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Jan Bohmermann was born in Bremen, Germany on February 23rd, 1981 and is the TV Show Host. At the age of 43, Jan Bohmermann biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, and networth are available.

Date of Birth
February 23, 1981
Place of Birth
Bremen, Germany
43 years old
Zodiac Sign
Comedian, Entertainer, Journalist, Radio Personality, Television Presenter, Writer
Social Media
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Jan Bohmermann Life

Jan Böhmermann (born 23 February 1981) is a German satirist and television presenter.

He has also worked as a comedy writer and producer.

Early life and education

Böhmermann was born and raised in Bremen. His mother had immigrated to Germany in the early 1970s, and was part of the German minority in Poland. His father died from leukemia when Böhmermann was 17 years old. Even though he remains silent about his private life, it is known that he has multiple children. He served as a lay judge at the local court of Cologne.


Jan Bohmermann Career


Böhmermann's first journalistic experience at "Die Norddeutsche," a local edition of Bremen's daily newspapers, occurred in 1997. He started at "Radio Bremen" as a moderator and reporter in 1999. He was refused three times before, and a fourth time at the Hanover Drama School, where he did not participate. He also dropped out of his undergraduate studies at the University of Cologne in history, sociology, theatre, film, and television studies.

He began on WDR as a host and comedian in 2004. He invented the column "Lukas' Tagebuch" (Lukas' Diary), a parody of professional soccer player Lukas Podolski of Cologne. Podolski launched an appeal against it without success and turned down interview requests from ARD during the 2006 World Cup. Böhmermann launched "Pod-Olski - Der EM-Podcast von Lukas," a free podcast that made it to the top of the iTunes podcast charts for 2008. Böhmermann escorted his main character into a shared apartment with the mascot of 1. Hennes, a billy goat, is the owner of FC Köln.

Echt Böhmermann, a WDR television program from 2006, was broadcast on television by Böhmermann's six-part comedy series Echt Böhmermann. Böhmermann founded the "First Turkish Carnival Club of Germany" in January 2009 as part of a satirical move for RTL's program TV-Helden. This move led to the formation of a group of Turkish carnivalists from Dortmund to establish a new Turkish carnival club. The program TV-Helden was given the German Television Award for 2009 in the category "Best Comedian Program." The program was also recognized with the German Television Award. Böhmermann's first book, "Alles, alles über Deutschland - Halbwissen kompakt," appeared in the same year. Böhmermann, a member of Harald Schmidt's ARD program, from 2009 to present. "Die ganz wichtig Jan Böhmermann Radioschau," the radio station 1Live's monthly satire and entertainment series "Die ganz große Jan Böhmermann Radioschau" ran until 2011.

Böhmermann joined Lateline in 2010 and wrote the column "God asks, Böhmermann answers" for the Süddeutsche Zeitung's youth edition. Beeck & Böhmermann appeared on 1Live with Simon Beeck until April 2011.

Böhmermann began touring Germany for several weeks with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, with the satirical improv cabaret ensemble "Zwei alte Hasen erzählen von früher." Böhmermann appeared on Radio Eins from November 2011 to September 2012 under the same name, Heufer-Umlauf. Since Heufer-Umlauf's departure, he has hosted the show with singer-songwriter Olli Schulz. Initially under the name "Joko und Klaas mit Olli and Jan," then under the heading "Sanft & Sorgfältig" was used. Schulz and Böhmermann were on television every week beginning in March 2013. Sanft & Sorgfältig was also broadcast on Sundays by five other radio stations (Bremen Vier, Dasding, N-Joy, Puls, and You FM), in comparison to Radio Eins. Böhmermann declared in April 2016 that he did not continue the show. He denied any involvement with the Böhmermann-Erdogan affair.

Böhmermann was on the Harald Schmidt Exhibition's crew from September 2011 to the show's cancellation on Sat.1. "I knew early on that Böhmermann would never make it as a moderator," Harald Schmidt said of Böhmermann: However, I knew that he'd make it as a riot act."

The 2012 German Television Awards to Charlotte Roche and Jan Böhmermann.

On March 4, 2012, Roche & Böhmermann (co-hosted with Charlotte Roche) was the first show on ZDFkultur. The last edition was shown in October 2012, after two seasons. ZDF's January 2013 ZDF revealed that the show will not be continued due to differences between those involved.

He went on tour with Lateline through Bremen, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Magdeburg, and Hanover between November and December 2012. The shows were televised live on EinsPlus. A second season of seven shows televised live from the Weserhaus in Bremen, beginning in April 2013. In November 2013, five more shows would have been broadcast starting in November 2013.

Böhmermann filmed the radio play Förderschulklassenfahrt 2 - Fünf Feinde und Protehund, which was continued in 2014 with the title Förderschulklassenfahrt 2 - Fünf Feinde undias.

In October 2013, Das Erste in Berlin, Germany, on which every German state was covered in 15-minute features, was broadcasting. The authors were left out of the discussion. Böhmermann devoted himself to his hometown of Bremen. "Audience and contributors were taken for a ride," Kressreport wrote about in his documentary-like parody. Böhmermann's museum expert was deceived about the satirical motives, and the film crew put an invective into the mouth of a city hall doorman without warning. Böhmermann developed two police officers who reportedly obstructed the recording and a suspected professor, but not in a way that would be familiar to the viewers. Böhmermann's film was defended by Radio Bremen, who "mercilessly uses and exaggerates the documentary's means."

He hosted the political-satirical late-night show Neo Magazin on ZDFneo from October 2013 to December 2019. It was made by "bildundtonfabrik" and was like Roche & Böhmermann's. Since then referred to as "addition Royale," ZDF has been showing a repeat of the program on Friday nights.

Böhmermann's stage program "Schlimmer als Jan Böhmermann" in Germany, which preserves jokes and one-liners from his previous shows and publications, began in March 2014.

The television station RTL announced in February 2014 that it would be testing "Was wer when?" "Bohmermann, Palina Rojinski, Katrin Bauerfeind, and Jan Köppen have all appeared in a recent comedy series. A pilot was built in 2012, and the first four episodes were shot at the nobeo studios in Hürth in March 2014. On RTL, the first episode was broadcast on August 28, 2014. In the category Humorous for the German Television Award 2014, the series was nominated.

Böhmermann was the author of the exhibition Die unwahrscheinlichen Ereignisse im Leben von..." ("the unexpected events in the life of a..."), which, like his own display, were produced by bildundtonfabrik. The show features a celebrity with sketches and live performances. The first episode of WDR on July 20, 2014, with guest Frank Elstner.

Böhmermann and Olli Schulz announced in Neo Magazin Royale that they would have a new Roche & Böhmermann edition available on ZDFneo, beginning on January 10, 2016. Sibylle Berg's texts introducing the invited guests were both written and spoken. Ten more episodes were released in 2017, but Schulz & Böhmermann were discontinued at the end of the year due to low viewer numbers.

Schulz & Böhmermann have jointly hosted the podcast Fest & Flauschig on Radio Eins since May 15th. It's produced for Spotify and was on sale every week until early 2020. Böhmermann and Schulz revealed in the 18 March 2020 episode that they would continue to air a shorter Fest und Flauschig: home podcast every week, i.e. In addition to their regular Sunday podcast, this week, the Tuesday to Friday show was available. These special programs aired from 26 March to April 24 in a weekday format. It was the most watched Spotify podcast in the world in 2018.

Böhmermann was the first German comedian to appear on Late Night's in the United States.

In several shows, Böhmermann advocated for the protection of refugees and has consistently condemned European refugee policies. He dislikes the prohibitions, felony convictions, and the potential prosecution of private sea rescue companies. Böhmermann started a fundraising campaign in the case of German captain Claus-Peter Reisch's detention and the seizure of the Lifeline sea rescue ship in Malta in July 2018. Böhmermann, as well as the host Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, has requested support for her and the Sea-Watch organisation in honor of the detention of German sea rescue captain Carola Rackete in Italy at the end of June 2019. Almost one million euros were collected in a few days.

Böhmermann revealed in a satirical broadcast that he wanted to be SPD party chairman on August 29. He joined the party a month later.


Jan Bohmermann Awards


  • 2009: Deutscher Fernsehpreis in the category Best Comedy for TV Helden
  • 2013: Entertainment Journalist of the Year 2012 (Medium Magazin)
  • 2013: Grimme-Preis nomination in the category Entertainment for Roche & Böhmermann
  • 2014: Grimme-Preis in the category Entertainment for Neo Magazin
  • 2014: Journalist of the Year in the category Entertainment/Culture
  • 2016: Deutscher Fernsehpreis in the category Best Late Night Entertainment for Neo Magazin Royale
  • 2016: Grimme-Preis in the category Entertainment/Special/Innovation for #Varoufake in the program Neo Magazin Royale
  • 2016: Grimme Honor Award
  • 2017: Goldene Kamera Digital Award in the category viral clip for BE DEUTSCH
  • 2017: Deutscher Fernsehpreis in the category Best Late Night Entertainment for Neo Magazin Royale
  • 2017: Grimme-Preis in the category Entertainment/Special/Innovation for #verafake / Einspielerschleife in the program Neo Magazin Royale
  • 2017: Award of the German Academy of Television in the category Entertainment for Schulz & Böhmermann
  • 2018: Grimme-Preis in the category Entertainment for Eier aus Stahl – Max Giesinger und die deutsche Industriemusik in the program Neo Magazin Royale
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