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Kid Rock was born in Romeo, Michigan, United States on January 17th, 1971 and is the Rock Singer. At the age of 53, Kid Rock biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, songs, movies, and networth are available.

Other Names / Nick Names
Robert James Ritchie, Bob, Bobby
Date of Birth
January 17, 1971
United States
Place of Birth
Romeo, Michigan, United States
53 years old
Zodiac Sign
$150 Million
Actor, Banjoist, Musician, Rapper, Singer, Singer-songwriter
Social Media
Kid Rock Height, Weight, Eye Color and Hair Color

At 53 years old, Kid Rock has this physical status:

Hair Color
Light Brown
Eye Color
Not Available
Kid Rock Religion, Education, and Hobbies
Not Available
Romeo High School
Kid Rock Spouse(s), Children, Affair, Parents, and Family
Not Available
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Dating / Affair
Loretta Lynn, Amy Brooke, Kelley South Russell (1991-2001), Midori (1999), Jaime King (2000), Tina King, Pamela Anderson (2001-2006), Sheryl Crow, Jesse Jane (2004), Jaime Pressly (2004), Conchita Leeflang (2005-2006), Briana Banks (2006), Tamara Mellon (2006), Erin Naas (2006), Paris Hilton (2007), May Andersen (2007-2008), Kellie Pickler (2009), Krista Ayne (2007), Alyssa Lipsky (2007), Audrey Berry (2010-Present)
William “Bill” Ritchie, Susan Elizabeth
William “Billy” Ritchie (Older Brother), Carol Ritchie (Older Sister), Jill Ritchie (Younger Sister) (Actress)
Other Family
William Joseph Ritchie (Paternal Grandfather), Edna Mae Ryan (Paternal Grandmother), James R. Brabbs (Maternal Grandfather), Carolyn Rusche Hendricks (Maternal Grandmother)
Kid Rock Life

Born January 17, 1971, Kid Rock, an American singer-songwriter, rapper, guitarist, record producer, and actor.

Rock's musical style changes between rock, hip hop, and country throughout his 30 years.

He has worked on nine of his eleven studio albums as a multi-instrumentalist. Kid Rock started his professional music career as a self-taught rapper and DJ, and his forthcoming release The Polyfuze Method and Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp saw him develop a more unique style that was entirely realized on his 1998 album Devil Without a Cause; both his self-taught rapper and DJ were known for mixing elements of hip hop, country, rock, and heavy metal.

The country music style has dominated his musical career, from 2007's Rock n Roll Jesus to 2017's Sweet Southern Sugar, and he hasn't released any rap-influenced songs since his 2010 debut with Born Free.

Early life

Kid Rock was born in Romeo, Michigan, on January 17, 1971, the son of Susan and William Ritchie, who owned several auto dealerships, was born Robert James Ritchie. He was born in his father's 5,628-square-foot (522.9 m2) home, where he often assisted his family in picking apples and caring for their horses. Jill Ritchie, his younger sister, is an actor. He became interested in hip hop, began to breakdance, and learned how to rap and DJ while performing in talent shows in and around Detroit in the 1980s.

Personal life

Ritchie began an on-and-off friendship with classmate Kelley South Russell in eighth grade that lasted for a decade. Russell's son, Robert James Ritchie Jr., was born in the summer 1993. They had a total of three children together, two of whom Ritchie believed to be his. They broke up in late 1993 when Ritchie discovered that only one of the two boys was his. He later raised his son as a single parent.

Ritchie was dating model Jaime King, according to Rolling Stone in 2000. He began dating actress Pamela Anderson in 2001 and became engaged in April 2002, but they ended their relationship in 2003. They later reconciled and married in July 2006. Anderson, who had been pregnant with Ritchie's child, had miscarried three months later on November 10. She requested divorce from Ritchie in Los Angeles County Superior Court on November 27, citing irreconcilable inconsistable differences. Ritchie later stated that the divorce was due to Anderson openly criticizing his mother and sister in front of his son.

Ritchie became a grandfather when his son's sister gave birth to a daughter in 2014. In November 2017, he proposed to longtime girlfriend Audrey Berry.

Ritchie is an ordained minister and has a firearms collection.

Ritchie became a shareholder of Top Dog Records, founded by Alvin Williams and Earl Blunt of EB-Bran Productions in 1988; Ritchie's involvement in the company gave him a 25% interest. He filed a lawsuit in 2001 to obtain complete control of the Top Dog record brand, resulting in his being granted complete ownership of the label in 2003. Kid Rock's Made in Detroit restaurant and bar, which specialize in Southern-style cuisine, was also founded by Ritchie.

Ritchie appeared alongside Chuck D and Grandmaster Flash in honor of slain DJ Jam Master Jay in 2002. Ritchie was accused of "desecrating" the flag at the Super Bowl XXVIIIIII, 2004, drew criticism from Veterans of Foreign Wars and Senator Zell Miller for wearing the American flag with one slit in the middle.

Ritchie performed at the inaugural address of reelected President George W. Bush in January 2005, igniting controversy among conservative groups due to Ritchie's lyrics. Kid Rock, the lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd, sang "Sweet Home Alabama" at the Hurricane Katrina benefit concert in September. Ritchie toured for the United Service Organizations in 2007 and 2008. Ritchie produced and produced a music video for the song "Warrior" for a National Guard advertising campaign in 2008.

Ritchie, a philanthropist, runs The Kid Rock Foundation, a non-profit that raises funds for a variety of causes, including those that sent "Kid Rock care packages" to US military troops stationed abroad. Ritchie is a fan of affordable concert tickets and discourages scalping, and he's trying to sell tickets to his shows as cheap as possible to encourage greater concert attendance among lower income buyers and discourage scalping. He gets a share of compromise and ticket sales rather than being charged for the performance.

Ritchie was honoured by the NAACP in 2011, which prompted demonstrations following his Confederate flag's past appearance in his concerts. Kid Rock reflected on the flag's display, saying, "I] never flew the flag with hate in my heart..." "I love America, I love Detroit, and I love black people." Ritchie's publicist declared that 2011 would be the year he officially distanced himself from the flag. During the band's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, Kid Rock performed alongside Travie McCoy and The Roots in honor of the Beastie Boys. Ritchie chastised Republican legislators in New York for passing legislation that made it impossible for him to maintain concert ticket prices low.

Fans of Ritchie's appearance in a photograph holding up a dead cougar that was killed on a hunting trip with Ted Nugent in January 2015. Following Ritchie's death in Charleston, activists protested outside the National Action Network's Detroit chapter, which had urged Ritchie to renounce the Confederate flag, which had been on display in concerts from 2001 to 2006. "Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my ass," Ritchie wrote to Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly. The National Action Network protested Chevrolet for sponsoring Ritchie's tour on the same day. During a live performance of Ritchie's song "Born Free" in September 2016, Ritchie was chastised for allegedly saying "gus fuck Colin Kaepernick."

After Webster was accused of sexual assault, Ritchie fired Kirt Webster, his publicist, in November 2017. During the weekend of Wrestlemania 34, Ritchie was inducted into the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6, 2018.

Ritchie drew backlash after being caught inebriated at his restaurant in Nashville on November 30, 2019, including rude remarks toward Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar. Ritchie decided to close the Detroit branch of his restaurant, which is located at the Little Caesar's Arena, after being strongly chastised for his remarks. When asked for a comment about the demise, he replied that "it's better to go where you're honored, not tolerated." Richie refused to apologise for the incident in a Tucker Carlson interview on Tucker Carlson's Life of a Rockstar in June 2022.

Kid Rock caused more controversy in June 2021 for using the word "faggot" onstage during a tirade against supporters who were filming his appearance. He later defended his remarks while reaffirming his admiration for his homosexual friends. He received more charges of homophobia in July 2022 after posting a meme on Truth Social and Twitter stating, "If you're anti-gun, you won't get to celebrate the 4th of July." Enjoy your pride month. Pussy.

Ritchie has consistently promoted himself as a libertarian intellectual, claiming that he has socially liberal views on topics such as abortion and gay rights but not on economics. Ritchie has advocated for legalizing and taxing marijuana, cocaine, and opium. "I don't think crazy people should have guns," he has said. He was a vocal supporter of the American military involvement in the Iraq war. When Ritchie was in office, she met with president Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. "I have friends everywhere." Ritchie said of his political convictions. This is the one and the other. We're all human beings first, and the Americans second. Let's try to find some common ground and get along." During his address to the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame, he stated that he wanted to "body slam some Democrats."

Ritchie favored Bill Clinton and George W. Bush during their presidencies. Ritchie said that the president's election was "a great thing for black people" in 2008. Ritchie ran for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012; the candidate used Ritchie's "Born Free" as his campaign theme. Ritchie supported Ben Carson for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election in 2015. He expressed support for Donald Trump's bid for the same office in February 2016. Kid Rock caused controversy in December over selling offensive T-shirts at concerts, including one identifying a map of the United States that designated the states that had voted against Trump as "Dumbfuckistan."

Ritchie posted a snapshot of a "Kid Rock for the Senate" yard sign on Twitter on July 12, 2017. He also built a website at, which sold merchandise branded with the inscription. Several weeks later, he wrote a post on his blog claiming that he was still "exploring his candidacy" and that, although some people are dissatisfied with the government, "too many people have registered to vote or do anything about it." He said he wanted to help working class people in Michigan and America, while simultaneously referring to these jackass attorneys who call themselves politicians." Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan would run on the Republican ticket against sitting Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow, as well as praise from other influential Republicans, including former New York Governor George Pataki, who wrote on Twitter, "Kid Rock is just the kind of guy the GOP needs right now." Ritchie put an end to the rumors in a phone interview with Howard Stern in October 2017, adding that he had never intended to run for Senate and didn't have to figure it out." After a Michigan state legislator encouraged him to run for Senate, he later confirmed that it was a joke that he had started. He expressed surprise at the admiration his potential candidacy generated, but also regret that some of those who opposed to his candidacy had scrapped his old Confederate flag to describe him as a racist. He donated the $122,000 he raised by selling "Kid Rock for US Senate" merchandise to a voter registration group.

Ritchie was convicted of misdemeanor charges in both March 1991 and September 1997, as a result of alcohol-related arrests in Michigan.

Ritchie was charged in 2005 with assaulting a DJ in a strip joint.

In 2006, Red Light District, a California pornographic film company, attempted to sell a 1999 sex tape in which Kid Rock and Scott Stapp, the band's lead singer, are seen partying and receiving oral sex from groupsies; both Rock and Stapp filed with the California courts to demand that the pornographers cease to be distributed.

Ritchie got into a fistfight with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, another ex of Anderson's, at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, and was charged with assault. After being arrested and charged with battery after struggling with a Waffle House constituent a month later, he was arrested and charged with battery. He pleaded no contest to one count and was fined $1,000, as well as being required to complete 80 hours of community service and complete a six-hour anger management course.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (which had closed seven months earlier) sued Kid Rock for using their slogan "Greatest Show on Earth" as the name of his 2018 tour. Kid Rock changed the tour's name to American Rock N' Roll Tour in January 2018, as a result of the lawsuit.


Kid Rock Career


Kid Rock began his professional career as a member of The Beast Crew, a hip hop music group from the late 1980s. He met rapper D-Nice during this period. He would eventually be the opening act at Boogie Down Productions' local shows.

Kid Rock began a life as a producer, and after initial reservations of a "white" rapper, the musician, who made his own turntables and equipment, was impressed with the artist's energetic and well-received appearance, where the musician actually prepared his own beats to demonstrate his Clark's skills.

Clark began doing a series of demos with Kid Rock in 1988, which culminated in offers from six major record companies, including Atlantic and CBS Records.

Kid Rock became a member of EB-Bran Productions' "Top Dog" Records in 1989, according to Alvin Williams and Earl Blunt of EB-Bran Productions. That investment will later be a 25% interest stake.

Kid Rock signed with Jive Records at the age of 17, his debut studio album, Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, was released in 1990. According to Kid Rock, Jive's relationship with him sparked animosity from fellow rapper Vanilla Ice, who felt he should have been signed with Jive rather than Kid Rock.

Kid Rock and local independent rapper Esham made the album one of Detroit's top rap artists in 1990, as well as local independent rapper Esham. Kid Rock, D-Nice, Yo-Yo, and Too Short toured around the country with Ice Cube, D-Nice, Yo-Yo, and Too Short; on this tour, Detroit artist Champtown served as Kid Rock's DJ. Kid Rock met and developed a relationship with local rapper Eminem, who regularly challenged Kid Rock to rap battles, during in-store promotions for the album.

According to Mike E. Clark, unfavorable comparisons to Vanilla Ice resulted in Kid Rock's demise.

Kid Rock joined Continuum, a local independent record store in 1992. Kid Rock came across Insane Clown Posse, a local hip hop band who was creating the pair around this time. Although ICP member Violent J disapproved of Kid Rock's music, he wanted him to appear on ICP's debut album, Carnival of Carnage, hoping that the appearance would bring ICP notice. Kid Rock was a nationally successful musician. Violent J reports that Kid Rock, the local rapper, was charged $500 to appear on ICP's album, demanding that Esham and Kid Rock competed for $600 (equivalent to $1,159 in 2021) to film his guest appearance, arguing that Esham and Kid Rock feud about who was the most influential rapper. Kid Rock appeared on stage to record the song "Is That You?" He was inebriated, but he re-recorded his voice and record scratched the next day.

Kid Rock's second studio album, The Polyfuze Method, was released in 1993, with producer Mike E. Clark, who worked with Kid Rock to help the album have more of a rock-oriented sound than its debut.

To maintain local interest in his music, Kid Rock began releasing his "Bootleg" cassette collection.

Kid Rock recorded the EP Fire It Up at White Room Studios in downtown Detroit, operated by brothers Michael and Andrew Nehra, who were forming the rock-soul band Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise later this year. The EP featured "I Am the Bullgod" and a summary of Hank Williams Jr.'s "A Country Boy Can Survive."

Kid Rock's live performances had mostly been supported by DJs Blackman and Uncle Kracker by 1994, but Kid Rock soon began to incorporate more live instruments into his performances, forming the rock band Twisted Brown Trucker.

Kid Rock escorted engineer Bob Ebeling into his apartment after breaking up with his girlfriend. Kid Rock could sing while recording a reworked cover of Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me," which Clark says inspired him to perform more.

Kid Rock, as a child, developed animosity against other Detroit artists, including Insane Clown Posse.

Kid Rock gained a following among an audience that DJ Uncle Kracker described as "white kids who dropped acid and liked listening to gangsta rap," but the following included local rapper Joe C, who had been attending Kid Rock concerts as a fan but was invited to perform on stage as Kid Rock's hype man after meeting Kid Rock.

With the introduction of a light show, pyrotechnics, dancers, and a light-up backdrop bearing the name "Kid Rock," Kid Rock's most rock-oriented album to date, Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp" appeared on the radio, and Bob Eberling, who told a sleepless, alcoholic, drug-using Kid Rock, "You are the early-morning, stoned pimp." Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp was sold 14,000 copies by Kid Rock, who recorded the album himself.

Kid Rock developed his stage persona by dressing in 1970s pimp clothes with a real, possibly loaded, pistol across the front of his pants.

Despite Kid Rock's widespread partying, heroin use, and partying, the primary aim of his appeal and fame was to increase his wealth and fame, establishing himself as a businessman first; the result of this drive has been enhanced local success.

Tommy Valentino, Kid Rock's counsel, boosted his reputation by assisting him in writing articles about Kid Rock and Twisted Brown Trucker in major publications, including the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal magazine, but his management informed his staff that they were not interested in signing a white rapper, but that Valentino told them that they were not interested in a white rapper. He's a rock star and everything in between.

Jason Flom, the artist of Kid Rock, attended one of Kid Rock's performances and met with Kid Rock, who later gave him a demo of the songs "Somebody's Gotta Feel This" and "I Got One for Ya," which culminated in Kid Rock's signing with Atlantic Records. Kid Rock received $150,000 from the label as part of his recording contract.

Kid Rock had fully developed his stage persona and musical style by this time and wanted to record "redneck, shit-kicking rock 'n' roll rap" album, which resulted in his fourth studio album, Devil Without a Cause, which was released at the White Room in Detroit and mixed at the Mix Room in Los Angeles.

Kid Rock was on the radio before this album, and this was the album that put the band on the map nationally. He appeared on the 1999 MTV VMA (including a performance with Aerosmith and Run-DMC) and also performed Bawitdaba at Woodstock 1999. Devil Without a Cause has sold more than 14 million copies, triggering Kid Rock's breakthrough hit single Bawitdaba.

Despite being in the music industry for more than ten years by then, Kid Rock has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist of 2000. Kid Rock's career was often marked by tragedy, as in the death of friend and collaborator Joe C.

Kid Rock's compilation album The History of Rock & Music Behind the single "American Bad Ass" appeared in May 2000. Metallica's 1991 song "Sad but True" debuted on the playlist, peaking at No. 1 in the United States. On the main rock chart, 20 is ranked 20th. Kid Rock, as well as Korn and System of a Down, will appear on Metallica's 2000 Summer Sanitarium Tour. On July 7, 2000, Kid Rock and Jonathan Davis joined an injured James Hetfield in Atlanta on vocals for an injured James Hetfield. Kid Rock performed "American Bad Ass" alongside the Metallica classics "Sad but True," "Nothing Else Matters," "Fuel," "Enter Sandman"), and "Enter Sandman" in addition to the front pages of "Turn the Page" and "Fortunate Son." The History of Rock was rated as double platinum. In 2001, "American Bad Ass" was nominated for the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance, but "Guerrilla Radio" was unable to compete with Rage Against the Machine. In a television spot for Gatorade, Robert Bradley "Higher" was featured.

Kid Rock made his voice acting debut in an episode of The Simpsons in 1999, alongside Joe C. Kid Rock and others in the comedy film Joe Dirt starring David Spade. Kid Rock appeared in the live action/animated film Osmosis Jones, voicing a bacterial cell version of himself named "Kidney Rock"; Kid Rock and Joe C had also recorded the song "Cool Daddy Cool" for the film's soundtrack album before Joe C's death; Kid Rock's fifth studio album, Cocky, was dedicated to Joe C. in November. The album, which was boosted by Sheryl Crow's crossover success, attracted Kid Rock's wider audience and became the album's most popular single.

Kid Rock appeared on the Cocky Tour in 2002 and opened for Aerosmith with Run DMC on The Girls Of Summer Tour in support of the album. Uncle Kracker started his solo career full time during this time. Paradime, a underground Detroit rapper, was substituted by Paradime.

Kid Rock registered a lawsuit in 2001 seeking complete control of the Top Dog record brand, resulting in him purchasing the label in 2003.

Kid Rock covered ZZ Top's "Legs" in 2002 to appear as WWE Diva Stacy Keibler's theme tune; it also appeared on the album WWF Forced Entry. Kid Rock performed with Chuck D and Grandmaster Flash in honor of slain DJ Jam Master Jay the previous year.

Kid Rock's self-titled sixth album, which took his music further away from hip hop, was released in 2003; the lead single was a parody of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love." Kid Rock contributed to the tribute album I've Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings, a tribute to the late country singer who died while working with country singer Kenny Chesney.

In 2004, he appeared at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show in a controversial appearance that sparked outrage from Veterans of Foreign Wars and Senator Zell Miller for wearing the American flag with just a slit in the middle as a poncho, and Kid Rock was accused of "desecrating" the flag. On American blues artist R. L. Burnside's last studio album, A Bothered Mind, Kid Rock appeared on the track 'My Name Is Robert Too.'

Kid Rock, the lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd, sang of Johnny Van Zant of Johnny Van Zant in September 2005 at the Hurricane Katrina charity concert.

Kid Rock stopped displaying the Confederate flag at his concerts in 2006. Kid Rock's seventh studio album, Rock N Roll Jesus, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 this week and has since gone on to sell over 5 million copies. For the second time in July 2007, Kid Rock appeared on the front page of Rolling Stone magazine for the second time. "All Summer Long" was the album's third single, and it was a worldwide hit, utilizing a mash-up of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" and Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London."

Kid Rock recorded and made a music video for the song "Warrior" for a National Guard advertisement campaign in 2008.

Kid Rock released Born Free, a Rick Rubin-produced album that featured guest appearances by Sheryl Crow and Bob Seger, in 2010.

Kid Rock was honoured by the NAACP in 2011, which resulted in demonstrations related to his Confederate flag's past presence in his concerts. Kid Rock reflected on the flag's display, saying, "I] never flew the flag with hate in my heart [...] I love America, I love Detroit, and I love black people." Kid Rock's publicist said that 2011 was the year he officially distanced himself from the flag.

During the band's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Kid Rock performed alongside Travie McCoy and The Roots in honor of the Beastie Boys. Rebel Soul, Kid Rock's ninth studio album, was released in 2012; the singer said he wanted the album to feel like a greatest hits album, but with new songs. "Cucci Galore," Kid Rock's alter ego, Bobby Shazam, appeared on the album.

Kid Rock appeared on the "Best Night Ever" tour in 2013, where he pleaded for no more than $20 for his tickets (equivalent to $23 in2021). He signed to Warner Bros. Records in the year following, his only album on the label, First Kiss, which he self-produced, came in. The album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and has since sold more than 354,000 copies in the United States. Kid Rock left Warner Bros. and signed with the country label Broken Bow Records.

The National Action Network's Michigan chapter protested outside of Kid Rock's triumphant exhibit in 2015; activists encouraged Kid Rock to renounce the Confederate flag. "Please inform the people who are demonstrating to kiss my asses," Kid Rock wrote to Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly, adding, "Please tell the people who are screaming to kiss my ass." The National Action Network protested Chevrolet for sponsoring Kid Rock's tour on the same day.

Kid Rock posted a snapshot of a "Kid Rock for US Senate" yard sign on Twitter on July 12, 2017. However, he denied that he was competing, blaming his forthcoming album debut and tour. The campaign was later revealed to him that it was a hoax. To a voter registration group, he raised $122,000 by selling "Kid Rock for US Senate" merchandise.

He also released two singles from his forthcoming album, "Po-Dunk" and "The Greatest Show on Earth" in July, which were released on the same day. Sweet Southern Sugar, he's eleventh studio album, was released in November of this year. Kid Rock took action against ticket scalpers at his shows this year by making tickets more available to fans. Instead of being charged for the show, he receives a cut of compromise and ticket sales.

After Webster was accused of sexual assault in November 2017, Kid Rock fired Kirt Webster, a publicist, after he was fired in November 2017.

Kid Rock, the National Hockey League's headlining entertainer for their January 28 All-Star Game, triggered negative online reactions from hockey fans. "Kid Rock is the most versatile musician on the planet, I think ever," Hockey player Jeremy Roenick said.

Kid Rock would appear on Lynyrd Skynyrd's last tour before the Southern rock band's demise in March 2018, along Hank Williams Jr., Bad Company, the Marshall Tucker Band, and the 38 Special.

On September 21, 2018, Kid Rock's first greatest hits album, titled Greatest Hits: You Never Saw Coming.

Kid Rock's first single under the name "DJ Bobby Shazam," was called "Quarantine" on March 29, 2020, and featured an old-school hip hop beat. All funds from the single's sales will go to combat COVID-19, according to the artist.

During Kid Rock's 50th birthday livestream, he announced that he would be releasing three albums, a country music disc, and a rock disc containing 30 new songs and 20 previously unreleased songs; the album's first single, "Don't Tell Me How To Live," a rock album, was released on November 18, 2021, with a rap rock sound reminiscent of his Devil Without A Cause album. He published "Ala-Fuckin-Bama" on Trace Adkins' cover on December 17, 2021.

Kid Rock's single "We The People" on January 25, 2022, where he mocks the media, Dr. Anthony Fauci, masks, COVID-19 prohibitions, and Big Tech are among the many On January 25, 2022, Let's Go Brandon. "Rockin'" and "The Last Dance" were also released on the same day. On his forthcoming Bad Reputation Tour, he announced on January 28, 2022, that he would not appear at venues that require masks and proof of vaccination, and that he would not appear at such venues.

Kid Rock's forthcoming twelfth studio album Bad Reputation, which will feature his five previously released singles, will be released on March 10, 2022. It was digitally released on March 21, but the album's physical release took place on April 6.


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As he takes aim at awakened marketing bosses, Kid Rock DEFENDs trans people because Americans fought and died for them.', November 16, 2023
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