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Can one shot of yoghurt really boost your immunity and gut health?, February 27, 2024
If you want to improve your gut health, immunity, or simply increase your vitamin intake, there are an ever-increasing number of'shots' to choose from. But with some products high in sugar, and others costing more than £60 a month, are they really worth it? Caroline Jones requested experts to rate a pick, which we then rated...

Kelly Anne Jones, the murder mother of a teenager who died in prison, has requested that John Bennett, the murderer, be kept in prison, April 2, 2023
Since applying for parole on medical grounds, Caroline Jones (pictured left), the mother of murdered three-year-old Kelly Anne Jones (pictured right), has made a stoic plea to authorities not to allow her daughter's killer shorten her sentence in prison. Despite not telling authorities where the baby's body is located, he has asked to be released on medical grounds, which would normally disqualify him from parole. Ms Jones argued that Bennett should remain jailed, and that "people like this should never be released."

John William Bennett, a child killer, has revealed that he has DREAMS about the murder of Kelly Anne Jones, who was reportedly murdered, March 31, 2023
John William Bennett, a convicted murderer, first told police he killed three-year-old Kelly Anne Jones in a bag at a garbage dump west of Brisbane in 1989. When Bennett took her, she was visiting her aunt in Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers. Despite extensive searches involving hundreds of volunteers, the child's body was never found.

William Bennett wants to get out of prison for killing Kelly Anne Jones on parole, March 30, 2023
A man who kidnapped and murdered a three-year-old child 34 years ago has applied for parole in Queensland and is requesting that the state abolish its 'no body, no parole' provision. In June, 1990, John William Bennett was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Kelly Anne Jones (pictured left and right) just days before her fourth birthday.

Leigh Sales, an ABC actress, explains why she hasn't returned to 7:30 News Studio, February 19, 2023
After 12 years in office, Leigh Sales resigned from presenting the ABC's 7:30 Report in June so she could spend more time with her young boys. After her close friend, 7:30's long-time cameraman Mick Walters, died of cancer in August, the journalist revealed on Sunday that she never returned to the Sydney studio. We had been working closely together every day for years.' I honestly don't know how I could have returned to the studio after he died,' she told the ABC.

On February 27, Leigh Sales will return to host ABC's Australian Story, January 24, 2023
On February 27, Leigh Sales will return to television as the ABC's Australian Story's host. The celebrated journalist will host the weekly half-hour documentary series that is renowned for profiling Australians and their fascinating life tales. When she resigned as anchor of the national broadcaster's The 7.30 Report in February last year, she stunned viewers.

After wrapping up a 'exhausting' 12-year tenure on 7.30, Leigh Sales to host ABC's Australian Story, November 24, 2022
Leigh Sales (left and right) has confirmed that she will return to the ABC as the host of Australian Story at the network's 'upfront' presentation of its slate for 2023 on Thursday. On June 30, the long-serving host of ABC's top current affairs service, 7.30, came to an end. Sales took a'some rest' and quality time with her two sons after her six-month absence. The 49-year-old actress said she was 'excited and humbled' to host Australian Story (inset). Following the late Caroline Jones, she will become the program's second host.

Care home resident was not given CPR 'because staff confused her with another resident', August 30, 2022
Joyce Parrott, 81, died in April 2020 at The Elms care home in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, after ambulance staff were wrongly told she had a 'do not resuscitate' order in place. Her daughter, Caroline Porter, said a nurse 'mixed up my mum with another Joyce' who opted not to have CPR if her breathing or heartbeat stops.