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With his first foray into technology, John Legend appears to be up against Yelp and Google Reviews — a travel and food review app 'It's Good'. .... . Where no negative reviews are allowed, October 17, 2023
John Legend, a musician, has confirmed plans to launch It's Good, a social media app that provides users with personalized food and travel recommendations, but it doesn't leave much room for negativity. Unlike Yelp, where users can leave a star rating, Legend's app, which he co-founded with director and photographer Mike Rosenthal, only accepts recommendations. Legend said, 'It's really not even designed for negative remarks,' who was on the Wall Street Journal's Tech Live conference on Monday. You either recommend it or not.' Well, that's really what you want to hear about a restaurant. Not that it's a three or four year old, but if they were going out or not, they would suggest it.' The app is supposed to'celebrate the places we love and are keen enough to post,' according to him.'