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Megan Thee Stallion RIPS ex-boyfriend Pardison Fontaine over his remarks on cheating claims: 'Why are you making the shoe fit, Cinderella?', December 14, 2023
In an Instagram Live video clip on Wednesday, Megan Thee Stallion chastised Pardison Fontaine for his suspected past infidelity, as well as recent remarks he made on the subject. In a talk on Angela Yee's Lip Service podcast on Tuesday, the Houston native, 28, claimed that he's never cheated on the Grammy-winning singer.

When he wrote the article, Offset admits lying about his wife Cardi B cheating on her, August 1, 2023
Offset has since admitted lying when he said his wife Cardi B was cheating on her. "My wife f**** on me gang yall n***** know how I came,' the 31-year-old Migos rapper wrote in a since-deleted message, causing Cardi to fire back and say he was'spiraling.' Although cooler heads prevailed, rapper Kiari Kendrell Cephus (born Kiari Kendrell Cephus) appeared on the Way Up With Angela Yee podcast, where he admitted to being fighting with his wife and "lit" on tequila when he made her mad.

Judge Joe Brown responds after Sheryl Lee Ralph says a 'famous TV judge' sexually assaulted her, March 29, 2023
After the Abbott Elementary actress said she was groped and kissed by a 'famous TV judge' years ago, judge Joe Brown is pushing back against recent claims that he sexually assaulted Sheryl Lee Ralph. When speaking out about the Washington, D.C. native, 75, she said she was silenced by higher-ups at a television network wishing to avoid 'bad news.'

Sheryl Lee Ralph alleges she was sexually assaulted by 'famous TV judge,' 'everybody' at network saw, March 23, 2023
Sheryl Lee Ralph has said she was sexually assaulted by a "famous TV judge" years ago and that "everybody" at a television network saw it, but she was denied because she wanted to avoid "poor press." During a Way Up With Angela Yee podcast interview earlier this week, the 66-year-old Primetime Emmy Award winning actress made the shocking announcement. As she said, the incident occurred at a company function: 'I'm in a public place.' I was suited. My suit was on hold. At the time, I was handling my company for the television show I was watching at that moment. This guy stepped in, grabbed me by the back of my neck, turned me around, and rammed his disgusting ass tongue down my throat. And everyone on the network knew it.'

Since revealing her personal details, Ashanti hopes to shed more light on sexual assault in the music industry, December 27, 2022
Since bravely sharing her story earlier this month, Ashanti hopes to shed further light on the sexual harassment that occurs in the music industry. On Tuesday, the 42-year-old hitmaker - full name Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas - opened up to People magazine about the challenges she'd faced during her two decades of work. "I'm not positive if another artist would be able to cope with what I've been dealt with," she said. Ashanti had discovered that a close-knit male music publisher had offered her two songs for free before remarking and granting her the choice of showering with him or paying $40,000 for each song.

Ashanti claims a producer asked for shower sex as payment for studio recordings or pay him $40K, December 1, 2022
During an appearance on the radio show The Breakfast Club, Ashanti made a startling claim about a producer attempting to ransom her songs in exchange for sex. The 42-year-old singer, a composer, said she was in a'wild situation with one producer,' who she said she worked with her on two albums while speaking with hosts Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee.' When she explained that she was his 'homie' and was not going to prosecute her for two songs they worked on, she said everything changed when it came time to put out the album.