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Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, Styria, Austria on July 30th, 1947 and is the Movie Actor. At the age of 76, Arnold Schwarzenegger biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, movies, and networth are available.

Other Names / Nick Names
Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, Arnie, Austrian Oak, Conan the Republican, Styrian Oak, The Governator, The Running Man, Conan the Governor, The Machine
Date of Birth
July 30, 1947
United States, Austria
Place of Birth
Thal, Styria, Austria
76 years old
Zodiac Sign
$300 Million
Actor, Autobiographer, Bodybuilder, Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Film Actor, Film Director, Film Producer, Politician, Powerlifter, Real Estate Broker, Restaurateur, Soldier
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Height, Weight, Eye Color and Hair Color

At 76 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger has this physical status:

Hair Color
Light Brown
Eye Color
Not Available
Arnold Schwarzenegger Religion, Education, and Hobbies
Roman Catholicism
Not Available
University of Wisconsin–Superior, Santa Monica College
Arnold Schwarzenegger Spouse(s), Children, Affair, Parents, and Family
Maria Shriver ​(m. 1986; div. 2021)
5, including Katherine and Patrick
Dating / Affair
Barbara Baker (1969-1974), Kellie Everts (1972), Kay Show (1973), Sue Moray (1977), Maria Shriver (1977-2011), Eleanor Mondale (1979), Debra Wrenn (1982), Brigitte Nielsen (1984-1985), Rachel Ticotin (1989), Gigi Goyette (1989-1996), Vanessa Williams (1995), Mildred Patricia Baena (1996-1997), Heather Milligan (2013-Present)
Gustav Schwarzenegger, Aurelia Schwarzenegger
Meinhard Schwarzenegger (Older Brother) (Died at 24 in a car accident) (July 17, 1946 – May 20, 1971)
Other Family
Karl Schwarzenegger (Paternal Grandfather), Cecelia/Cecilia Hinterleitner (Paternal Grandmother)
Arnold Schwarzenegger Career

Bodybuilding career

Schwarzenegger is one of the most influential figures in bodybuilding, and his legacy is commemorated in the Arnold Classic annual bodybuilding competition. He has been a prominent figure in bodybuilding long after his retirement, owing in large part to his ownership of gyms and fitness magazines. Several competitions and awards shows have been presided over by him.

He was a columnist in Muscle & Fitness and Flex for many years. He was made executive editor of both publications shortly after being elected governor, but in a largely symbolic role. The magazines have agreed to contribute $250,000 a year to Governor David Cameron's various physical fitness initiatives. Many people chastised it as a conflict of interest when the governor's office made the decision concerning the regulation of dietary supplements in California when it was revealed in 2005, including the one that gave Schwarzenegger more than a year. As a result, Schwarzenegger relinquished his position as executive editor in 2005. Schwarzenegger had reapplied to be executive editor of Muscle & Fitness and Flex in March 2013.

In 1965, he won the Junior Mr. Europe competition, one of the first competitions he won was the Junior Mr. Europe contest. At the age of 19, he became Mr. Europe the following year. He'll continue to participate in multiple bodybuilding competitions and win the majority of them. Five Mr. Universe awards (4 – NABBA [England]; 1 – IFBB [USA]); and seven Mr. Olympia victories followed him, a record that would not exist until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

Schwarzenegger's job isn't over. When asked about his personal preparations during the 2011 Arnold Classic, he said that he was still lifting weights every day.

Schwarzenegger competed in many Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting tournaments throughout his youth. Schwarzenegger's first professional competition came in 1963 and 1965, as well as two powerlifting championships in 1966 and 1968.

Schwarzenegger claimed the Munich stone-lifting competition in 1967, when a stone weighing 588 German pounds (254 kg/ 560 lb) is lifted between the legs while standing on two footrests.

Schwarzenegger set out to become the world's best bodybuilder, which meant becoming Mr. Olympia. His first attempt came in 1969, when he lost to three-time champion Sergio Oliva. Schwarzenegger won the competition in 1970, making him the youngest ever Mr. Olympia at the age of 23, which he holds today.

In the 1971–1974 competitions, he continued his winning streak. He also visited other countries selling vitamins, as in Helsinki, Finland, when he spent at the YMCA Hotel Hospiz (nowadays Hotel Arthur) on Vuorikatu and sold vitamin pills at the Stockmann shopping center. Schwarzenegger returned to form in 1975, defeating Franco Columbu for the sixth time in a row. Schwarzenegger resigned from bodybuilding after the 1975 Mr. Olympia games.

Photographers George Butler and Robert Fiore convinced Schwarzenegger to compete and film his preparation in the bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron. After losing a lot of weight to appear in Jeff Bridges' film Stay Hungry, Schwarzenegger had only three months to prepare for the competition. Lou Ferrigno, despite being much taller and heavier, was not a threat to the 1975 Mr. Olympia, and a lighter-than-usual Schwarzenegger triumphed the occasion.

Schwarzenegger did not retire in order to compete in the 1980 Mr. Olympia. Schwarzenegger was preparing for his role in Conan, and he got into such good shape thanks to the running, horseback riding, and sword practice that he decided to win the Mr. Olympian competition one last time. In the case that a training mistake would prevent his entry and force him to miss his face, he kept this scheme a mystery. When Schwarzenegger said at the eleventh hour that he had been hired to provide color commentary for television, he asked, "Why not compete?" asked the reporter. Schwarzenegger won the tournament with just seven weeks of preparation. Schwarzenegger officially retired from action after being named Mr. Olympia for the seventh time. This win (subject of the documentary The Comeback) was highly contested, but some commentators and some observers felt that his lack of muscle mass (particularly in his thighs) and subpar conditioning may not have allowed him to win against a very competitive field this year. After that competition, Mike Mentzer, in particular, felt cheated and barred from competitive bodybuilding.

Schwarzenegger has admitted to using performance-enhancing anabolic steroids while on a restricted diet in preparation for a competition. When cutting up, I did not use them for muscle growth, but rather for muscle repair." He has dubbed the drugs "tissue building."

Schwarzenegger sued Willi Heepe, a German doctor who publicly predicted his death in 1999 on the grounds of a correlation between his steroid use and later heart disease. Schwarzenegger filed a US$10,000 libel lawsuit against him in a German court because the doctor never investigated him personally. Schwarzenegger also sued and settled with Globe, a U.S. tabloid that had made similar predictions about the bodybuilder's future health.

Acting career

Schwarzenegger wanted to change from bodybuilding to acting, and he finally did it when he was selected to play the title role in Hercules in New York (1970). His accent in the film was so thick that his lines were dubbed after production, and he was credited under the stage name "Arnold Strong." In The Long Goodbye (1973), his second film appearance was as a mob hitman, which was followed by a much more significant role in the film Stay Hungry (1976), for which he received the Golden Globe Award for New Artist of the Year – Actor. Schwarzenegger wrote about his early experiences in acting: "It was very difficult for me in the beginning," I was told by agents and casting people that my body was "too weird," had a peculiar accent, and that my name was too long." You name it, and they told me they had to change it. "I had no chance" everywhere I went.

Schwarzenegger drew attention and lifted his profile in the bodybuilding film Pumping Iron (1977), the scripted parts of which were dramatized. In 1991, he purchased the rights to the film, its outtakes, and its successor still photography. He appeared in single episodes of ABC's The Streets of San Francisco in 1977. Schwarzenegger applied for the role of The Incredible Hulk, but did not win the role due to his height. Lou Ferrigno became a part of Dr. David Banner's alter ego later. In the 1979 film The Villain, Schwarzenegger appeared with Kirk Douglas and Ann-Margret. In 1980, he appeared in a biographical film starring Jayne Mansfield as Mansfield's husband, Mickey Hargitay.

Conan the Barbarian, the sword and sorcery epic that was a box-office hit, was Schwarzenegger's breakthrough film in 1982. In 1984, Conan the Destroyer, a sequel, was released, but it was not as popular as its predecessor. Schwarzenegger appeared in the 1983 Rio promotional video carnival. He made his first appearance in James Cameron's science fiction action film The Terminator in 1984. It has been described as his signature role in his acting career. Schwarzenegger made another sword and sorcery film, Red Sonja, in 1985. Audiences were hungry for action films in the 1980s, with both Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone becoming international stars. In the media, the two rivals assaulted each other and threatened to outnumber the other with more on-screen killings and bigger weapons. Schwarzenegger's roles reflected his comedic sensibility, separating him from more serious action hero films. He made several hit action films in the 1980s, including Commando (1985), Raw Deal (1986), The Running Man (1987), and Red Heat (1988).

The Twins (1988), a comedy starring Danny DeVito, was also a hit. Total Recall (1990) earned Schwarzenegger $10 million (equivalent to $20.7 million today) and 15% of the film's gross. The film was based on Philip K. Dick's short story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale." He was reunited with director Ivan Reitman, who supervised him in the Twins, during the 1990s. Schwarzenegger went from directing to filming in 1990, first with a 1990 episode of the TV show Tales from the Crypt called "The Switch," followed by a 1992 telemovie Christmas in Connecticut. He hasn't been directed since.

Schwarzenegger's commercial breakthrough was his appearance in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), the year's highest-grossing film. "Schwarzenegger's genius as a movie actor is to seek roles that expand on, rather than diminish," film critic Roger Ebert said. In 1993, the National Association of Theatre Owners named him as the "International Star of the Decade." Last Action Hero, a 1993 self-aware action comedy parody of Last Action Hero, was announced opposite Jurassic Park, but it did not do well at the box office. Schwarzenegger reunited with James Cameron in his forthcoming film, 'The comedy drama True Lies (1994), was a hit spy film.

The comedy Junior was released in the same year, the last of Schwarzenegger's three films with Ivan Reitman and later co-starring Danny DeVito. This film earned him his second Golden Globe Award, this time for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedian. It was followed by action thriller Eraser (1996), the Christmas comedy Jingle All The Way (1996), and the comic book-based Batman & Robin (1997), in which he played the villain Mr. & Robin, where it was later based. Freeze. This was his last film before taking time to recover from a back injury. Following Batman & Robin's critical demise, his film career and box office fame fell, as a result. He returned with the supernatural thriller End of Days (1999), followed by the action films The 6th Day (2000) and Collateral Damage (2002), both of which did not do well at the box office and were both released in 1999. He made his third appearance in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which went on to earn over $200 million (roughly equivalent to $221 million today).

Forum Stadtpark, a local cultural group, has suggested the construction of a 25-meter-tall (80 ft) Terminator statue in a park in central Graz in honor of Schwarzenegger's 2002 visit. Schwarzenegger reportedly said he was flattered, but that the funds could be better spent on social causes and the Special Olympics.

In the rundown and the 2004 remake of Around the World in 80 Days, he made two cameo appearances since becoming Governor of California. In 2005, he appeared in the film The Kid & I. In the Liberty's Kids episode "Valley Forge," Baron von Steuben appeared. He was supposed to be appearing in Terminator Salvation as the original T-800; he denied his presence, but he did appear briefly in the first Terminator movie from stock footage. Schwarzenegger made a cameo appearance in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables, where he made a cameo appearance.

Schwarzenegger revealed in January 2011 that he was reading several new scripts for forthcoming films, one of which being the World War II action drama Based on a true tale.

Schwarzenegger revealed on March 6, 2011, at the Arnold Seminar of the Arnold Classic, he was being considered for several films, including sequels to Terminator and remakes of Predator and Running Man, as well as a comic book character. The character was later revealed to be the Governator, the protagonist of the comic book and animated series of the same name. Schwarzenegger inspired the story and co-developed it with Stan Lee, who would have created the series. Schwarzenegger may have screamed for the government to speak out.

All film production schedules and timelines were suspended on May 20, 2011, Schwarzenegger's entertainment counsel announced on May 20, 2011: "Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not keen to commit to any production dates or timelines." Despite legal difficulties related to Schwarzenegger's divorce, it was announced on July 11, 2011. Trench Mauser starred in The Expendables 2 (2012) as Trench Mauser and appeared in The Last Stand (2013), his first leading role in ten years, as well as Escape Plan (2013), his first co-starring role alongside Sylvester Stallone. He appeared in Sabotage, released in March 2014, and appeared in The Expendables 3, which was released in August 2014. Conan the Barbarian, who appeared in the fifth Terminator film Terminator Genisys in 2015, would reprise his role in The Legend of Conan as Conan the Barbarian, later renamed Conan the Conqueror. However, Universal had ended the campaign in April 2017, although there was a chance of a TV show, according to producer Chris Morgan. The film was supposed to be shot 30 years after the first, with some inspiration from Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven.

Bank robbers interrupted the filming location in Surrey, British Columbia, temporarily halting his action-comedy Killing Gunther. In September 2017, the film was released. He was invited to appear and produce in a film about Sanxingdui's ruins, called The Guest of Sanxingdui.

Amazon Studios announced on February 6, 2018, that they were working with Schwarzenegger to produce a new series named Outrider, which will star and executive produce. In the late 19th century, a deputy (portrayed by Schwarzenegger) who is charged with appending a legendary outlaw in the wilderness will be sent by a ruthless Federal Marshal to ensure justice is properly executed. Schwarzenegger's first major scripted television role will also be included in the series.

Schwarzenegger's Terminator: Dark Fate, which was released on November 1, 2019, brought the Terminator franchise back to the Terminator franchise. It was directed by James Cameron, the series' co-creator, and in True Lies. It was shot in Almer, Hungary, and the United States.

Schwarzenegger was to replace Donald Trump as host of The New Celebrity Apprentice in September 2015. During the 2016–2017 television season, this series, the 15th season of The Apprenticeship, aired. When firing the contestants, he used the terms "you're dismissed" and "get to the choppa," which are excerpts from some of his most famous appearances (The Terminator and Predator, respectively).

Schwarzenegger announced in March 2017 that he would not return for another season on the show after repeated criticism from Trump. "I have a great idea," Trump replied to Trump's remarks in January 2017 by posting on Instagram: "Hey, Donald, I have a great idea."

Why don't we switch jobs?

Because you're such a TV expert, I take over your job, and people will finally sleep well again."

Political career

Schwarzenegger has been a registered Republican for many years. His political convictions were always present when he first appeared on television as they compared with those of many other well-known Hollywood celebrities, who are usually seen as a liberal and Democratic-leaning group. Schwarzenegger gave a speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention that he declared himself a Republican because the 1960s Democrats sounded too much like Austrian socialists.

Schwarzenegger appeared in "Stop the Madness," an anti-drug music video produced by the Reagan administration in 1985. He first came to wide public attention as a Republican during the 1988 presidential race, assiting then-Vice President George H. W. Bush at a campaign rally.

Schwarzenegger's first political appointment was as chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, on which he served from 1990 to 1993. He was nominated by then-President Bush, who dubbed him "Conan the Republican." Under Governor Pete Wilson's leadership, he served as chairman of the California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Schwarzenegger was a Red Cross ambassador from 1993 to 1994, appearing on television and radio public service announcements to donate blood.

Schwarzenegger was asked if he wanted to run for office in a Talk magazine interview in late 1999. "I think about it all the time." He replied, "I think about it often." Since I feel it inside, the possibility exists. Schwarzenegger's immediate response to rumors that he might run for governor of California was confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter shortly after. "I'm in show business, I'm in the middle of my career," Schwarzenegger said at his first remarks. Why do I go away from that and into something else?

On the August 6, 2003 episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Schwarzenegger declared his candidacy in the 2003 California recall election for Governor of California. Schwarzenegger had the most name recognition in a packed field of candidates, but he had never held public office and his political views were unknown to most Californians. His candidacy shot into international and international news, with media outlets naming him "Governator" (referring to The Terminator films, see above) and "The Running Man" (the name of another one of his films) and requesting the recall election "Total Recall" (yet another film starring Schwarzenegger). Schwarzenegger declined to debate many recall replacement candidates and appeared in just one debate on September 24, 2003.

Governor Gray Davis was ousted from office by 54% of the Yes vote on October 7, 2003. Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California under the second round of the poll, where the majority of the vote had a 48 percent majority of the vote to select a successor to Davis. Schwarzenegger defeated Democrat Cruz Bustamante, fellow Republican Tom McClintock, and others. Bustamante, his nearest rival, received 31% of the vote. Schwarzenegger gained the election by 1.3 million votes in total. No runoff election was allowed under California's laws. After Irish-born Governor John G. Downey in 1862, Schwarzenegger became California's second foreign-born governor.

Schwarzenegger, a centrist, is a centrist. He claims to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. He endorses parental education for minors and a ban on partial-birth abortions among other items on abortion. He has endorsed gay rights, such as domestic marriages, and he performed a same-sex marriage as governor. Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, vetoed bills that would have recognized same-sex marriage in California in 2005 and 2007. In addition, he vetoed two bills that would have introduced a single-payer health care system in California in 2006 and 2008.

Schwarzenegger was entrenched in what he considered his job in breaking up political gridlock. Schwarzenegger called Democratic State representatives "girlie guys" from Saturday Night Live's sketch "Hans and Franz" (which partially parodied his bodybuilding career).

Schwarzenegger's early victories included repealing an unpopular hike in the vehicle registration fee as well as banning driver's licenses from being given out to illegal immigrants, but later, when powerful state unions began to condemn his various proposals, he began to feel the backlash. A special election called by him in November 2005, in which four ballot initiatives he sponsored were defeated, was deemed as a key to his reckoning with political truths. Schwarzenegger accepted personal responsibility for the setbacks and promised to continue seeking a sense of unity for Californians. Later this year, he would say, "no one could win if the opposition raised 160 million dollars to defy you." In Knox vs. Service Employees International Union Local 1000, the United States Supreme Court found that the compulsory fundraising used by public employee unions during the campaign had been unlawful.

Susan Kennedy, a Democrat, was named as his Chief of Staff by Schwarzenegger, in defiance of fellow Republican strategists' advice. He gradually stepped toward a more moderate role, determined to leave a good legacy in the midst of a short time before the next gubernatorial election.

In the 2006 elections, Schwarzenegger ran for re-election against Democrat Phil Angelides, the California State Treasurer. Despite a rough year for the Republican Party nationally, Schwarzenegger gained 56% of the vote over the weekend, relative to 38.9% for Angelides, a margin of more than 1 million votes. Many commentators believed Schwarzenegger was heading away from the right to the center of the political spectrum around this time. After hearing Schwarzenegger's address at the 2006 Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast, in which Schwarzenegger said, "I said everyone has an equal chance to make it in America," San Francisco mayor and future governor Gavin Newsom said "ethical" education is lacking [[H]e's running back, not even to the center. I would say center-left.

Schwarzenegger is thought to have run for the Senate in 2010, according to some, since his governorship would have been term-limited by that time. Such rumors turned out to be untru.

Wendy Leigh, a Schwarzenegger-bound scholar, says he planned his political rise from an early age by using film industry and bodybuilding as the means to escape from a depressing home. Schwarzenegger is depicted as obsessed with power, although he quotes him as "I wanted to be one of the select minority of people with a small number of followers rather than the throned crowd." I think it's because leaders used 100% of their potential – I was always fascinated by people in charge of other people.' Schwarzenegger has denied that it was never his intention to go into politics, but it did "I married into a political family," he says. When you get together with them, you learn about policies, about reaching out to help people. I was introduced to the idea of being a public servant, and Eunice and Sargent Shriver became my heroes." Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the niece of John F. Kennedy and Schwarzenegger's mother, is a Schwarzenegger; Sargent Shriver is the husband of Eunice and father-in-law to Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger cannot run for president of the United States because he is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. Schwarzenegger is a dual Austrian and US citizen. Since being naturalized in 1983, he has held Austrian citizenship since birth and US citizenship since being naturalized. Because he was Austrian and therefore European, he was able to receive the 2007 European Voice campaigner of the year award for taking action against climate change with the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which also applies to other US states and possibly even with the EU.

Schwarzenegger did not have to pay his governor's $175,000 a year due to his personal fortune from his acting career.

Schwarzenegger's endorsement in the Republican primary of the 2008 US presidential election was highly coveted; despite being close associates with candidates Rudy Giuliani and Senator John McCain, Schwarzenegger remained neutral throughout 2007 and 2008. Giuliani dropped out of the presidential race on January 30, 2008, largely due to a poor showing in Florida, which also endorsed McCain. Schwarzenegger was in the audience at a Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California later that night. "It's Rudy's fault" follows McCain's joking." (in reference to his friendships with both candidates and the fact that he could not make up his mind). Senator McCain's campaign was expected to gain traction due to their environmental and economic concerns.

Schwarzenegger was one of 11 "worst governors" in the United States in March 2010, according to a study published by Progressive ethics watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, who named him as one of 11 "worst governors" in the country during Schwarzenegger's tenure as governor.

In November 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger led to the opposition of Proposition 66, a proposed extension to the Californian Three Strikes Law. To order a 25-year prison term, this reform would have required the third criminal to be either violent or serious. Schwarzenegger began a ferocious campaign against Protest 66 in the last week before the election. "It will free 26,000 violent convicts and rapists," Trump said.

Despite beginning his tenure as governor with record-breaking approval ratings (as high as 65% in May 2004), he left office with a record low of 23%, just one percent higher than Gray Davis' when he was recalled in October 2003.

Esteban Nez pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in May 2010 and was sentenced to 16 years in jail for Luis Santos's death. Nez is the son of Fabian Nez, then California Assembly Speaker Paul Ryan, and a close friend and a staunch political ally of then governor Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger commuted Nez's term by more than half to seven years as a personal favor to "a friend" just hours before he departed office and as one of his last official acts. In comparison to the same prison term imposed on Ryan Jett, the man who fatally stabbed Santos, he said that Nez's sentence was "excessive." Schwarzenegger did not notify Santos' family or the San Diego County prosecutors about the commutation, violating protocol. They learned of it after a reporter called.

The Santos family, as well as the San Diego district attorney, filed a lawsuit seeking that it broke Marsy's Law. "Based on the evidentiary evidence surrounding this lawsuit, there was an abuse of discretion," Sacramento County superior court judge Lloyd Connelly said in September 2012. It was repugnant to the majority of the population of this state." However, Connelly found that Schwarzenegger remained within his executive powers as governor. Governor Jerry Brown later signed a bipartisan bill that allows prisoners' victims and their families to be notified at least 10 days before any commutations take place. After less than six years in jail, Nez was released from jail.

During Schwarzenegger's first run for governor in 2003, allegations of sexual and personal assault were raised against him. News outlets in the Los Angeles Times chronicled decades-old reports of sexual assault by six people within five days before the election. Schwarzenegger responded to the allegations in 2004 by admitting to having "behaved badly" and apologizing, but adding that "a vast number [what] you see in the stories isn't true." Anna Richardson, a British television presenter, who settled a libel case against Schwarzenegger in August 2006; his top aide, Sean Walsh; and his publicist, Sheryl Main were among the people stepping forward. "The parties are content to put this issue behind them and are relieved that this court conflict has now been resolved," a joint statement read.

During this period, a 1977 interview in a young magazine Oui drew notice, in which Schwarzenegger discussed using drugs such as marijuana. After winning Mr. Olympia in 1975 in the documentary film Pumping Iron (1977), Schwarzenegger is shown smoking a marijuana joint. "Marijuana" is not a drug," Schwarzenegger said in an interview with GQ magazine in October 2007. It's a leaf. Trust me, my drug was pumping iron. The remark, according to his spokesperson, was intended to be a farce.

On September 17, 1983, Schwarzenegger became a naturalized resident of the United States. He pleaded with the Austrian authorities for the right to keep his Austrian citizenship a few months before, but Austria does not normally accept dual citizenship. His request was accepted, but he retained his Austrian citizenship. Peter Pilz, a member of the Austrian Green Party, unsuccessfully pleaded with Parliament to remove Schwarzenegger's Austrian citizenship due to his decision not to prevent the executions of Donald Beardslee and Stanley Williams. Schwarzenegger, according to Pilz, damaged Austria's image in the international community because Austria abolished the death penalty in 1968. Pilz based his argument on Article 33 of the Austrian Citizenship Act, which states: "A citizen who works in the public service of a foreign country will be refused of his citizenship if he obstructs the Austrian Republic's reputation or interests." Pilz said Schwarzenegger's support for the death penalty (prohibited in Austria under Protocol 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights) had damaged Austria's image. Schwarzenegger outlined his behavior by pointing out that his sole role as Governor of California with respect to the death penalty was to rectify a mistake made by the justice system by pardon or clemency if such errand had occurred.

Schwarzenegger signed the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 on September 27, 2006, establishing the nation's first cap on greenhouse gas emissions. New limits on the amount of emissions utilities, refineries, and manufacturing plants are allowed to leak into the atmosphere are included in the bill. Schwarzenegger also signed a second global warming bill, limiting large utilities and businesses in California from entering long-term contracts with suppliers that do not comply with the state's greenhouse gas emission requirements. Both bills are part of a package that will have California's emissions cut by 25% to 1990s levels by 2020. Schwarzenegger issued an executive order in 2005 directing greenhouse gases to 80 percent below 1990 standards by 2050.

On October 17, 2006, Schwarzenegger signed yet another executive order, allowing California to collaborate with the Northeast's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. They intend to minimize carbon dioxide pollution by issuing a small amount of carbon credits to every power plant in participating states. Any power plants that exceed emissions for the number of carbon credits will have to buy more credits to make up the difference. The initiative went into operation in 2009. The governor has taken steps at home to minimize his personal carbon footprint, in addition to using his political power to combat global warming. Schwarzenegger has converted one of his Hummers to run on hydrogen and another to run on biofuels. He has also installed solar panels to heat his house.

Schwarzenegger was invited to open the 2009 SAE World Congress in Detroit on April 20, 2009, in recognition of his contributions to the American motor industry's development.

Schwarzenegger established R20 Regions of Climate Action in 2011 to ensure a low-carbon, sustainable economy. He joined French President Emmanuel Macron in urging the establishment of a Global Pact for the Environment in 2017. Schwarzenegger introduced the Austrian World Summit, an international climate conference that is held annually in Vienna, Austria, in 2017. The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative has arranged the Austrian World Summit, which aims to bring together representatives from politics, civil society, and industry to form a broad coalition for climate security and the identification of concrete solutions to the climate crisis.

The Austrian-born Schwarzenegger's presidential aspirations would be stymied by a constitutional hurdle; Article II, Section I, forbids individuals who are not natural-born citizens of the United States are unlikely to qualify for the position. The Equal Opportunity to Governor Act of 2003 was widely regarded as the "Amend for Arnold" bill, which would have introduced an amendment to the US Constitution that allowed him to run. The "Amend for Arnold" campaign was launched in 2004, which included a website and TV advertisement sales.

Schwarzenegger was featured on the front cover of Time magazine with Michael Bloomberg in June 2007, and the two joked about a presidential ticket together later.

Schwarzenegger had been considering a run for president in October 2013, according to the New York Times in October 2013. At the time, he was reportedly lobbying legislators about a potential constitutional reform or filing a legal challenge to the requirement that presidents be native-born. Schwarzenegger's potential lawsuit, according to Columbia University law professor Michael Dorf, could win him the right to run for the office if not entirely clear, but it is not certain that the court would enforce the statute rather than merely leave it to the political process."

Business career

Schwarzenegger has had a fruitful career. Schwarzenegger began his journey to the United States and set himself "prolific goal setter" and wrote his goals on index cards, like starting a mail order business or buying a new car and succeeding in doing so. Schwarzenegger was a billionaire long before his time in Hollywood, and he was a millionaire by the age of 30, well before his time in Hollywood. His financial freedom came from his as a budding entrepreneur with a string of lucrative ventures and investments.

Schwarzenegger and fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbu formed a bricklaying business in 1968. Following the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, the company thrived due to the pair's marketing expertise and increased demand. Schwarzenegger and Columbu started a mail-order business that sold bodybuilding- and fitness-related products as well as instructional tapes.

Schwarzenegger converted earnings from the mail-order market and his bodybuilding success into his first real estate investment venture, a $10,000 apartment building he bought for $10,000. He'll later invest in a number of real estate holding companies.

Together with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Stallone and Schwarzenegger ended their long-running rivalry by investing in the Planet Hollywood chain of international theme restaurants (modeled after the Hard Rock Cafe). Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, severed his financial ties with the company in early 2000. Schwarzenegger said the firm did not have the success he had hoped for, saying he needed to concentrate on "new American multinational company ventures" and his film career.

Schwarzenegger also invested in a shopping mall in Columbus, Ohio. "I couldn't have known about business without a team of teachers guiding me," Milton Friedman to Donald Trump, and now, Les Wexner and Warren Buffett. I even learned a thing or two from Planet Hollywood, such as when to get out!

And I did!"

He has a majority interest in Dimensional Fund Advisors, an investment company. Arnold's Sports Festival, which he founded in 1989 and which is held every year in Columbus, Ohio, Schwarzenegger is also the owner of Arnold's Sports Festival. Thousands of international health and fitness enthusiasts attend this festival, which has also expanded to a three-day exhibition. He also owns Oak Productions, Inc. and Fitness Publications, a joint publishing venture with Simon & Schuster.

Schwarzenegger joined LeBron James in 2018 to found Ladder, a company that made nutritional supplements for athletes with extreme cramps. After receiving more than $4 million in revenue for the year, the pair sold Ladder to Openfit for an undisclosed sum in 2020.

Schwarzenegger and his wife opened Schatzi On Main, a restaurant in Santa Monica in 1992. In German, Schatzi literally means "little treasure" and colloquially "hell" or "darling." In 1998, he sold his restaurant.

Schwarzenegger's net worth had been conservatively estimated at $100 million to $200 million. Based on tax returns he filed in 2006, he estimated his net worth had been about $400 million and even as high as $800 million after splitting from his wife, Maria Shriver, in 2011. Over the years, he invested his bodybuilding and film earnings in a variety of stocks, bonds, privately owned businesses, and real estate holdings around the world, making his net worth difficult to determine, particularly in light of declining real estate values as a result of continuing economic recessions in the United States and Europe. He invested $38 million of his own money on a private Gulfstream jet in June 1997. "Money doesn't make you happy," He said once. I now have $50 million, but I was just as ecstatic when I had $48 million."

He appears in a line of advertisements for the Machine Zone game Mobile Strike as a military commander and spokesman.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, rocks white beard and brown leather jacket as he appears in high spirits at celeb hotspot in Beverly Hills... after revealing he had a pacemaker fitted, April 12, 2024
Arnold Schwarzenegger looked healthy and happy during an outing in Beverly Hills on Thursday, following his announcement that he had a pacemaker fitted last month.  The Terminator icon, 76, flashed his megawatt smile as he exited the celebrity hotspot restaurant, Via Alloro. Dressed in a suave brown leather jacket and matching pants, the star exuded charm with his distinguished white beard.

Mom and dad were dragged to Dancing With The Stars and dad, a plastic surgeon on the A-list. There is a Baywatch and Arnold Schwarzenegger link. Who is she?, April 3, 2024
Her mother has a ferocious workout fanatic who has had a three-decade career. When she was a model for Maxim and Playboy and later did hosting jobs on television, she displayed her body. This well-manned lady appeared on Dancing With The Stars and became one of the most popular celebrity contestants of all time.

Since spending their own money on bags of asphalt, an LA couple whose car tires and suspension were damaged by potholes is ordered to stop fixing them by city officials, March 30, 2024
If a couple lives in Compton, they will face potential city fines. Daisy De La Rosa, 29, and her husband Alex, 35, became so sick of the potholes in their local roads that they decided to take action. Both the couple, who rely on their vehicles for their jobs as contracted couriers, had to deal with popped tyres and a broken suspension.