Getter was born in San Jose, California, United States on April 14th, 1993 and is the DJ. At the age of 30, Getter biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, and networth are available.

Date of Birth
April 14, 1993
United States
Place of Birth
San Jose, California, United States
30 years old
Zodiac Sign
Disc Jockey, Rapper, Record Producer, Youtuber
Social Media
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Getter Life

Tanner Petulla, also known as Getter, is a San Jose, California, DJ, producer, rapper, actor, and comedian.Petulla was signed to Datsik's Firepower Records in 2012, but also released under other names such as Rottun Recordings and OWSLA.

Petulla has collaborated with some well-known artists like Datsik, Skrillex, Borgore, and Suicideboys, as well as Liquid Stranger remixing her song "Ill Shit."

Petulla's debut, clothing store, and artist group Shred Collective formed in 2017 Petulla.

Terror Reid, a rapper who produces and performs hip-hop, is best known for his song "Uppercuts."

Early life

Petulla began making music while in high school, releasing original songs as well as remixes of Far East Movement and Timbaland to his SoundCloud page. He first became well-known when he released songs under such names as Ultragore Recordings and Tuff Love Dubs. "I basically started when I was 16 years old," he said in an interview. I was in a few bands before this; I was both a drummer and a guitarist. I was a huge metalhead and I adored rap like Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina. You could make electronic music by yourself, so that attracted me and made me want to do my own thing." "I knew I wanted to play guitar right away." I've always loved art, whether it's music or drawing, so it all came pretty natural."

Personal life

In which she was in possession of the women's clothing, Petulla's former girlfriend was also involved with his clothing company "Trippy Burger."

Petulla's videos were also seen on Vine, where he gained over 400 thousand followers and watched over 376,500,000 times. Vine was also the platform from which Petulla first introduced the word "Suh Dude" was used by him and his closest friend Nick Colletti, who sold it as part of the clothing brand's line.


Getter Career


In an interview, Petulla said that he saved up enough money to move to Los Angeles on his 19th birthday and spent the next few months in a friend's apartment. He came from there and began to develop musically before finding his own apartment and studio.

Petulla first joined Firepower Records, owned by Datsik in 2012, before joining Owsla, a dubstep pioneer Skrillex-owned record label. With Nick Colletti and Dillon Francis, he gained traction when he started making "SUH Dude" vines. He also said that after touring, he wants to work on 'getting something like a TV show or a movie going' with Colletti.

Petulla's first appearance at Skrillex's OWSLA was when he first preached his demo before Skrillex learned that he liked it. Petulla dropped Head Splitter and Skrillex, who said, 'he wanted it for OWSLA'. "We just became friends from there," Petulla said, and he welcomed me to his team. Now we all work together, and they know what I'm doing, which is really cool because they support it and have the funds to make it happen. Me and Skrillex have a common interest in heavy bass music, so I'll keep him up with new tracks and new artists.

Petulla's Trenchlords Vol. 1 was released. Trench, his first installment from his forthcoming music project. The EP features four songs from the EP, as well as a collaboration with Algo and Deemed. When asked about his opinion on genres, Petulla said, "I think genres are important to identify what you like and that are also applicable to certain sub genres." I'm just not a fan of sub genres that don't necessarily sound stupid, but that can be placed on anything with the smallest component of that class." Petulla said, "I just think the name looks tight, and is short and sweet." When discussing the project, the name Trench and its significance, she said, "I just think the word seems tense." I think a Trenchlord is someone who makes fuckin' dope music, which I collaborate with and recruit for the trench project. Trench came into the scene after Petulla and his close friends learned they were on the 'heavier/underground' side of dubstep, which was then introduced to the Trench project, which was then branded Trenchlords. He said he wanted his followers to enjoy his music, which was his highest priority.

Petulla gave the world a nine-second preview of a new collaborative track with Skrillex on October 23. Petulla performed at Red Room Ultra Bar in Vancouver, BC, on November 28th, 2015. Petulla released an EP under the alias "Planet Neutral" in 2015, showcasing a reserved, mellow, more relaxed version of himself.

Petulla's collaboration with Ghastly titled "666" was released on OWSLA's compilation album "Worldwide Broadcast" on January 29. "I am not a scholar."

Petulla issued a Radical Dude EP on March 11, 2016. With heavy dub, bass-driven, and gritty songs, this year will be a good deal. The first song on the EP, "Back," is a bass-heavy, 'fun, and laid-back piece.' "In The Cuts" and Sneek and "Blood" with Adair featuring Georgia Ku, are the fifth and sixth songs on the EP, and the fifth and sixth songs on the album, as well as atmospheric swells.

Petulla appeared in Dillon Francis' seven-episode reality TV-esque web series titled DJ World about the worst DJ stereotypes in May 2016. On the first episode of Francis, Nick Colletti, and Petulla as obnoxious characters who epitomize the dance music stereotypes and every terrible festival fashion.

Monstercat unveiled a remix by Getter of Marshmello's single "Alone" on August 25, 2016.

Petulla's latest seven-track EP, Wat the Frick, was released on OWSLA on September 2, 2016. Petulla said in an interview with the EP, "I think the biggest aim for everything is that I have something that everyone will love." Not just a basshead, or a trap dude, or whatever, but I like to have different worlds for each form of music, so each EP will likely be quite mixed up." When asked about the differences between the EP and his other EPs, Petulla said, "I think the most important thing is that they're all solo tracks." There are no collaborations. On the same day, OWSLA released an official music video directed by Liam Underwood for Petulla's album "Head Splitter," which also appeared on OWSLA's Spring Compilation 2015 album in March. The video starts ominously at a Grim Jim's hamburger joint, and as soon as the main character's meal is over, his face turns into a cartoon smear of greens and purples. As he makes his way through Los Angeles, he sees the same goo appear around him.

He posted some unreleased songs, which were not able to be included on Wat the Frick EP, on SoundCloud in November 2016. “Phantom of tha Opera,” “Love Me No More,” and “Tourettes Squad” were among the songs. The first of the three songs is a "chilled-out and with a distinct hip hop vibe" trap song, similar to the second one. The third song has more of an electro presence than the trap genre, but it has been chopped up and is more to dubstep than the trap style.

Petulla will appear alongside several other well-known musicians and performers in 2017 at the Snowbombing music festival in Canada. Petulla's Shred Collective, his own record label, clothing brand, and artist collective, among other things. On March 10, 2017, Inhalant Abuse became the label's first track on the record.

Petulla, Visceral's first full-length album, on March 17, 2018, after releasing the first single "Colorblind" on February 7. Petulla said in an interview with Run The Trap that the album will move away from his dance music roots: a teen can be a performer.

Petulla's Visceral Tour was postponed by a large number of followers at several venues that were not supportive of his new music style, and she said in a tweet that the Visceral Tour would be his last tour. In reaction to Petulla's tweets immediately after, there was a flurry of support for him. On Social Media, a large number of artists have voiced their support for Petulla, including Jauz, Lost Kings, Joyryde, Dave Dresden, Thomas Thomas, 1788-L, Svdden Death, Kayzo, Ghastly, Rezz, Herobust, Louis the Child, Feed Me, Delta Heavy, Excision, and Alison Wonderland.

Petulla teased the introduction of a single "When It's All Gone" on his social media pages in October 2019. The track was released on October 16, and it was included in a vaguely teased Terror Reid album that was supposed to be released in 2020. "Heartless" by Petulla on October 29 as a single track and a return to Petulla's now-famous music style in Visceral.

Petulla's "Krylon" singer Elioze, who appeared on two previous singles in 2019, "Buried Alive" and "Buried Alive 2" were released in January 2020. Petulla's "Represent" under Getter moniker, which describes as "[Getter] back in familiar sonic territory" in February.

On April 9, 2020, Petulla announced the debut of HOT VODKA 1, his first album under the Terror Reid name. He teased the possibility of a joint collab with Pouya, "Outlawz," which would be released on April 23.

HOT VODKA 1 debuted on May 7, the album featured the three previously released singles "When It's All Gone," "Krylon," and "Outlawz"; and four new songs. Petulla will be shown on Diablo, Elioze, and Shakewell's "Killing" track.

Petulla's on June 4 announced a charity stream in which all donations would be matched as a lump donation to the Black Lives Matter Global Network following George Floyd's assassination. The stream matched Petulla's $6,492.21, which was then matched, up to a $13,000 donation. Since then, he has continued to promote the BLM campaign.

On July 17, Skater XL's official Twitter account shared a link to a list of artists who would be included in the game's forthcoming new soundtrack, which included Petulla, Interpol, Modest Mouse, and STARHEADBODY. In addition, Petulla has released a mod for the game that featured clothing for the in-game avatar.

Petulla's second full-length album NAPALM, which will be published later this year, was teased on October 1, and it will be released later this year. On October 23, he performed a single from the album "BAD ACID." On October 30, the complete album will be released.

Petulla's tweet on April 5, 2021, he announced that he was selling the original "Suh Dude" vine as a NFT (non-fungible token).


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