heaven Upside Down debuted in 2017, with its single "Kill4Me" becoming the band's highest-peaking single on Billboard's Mainstream Rock. Manson was hurt by two major falling stage props when he appeared on stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, breaking his fibula in two places and requiring a plate and ten screws to be introduced in the bone, as well as another screw in his ankle, which was strained during a show in Pittsburgh. "God's Gonna Cut You Down" was released as a non-album single in 2019, and it is the band's highest-peaking single on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs and Rock Digital Songs. We Are Chaos, the band's tenth top ten albums on the Billboard 200, was released on their latest studio album, 2020's We Are Chaos.

The band's album sales in the United States alone as of 2011. The Recording Industry Association of America of America's three albums received platinum awards, and three more received gold certificates. n of their albums debuted in the top ten of the Billboard 200, with two of them being ranked in the top ten, including two number one albums. The band has been approved for sales of over 1.75 million units in the United Kingdom. Marilyn Manson has achieved more than 50 million hits around the world.

Manson has performed extensively with other musicians in addition to his band work. During the band's "Dead to the World Tour," the band's controversial tour in support of the Antichrist Superstar, Rasputina opened for the band. Melora Creager, the band's lead vocalist, appeared on cello and backing vocals, most notable for her interpretations of "Apple of Sodom," a live version of which appeared as a b-side on Manson's 1998 single "The Dope Show." Manson has also produced three remixes of "Transylvanian Concubine," two of which appeared on their 1997 EP Transylvanian Regurgitations. Billy Corgan, a man from the Smashing Pumpkins, performed "Eye" and "The Beautiful People" with the band at the 1997 Bridge School Benefit concert. During the early stages of recording Mechanical Animals, Manson regularly consults Corgan. Corgan advised Manson that "this is certainly the right direction" but that we should "go all the way with it," referring to its inclusion of glam rock influences. Don't try to guess at it." Marilyn Manson and the Smashing Pumpkins embarked on a co-healining tour titled "The End Times Tour" in 2015.

The band began touring with Mechanical Animals in 1998, launching the "Beautiful Monsters Tour" with Hole. The tour was difficult, with Manson and Hole vocalist Courtney Love frequently insulting one another both on stage and in interviews. Private protests also arose over finances, as Hole was unwittingly funding the bulk of Manson's production costs, which were unintentionally high relative to Hole's. The tour was supposed to have thirty-seven dates, but Hole left after nine. When Hole retired from the tour, it was renamed the "Rock Is Dead Tour," with Jack Off Jill as one of the support acts. Manson made several of Jack Off Jill's demos in the early 1990s and later wrote the liner notes to their 2006 compilation Humid Teenage Mediocrity (1996-1996).

In 2000, Manson's own vanity label, Posthuman Records, was born. The label released two albums, the 2000 soundtrack to Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 and Godhead's 2001 album 2000 Years of Human Error, before being dissolved in 2003. The latter album, which was released in the United States, sold over 100,000 copies and featured him on the song "Break You Down." He performed vocals on "Redeemer," a Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis song that appeared on the 2002 film Queen of the Damned: Music from the Motion Picture. Davis had been refused to perform the song due to contractual problems with his record company. Manson also contributed to the Linkin Park song "By Myself" on the band's remix album Reanimation, and with Marco Beltrami to produce the score for the 2002 film Resident Evil.

On the Chew Fu GhettoHouse Fix remix of Lady Gaga's "LoveGame," which was released as a b-side on the song's single in 2008. He appeared on "Can't Haunt Me," a track that was unveiled on Skylar Grey's unreleased album Invinsible in 2011. He appeared on "Bad Girl," Avril Lavigne's 2013 self-titled album, and was included on Emigrate's 2014 album Silent So Long. The Soul Rebels, a New Orleans brass ensemble, performed "The Beautiful People" with Manson at the 2015 Japanese Summer Sonic Festival. On a cover of Bowie's "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" by Shooter Jennings' 2016 album Countach (For Giorgio), Manson recorded vocals. The two were first introduced in 2013 by Manson's then-bassist Twiggy Ramirez, and the two first collaborated on a song for the soundtrack to television series Sons of Anarchy. "Join the Human Gang" remains unreleased, but The White Buffalo's version of the song, "Come Join the Murder," was eventually rewritten and released. Jennings released Manson's album We Are Chaos in 2020.

Manson has performed with a variety of hip hop artists. He appeared on "The Omen (Damien II), a track on DMX's album Flesh of My Blood, Blood of My Blood, in 1998. Manson was identified in the lyrics to Eminem's "The Way I Am" from The Marshall Mathers LP's "When a dude's bullying is rampeting and he shoots up the school and blames it on Marilyn." Manson appeared in the song's video, and Danny Lohner's remix featuring Manson appeared on special editions of The Marshall Mathers LP. Manson appeared on stage for several live performances of the track, one of which appeared on Eminem's 2002 video collection All Access Europe. He appeared on "Pussy Wet," a track on Gucci Mane's 2013 mixtape Diary of a Trap God, and provided vocals on the album "Marilyn Manson" on ASAP Ferg's 2020 mixtape Floor Seats II.

Manson co-wrote and appeared on "Jail pt. 2," a Kanye West song on Kanye West's 2021 album Donda, alongside DaBaby. Manson and DaBaby performed at many events supporting the album, including at a listening concert at Soldier Field in August and at one of West's Sunday Church Services in October. The appearances attracted a lot of media attention and ridicule. According to West, the trio performed on a total of five songs. Manson was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, bringing him a co-nomination award for his work on the album. Manson's collaboration with West on Donda 2's follow-up album continued. "Every day" Manson was in the recording studio, and she said that West "doesn't want Marilyn to play rap beats. Marilyn should play as he makes it, and then Yeezus will take samples of that and sample portions of it and use portions of it, as he did [generally] make] Yeezus." Tim Skold, a Manson band member, has admitted to being involved in the operation.

Manson joined Jeordie White (also known as Twiggy Ramirez) and Stephen Gregory Bier Jr. (also known as Madonna Wayne Gacy) in two side-projects: Satan on Fire, a faux-Christian metal band formed with White and then girlfriend Jessicka as a way to challenge labor conditions that barred Marilyn Manson from participating in certain clubs.

In 1997, Manson made his film debut as an actor in David Lynch's Lost Highway. Since then, he has appeared in several minor roles and comedies, including Party Monster's 1999 film Jawbreaker; and then-girlfriend Rose McGowan's 1999 film The Devil's Deceitful Above All Things; and Showtime's comedy-drama television series Californication, in which Manson portrayed himself. Manson, a longtime fan of the series Eastbound & Down, has also appeared on HBO's Eastbound & Down, and he had lobbied to appear on television and ABC's Once Upon a Time, in which he played the role "Shadow."

In Michael Moore's political documentary Bowling for Columbine (2002), he explored possible motives for the Columbine massacre and allegations that his music was somehow a factor. He has appeared in animated form in Clone High and appeared on numerous episodes of MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, becoming the show's unofficial champion and mascot; he also performed the voice for his claymated puppet; and contributed to the soundtrack album "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes." Manson told Rolling Stone in July that he was converting his attention from music to filmmaking – "I just don't think the time is worth putting music into right now." I no longer want to create art that other people, especially record companies, are turning into a commodity. "I just want to make art." Johnny Depp is said to have drew Manson for his role as Willy Wonka in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Willy Wonka played the character in the film, and Manson himself expressed interest in playing the role.

Lewis Carroll had been involved on his directorial debut, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll, a project that has been in development hell since 2004, with Manson also set to play Lewis Carroll, author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It was originally planned as a web-only film but it was later decided to give the estimated $4.2 million budget film a conventional cinema release with a target release date of mid-2007. The film was supposed to have an original music soundtrack with previously unreleased songs. The film's development had been postponed indefinitely until the Eat Me, Drink Me tour. In 2010, studio bosses stopped production on the project due to viewers' reactions to the violent content of clips that were posted on the internet, according to the studio's. Later, the film was officially put on "indefinite production suspension."

However, the film was still on, and the suggestion that it was shut down was just a myth, according to a 2010 interview with co-writer Anthony Silva about the hold. Manson said in a interview in June 2013 that he had "resurrested" the project and that Roger Avary would command it. In a separate interview last year, he said a small crew similar to what he used for his "Slo-Mo-Tion" music video will be used, and that he would rather film the film on an iPhone than not filming it at all. Manson's Reddit AMA with Billy Corgan on April 4, 2015, Manson said he had dropped out because the film's editing process was "so... damaging to my morale, I've decided I don't want to do with it"; and that the only footage that had been released thus far had been created for the trailer, which was created in order to advertise the film.

In the last season of Sons of Anarchy, Manson played white supremacist Ron Tully. Manson will be included in the cast of WGN's Salem's season 3 in January 2016. Thomas Dinley, a barber and surgeon, was described as "the go-to man in Salem" from a shave and a haircut to being bled, sliced open or sewn up. Manson appeared in the HBO television series The New Pope in 2020, in which he has a personal audience with the series's Pope and recommends that he visit the prior Pope who remains unconscious in a coma.

In an interview with i-D magazine in 2004, Manson said he began his career as a watercolor painter in 1999 when he created five-minute concept pieces and sold them to drug dealers. The Golden Age of Grotesque, his first exhibition, was held at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions Centre on September 13–14, 2002. Max Henry compared art in America to the work of a "psychiatric patient" who was given art for use as therapy, and that his work would never be considered seriously in a fine art context, not the artist. Manson held his second exhibition in Paris on the first night and the second in Berlin on September 14-15, 2004. The show was titled 'Trismegistus,' which was also the name of the exhibit's center piece, a large, three-headed Christ painted onto an antique wood panel from a portable embalmers table.

Manson founded his self-proclaimed art group Celebritarian Corporation. "We will sell our shadow to those who live within it," the king has coined as a campaign slogan: "We will sell our shadow to those who stand within it." He said in 2005 that the Celebritarian Corporation has been "incubating for seven years," which if accurate would mean that Celebritarian Corporation has existed since 1998. Celebritarian Corporation is the name of an art gallery owned by Manson and named the Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art in Los Angeles, for which his third exhibition was the inaugural exhibition. His exhibits were on display at Fort Myers, Florida, from April 2 to 17. Forty pieces from this exhibition travelled to Galerie Brigitte Schenk in Cologne, Germany, to be on view from June 28 to July 28, 2007. In 2010, Manson introduced Genealogies of Pain, an exhibition on view at Wien's Kunsthalle gallery in which the artist collaborated with David Lynch.

Manson appears in the video game Area 51 as Edgar, a grey alien. In a commercial for the video game "The Darkness," his song "CruciFiction in Space" is included. His likeness is also shown on the Celebrity Deathmatch video game, in which he recorded a song for the soundtrack (2003). The song "Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth" was the credits score of the game Cold Fear as well as Spawn: Armageddon. In trailers for the video game Fear 3, the song "Four Rusted Horses" had an alternate version. In the debut trailer for the 2010 video game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and in the 2012 video game Twisted Metal, a remix of the song "Tainted Love" appears. In WWE SmackDown, Manson's song "The Beautiful People" was included. KickBeat and Brütal Legend Shut Your Mouth. In Saints Row: The Third, the song "Arma-goddamn-fuckin-geddon" is also included. In some areas of the Buzz, his music video to the song "Personal Jesus" was used. Game series is in the works.

Manson's "Mansinthe," his own brand of Swiss-made absinthe, has received mixed reviews; some commentators have described the flavor as "just plain," but it came second in an Absinthe top five and received a gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Other reviewers, such as writers at The Wormwood Society, have given the absinthe moderately laud. Manson said in 2015 that he no longer enjoyed absinthe.


How Maine bloodbath that left up to 22 dead is among America's ten deadliest mass shootings of all time, October 26, 2023
The massacre in Maine on Tuesday night, which killed as many as 22 people and injured hundreds more, is one of the top ten most deadly mass shootings in US history. A mass shooting is defined by the Gun Violence Archive as an assault in which four or more people are injured. A mass shooting is classified as "one or more people actively engaged in killing or attempting to murder people in a densely populated area," according to the FBI, a different metric to most businesses considering the number of victims to classify it as such. According to the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey, there are about 120 weapons for every 100 Americans. With around 44% of Americans living in a household with a firearms license, no other nation has more civilian weapons than Americans. There have already been 565 such shootings in 2023, killing 15,000 people.

In an attempt to monitor her every move, Evan Wood outlined the suspected 'brainwashing and abuse' ex-fiancé Marilyn Manson, October 10, 2023
Evan Rachel Wood spoke out about her suspected bullying at the hands of ex-fiancé Marilyn Manson, delving into more detail about the singer's ostensible and controlling behavior. The 36-year-old actress appeared on the podcast Navigating Narcissism on Thursday, with host Dr. Ramani Durvasula, discussing specific incidents during her time in a friendship with the 54-year-old singer.

Marilyn Manson settles rape lawsuit a week before he was due to go to trial: Jane Doe victim says she was bullied into dropping case after facing him in 'aggressive' seven hour deposition, September 29, 2023
Marilyn Manson has settled a lawsuit with a woman who accused him of rape. Brian Warner, the singer's real name, was charged in the 2021 lawsuit of raping the woman and threatening to 'bash her in the head if she reported him.' She argued in the complaint that the assault took place in 2011 and Manson denied her food, sleep, and a sense of security. On Wednesday, the Superior Court of California reached an understanding well before the trial was scheduled to begin next week.

Evan Rachel Wood Gives 'Primary Custody' Of Son To Ex Jamie Bell -- Due To Marilyn Manson Threats??, May 25, 2023
Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell divorced in 2014 and have since been embroiled in a lengthy custody battle over their now 9-year-old son, Jack Matfin Bell. Jamie said they had shared “equal custody” of their son for seven years before, but Evan began withholding Jack from him. These allegations were denied by the 35-year-old Thirteen alum. However, she was trying her best to keep her son with her at her Nashville, Tennessee home. However, times have changed. And it's apparently the fault of her older sister, Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson's Biggest Claims About Evan Rachel Wood are dismissed by the judge, May 10, 2023
Big win for Evan Rachel Wood! A judge sided with the 35-year-old actress in the continuing defamation case brought forward by her ex-fiancé in the Superior Court of California on Tuesday. Marilyn Manson AKA Brian Warner dropped a WILD defamation case against her after she found out about his suspected harassment.

Evan Wood denies claiming that she was 'Manipulated.' Marilyn Manson denies accusing her of coming forward with 'false' sexual assault accusations, February 28, 2023
Evan Rachel Wood is retaliating over reports that Ashley Morgan Smithline was “manipulated” into accusing their mutual ex-boyfriend Marilyn Mason of sexual harassment. As we've been following, the Westworld actress first accused the musician of violence in February 2021. Several others came forward with allegations of rape, assault, battery, grooming, and even human trafficking. Ashley Walters, the musician's former assistant, Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco, and an unidentified accuser were among the list's suspects.
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