News about Yitzhak Rabin

I'm a fan of Israel, but William is correct. The mass, often indiscriminate, killing of women and children has to stop, February 22, 2024
Prince William was certainly inept to intervene in the Middle East crisis in the way he did. He is supposed to be above politics as the heir to the throne. He is not meant to say anything that could have an effect on Britain's relations with foreign countries. Can one imagine the late Queen doing so? Of course not. And yet, although he was unwise to speak out, he said what was certainly morally correct and represented the views of millions of people who are still mourning over the deaths and injuries of so many innocent people, including thousands of children in Gaza, as the Prince. Since the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, William is correct to be "deeply concerned" about the "terrible human cost of the war. He's also entitled to expect that 'as soon as possible' be the end of the war.' In effect, he was calling for a ceasefire, which is something the government hasn't quite achieved.

STEPHEN GLOVER: Whether you like it or not, the BBC helps shape the nation's soul. So why won't it give a name to PURE EVIL?, October 15, 2023
STEPHEN GLOVER: The BBC's decision not to distinguish the mass murderers of Hamas as a human tragedy unfolds, as the Middle East stands on the brink of disaster, as well as a human tragedy unfolds in Gaza. However, I suspect the Corporation's decision is deeply regrettable, and casts doubt not only on its credibility but also on its sense of moral decency. It's now at some very suspect numbers.

Israel's defeated Prime Minister calls for unity after Benjamin Netanyahu storms to victory, November 6, 2022
In a memorial ceremony for the assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid warned of the deep divisions plaguing the country after the bitter campaign, Israel's fifth election since 2019. He appeared to take aim at Religious Zionism, an extremist party whose leaders have made repeated anti-Arab, anti-LGBTQ comments. Religious Zionism emerged as the third-largest party in Parliament and is expected to play a key role in in Netanyahu´s government.