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Brigitte Nielsen was born in Rødovre, Hovedstaden, Denmark on July 15th, 1963 and is the Movie Actress. At the age of 60, Brigitte Nielsen biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, movies, and networth are available.

Other Names / Nick Names
Gitte Nielsen, The Great Dane, Gitte, Gitta, Brigitte
Date of Birth
July 15, 1963
Place of Birth
Rødovre, Hovedstaden, Denmark
60 years old
Zodiac Sign
$400 Thousand
Film Actor, Model, Singer, Television Presenter
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At 60 years old, Brigitte Nielsen has this physical status:

Hair Color
Eye Color
Brigitte Nielsen Religion, Education, and Hobbies
Not Available
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Brigitte Nielsen Spouse(s), Children, Affair, Parents, and Family
Mattia Dessì
Dating / Affair
Sean Penn, Mick Hucknall, Kasper Winding (1982, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone (1985, Kelly Sahnger (1987, Tony Scott, Mark Gastineau (1988, Sebastian Copeland (1989, Raoul Meyer (1992, Flavor Flav, Mattia Dessì (2004-Present)
Svend Nielsen, Hanne Nielsen
Jan Nielsen (Younger Brother)
Other Family
Jean-Claude Casadesus (Ex-Father-in-Law) (Music Conductor), Pénélope Copeland (Ex-Mother-in-Law), Olivier Casadesus (Ex-Brother-in-Law) (Actor), Frank Stallone, Sr. (Ex-Father-in-Law) (Hairdresser, Beautician) (d. 2011), Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Stallone (née Labofish) (Ex-Mother-in-Law) (Astrologer, Former Dancer, Promoter of Women’s Wrestling), Frank Stallone, Jr. (Ex-Brother-in-Law) (Actor, Musician), Alberte Winding (Ex-Sister-in-Law) (Singer, Actress), Sara Winding (Ex-Sister-in-Law) (Actress), Nicolas Winding Refn (Ex-Brother-in-Law) (Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer), Heidi Meyer (Ex-Mother-in-Law), Sine Thybæk Hansen (Ex-Daughter-in-Law)
Brigitte Nielsen Life

Brigitte Nielsen (Danish pronunciation: [pikitnelsn]; born Gitte Nielsen; 15 July 1963) is a Danish actress, model, and singer. She began modeling for Greg Gorman and Helmut Newton. She appeared in the 1985 films Red Sonja and Rocky IV, before returning to the Rocky series in Creed II (2018). Nielsen married Sylvester Stallone, with whom she appeared in the 1986 film Cobra. She appeared as the Black Witch in the 1990s Italian film series Fantaghir as a villain in Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) and starred as the Black Witch. She later worked in B-movies, producing TV shows, and appearing on reality television.

Early life

Brigitte Nielsen was born in Rdovre, Denmark, and she was awarded the Rdove Nielsen brand. She is the niece of film director Nicolas Winding Refn's daughter, Hanne, a librarian, and Svend Nielsen, an engineer.

Personal life

Nielsen is a native Danish speaker who speaks fluently in English, German, and Italian, as well as having a basic knowledge of French.

Nielsen has been married five times and has four sons and one daughter. Kasper Winding, her first husband, was married from 1983 to 1984. They have one son, Julian, who was mainly raised by his father and had no contact with Nielsen.

In her 2011 book, she confessed to having a baby with Arnold Schwarzenegger during the filming of Red Sonja (1985), although Schwarzenegger had just started a friendship with Maria Shriver. In July 2020, Schwarzenegger announced this.

During the production of Rocky IV, Nielsen met actor Sylvester Stallone. They married at the Beverly Hills, California home of producer Irwin Winkler, after the film's premiere on December 15, 1985. They eventually divorced. The tabloid press had both highlighted their marriage and divorce.

She was in a relationship with American football player Mark Gastineau from 1988 to 1990, with whom she had her second child, Killian Marcus Gastineau (born 1989).

She was married to director and photographer Sebastian Copeland between 1990 and 1992. In a 2012 interview with Deutsche reality TV show Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus! She confessed to having had a devoted one-night stand with Sean Penn in Cannes back in May 1991.

Raoul Meyer (born April 1993) and Raoul Jr. (born May 1995).

She had a strong connection with rapper Flavor Flav in 2005.

As seen on Strange Love, Nielsen's new husband Mattia Dess (born 1978) lived with her in Italy. The couple were married in Malta on July 8, 2006. They live in Palm Springs. In June 2018, she gave birth to a daughter at the age of 54.

Following what some reports portrayed as a family's involvement, Nielsen checked herself into the Cri-Help rehabilitation facility in North Hollywood on July 9, 2007. Steven Tempone, her company's head, confirmed on 19 July 2007 that she had checked into a rehabilitation center, adding, "All I know is it's something she did of her own free will and we're proud of her and we wish her well." We'll have a big birthday party, but only Coca-Cola." Nielsen was out of hospital to attend Flavor Flav's Comedy Central roast on July 22, 2007. She described herself as "like a new-born person." I made the decision to start a new life. It's not been simple, but it was definitely time." Although Nielsen's inquiry into recovery was announced, she had "been in hospital for a few weeks." VH1's reality TV series Celebrity Rehab premiered on January 10, 2008. Nielsen appeared on the program for alcoholism. "She's sober, and she quit smoking," a TV Guide article about her sobriety in January 2010.

Nielsen appeared on the reality show Aus alt mach neu, a German television station RTL, in mid-2008. Nielsen's attempt to appear "as young as her husband" by undergoing plastic surgery was the show's theme. The show aired in Italy as well as on SKY Italia in December 2008 and the following summer on Italia 1.


Brigitte Nielsen Career


Nielsen did some modeling work in the 1980s, but Helmut Newton and Greg Gorman photographed him. Nielsen has appeared in Playboy magazine several times, gaining the magazine's attention in December 1987. Marvel Comics approached Nielsen in the late 1980s to photograph She-Hulk, a comic book character. Nielsen's exploits were well-covered in the entertainment media in the 1980s, and the foreign press began referring to her as a "Amazon" because of her tall stature.

Nielsen began her acting career in the 1985 film Red Sonja alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. She married Sylvester Stallone in the same year, and the two appeared in two films together (Rocky IV and Cobra) before divorcing in 1987.

Nielsen appeared Karla Fry in the film Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), alongside Eddie Murphy. Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk was the lead actress in 1991, but there was never-produced film based on She-Hulk. She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters were photographed together and then as her alter-ego before the film was cancelled.

She appeared in 976-Evil II, The Double 0 Kid (1992), Chained Heat II (1993), Galaxis (1995), and the Snowboard Academy (1996). In the first two films, she appeared as the villainess of the Italian TV fantasy film Fantaghir 2 and its sequels (1992–1996); her character was supposed to be killed off, but she was later pushed back due to widespread demand.

Ronal the Barbarian, a Danish animated comedy film, was a guest star on Nielsen's in 2011. Eldorado, a horror film released in 2012, starred her in Eldorado. She appeared in the short art film The Key in 2013, alongside Ray Stevenson. She appeared in the television series Raising Hope and in the action film Mercenaries in 2014. She reprised her role as Ludmilla Drago from Rocky IV in Creed II in 2018. When she appeared on Anubis Queen in 2022, she joined the cast of TV Show The Guardians of Justice.

In 1987, Nielsen began to perform in music. She released her debut album Everybody Tells a Tale in that year, as well as recording a duet with Austrian pop star Falco, Giorgio Moroder's "Body Next to Body," which debuted at No. 1. In Germany, 22 people were killed and No. 30 are not. In Austria, there are six people. In 1991, she released I'm the One... Nobody Else, a follow-up album.

Nielsen performed a few songs under the pseudonym "Gitta" because publishers wanted to see if she'd be able to do well as a singer without revealing her name on the front page. The first song, "No More Turning Back," debuted at No. 1. No. 54 on the British Single Charts. 63 on the Dutch Single Charts and even in Spain, he ranked 63 on the top 10 places, and even made it to the Top 10. Other tracks that were released as Gitta were 2001's "Tic Toc" and 2002's "You're No Lady," a collaboration with Ru Paul.

Nielsen appeared in Michael Jackson's "Liberian Girl" music video in 1989 and in metal band Korn's music video for the single "Make Me Bad" in 2000. Edel Music, a German record company, re-released her 1991 album I'm the One... Nobody Else and the 1987 Everybody Tells a Tale under the name Brigitte Nielsen. She appeared (as Gitte Nielsen) on Spleen United's track "Misery" in 2012 and the album School of Euphoria.

"Gitte Nielsen til mig selv" was her first autobiography in Scandinavia in 2009 (You only have one life – this is how I found myself again). In 2011, the book debuted on Denmark's top five bestseller list and was released in the United Kingdom under the heading You Only Get One Life.

Nielsen has worked with Italian television and hosting programs, including Festival (1987), the 1992 San Francisco Music Festival, Retromarsh! (1996–1997), and la sai l'ultima? (1999) Gittes venner, a Danish television network and several television shows for RTSI, the Italian language Swiss television network, was hosted by the venner in 1997. Loose Women, a German television series, starred her in an episode of the German TV series Stuttgart Homicide, which aired on ZDF on March 28, 2011. She appeared on ITV in April 2011 as part of the British variety/talent show Sing If You Can.

Nielsen appeared on the first season of the Italian production of The Mole (2004) and in the third season of the VH1 reality show The Surreal Life (2004). In '04 Awards, Nielsen co-star Flav on VH1's Big. Flavor of Love, Flav's other reality show, appeared in 2006. Nielsen appeared in the Danish Big Brother VIP in 2003. She was a contestant in Britain's Celebrity Big Brother in January 2005, alongside her former mother-in-law Jackie Stallone, who came third in the final public vote. In 2006, she appeared in another reality TV series, VH1's The Surreal Life: Fame Games. Killing Brigitte Nielsen, a British mockumentary, appeared on Sky Travel in 2007. She appeared in the first season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, which chronicled her attempts to overcome her alcoholism at the Pasadena Recovery Center in Pasadena, California.

Nielsen announced on German television that she would "renew" her body by six plastic surgeries, which would cost €66,000 total. During RTL's surgeries, she was filming Aus alt mach neu, Brigitte Nielsen of Promi-Klinik. Brigitte Nielsen on SKY Italia in 2008 and secondly on Italia 1. Nielsen appeared on a new group of addicts at the Pasadena Recovery Center in 2009, awaiting the two-year mark of her sobriety, which is set to take place in July. In the third season episode "Triggers," which premiered in February 2010, she appeared.

Nielsen was one of the celebrity contestants of TF1's reality show La Ferme Célébrités, the French version of the TV series The Farm, in 2010. She was kicked out after one week, mainly due to her French lack of fluency and subsequent challenges with the other contestants. Nielsen was one of the celebrity contestants of 2010's Let's Dance, the German version of Dancing with the Stars. She appeared on Celebrity Come Dine With Me in Denmark (Til middag hos...) and in Germany (Das Persi Dinner).

Nielsen, one of the best celebrity contestants and winner of Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!, the German version of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, a television broadcast by RTL Television. On January 28, 2012, she became the show's "Jungle Queen." Nielsen had the most calls from TV viewers throughout the entire season, according to Bild, who ranked No. 0 on the charts. All call-ins account for 1 out of every call. Nielsen was paid 150.000 euros (approx). More than any other celebrity earns more than $163,000) for participating in the competition than any other celebrity. Nielsen appeared in the Danish version of Maestro's Maestro broadcast on DR1. In October 2012, celebrities vied for the opportunity to conduct a classical orchestra. She appeared on Promi-Hochzeitplanern (Celebrity Wedding planners) in September 2013. She served on the jury of the German TV show Promi Shopping Queen for VOX the following year.

Gitte Talks, her own talk show, has been running on Danish TV Channel Kanal 4 beginning in June 2015. "Is Looking for Love" (Is Searching for Love) for the German television network RTL II has been on air since August 2016.


Will Mellor, 47, reveals one-night stand with a major Hollywood star and claims she treated him like 'a piece of meat' then 'threw him away like a used tea bag', February 28, 2024
Will Mellor has admitted that he and Brigitte Nielsen spent the night together and said the Danish actress treated him like'some little plaything.' The actor, 47, said that the ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone, 60, begged him to come to her hotel room for an intimate meeting before 'getting rid of him like a teabag.' Will & Ralf's Will & Ralf podcast will discuss the Two Pints. Brigitte Nielsen greeted me and asked me to have sex with her in a hotel room.' 'Like, "Send a driver for him, go and get him!' It was like I was some piece of meat. I was afraid.'

As quoted by the master columnist in 2023, EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE's Boxing Day Quiz on the stars, December 26, 2023
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Brigitte Nielsen, 60, HITS BACK at critics of her raising a five-year-old child after IVF struggle with husband 15 years her junior: 'Look at De Niro - he's 79, and he has a 7-month-old!', November 20, 2023
Brigitte Nielsen is opening up about raising her five-year-old child at the age of 60 after a 13-year struggle with IVF, proudly declaring: 'There is no such thing as too old!' In an interview with People, the Danish film actress, who is best known for her '80s action roles including Red Sonja, also defended the 15-year-old's-gap with her new husband Mattia Dessi, 45. Nielsen, who was previously married to Sylvester Stallone and dated Arnold Schwarzenegger said: 'We don't say that to men who have children in their 60s, 70s, even 80s!' 'Look at Robert DeNiro,' he says. He's 79, and he has a 7-month-old baby.'
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