Dan Bobish

MMA Fighter

Dan Bobish was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States on January 26th, 1970 and is the MMA Fighter. At the age of 54, Dan Bobish biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, and networth are available.

Date of Birth
January 26, 1970
United States
Place of Birth
Brooklyn, New York, United States
54 years old
Zodiac Sign
Amateur Wrestler, Mixed Martial Artist
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At 54 years old, Dan Bobish has this physical status:

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Dan Bobish Life

Daniel Emerson Bobish (born January 26, 1970) is a retired American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler.

He was competing in the Super Heavyweight (no limit) division.

He is the current King of the Cage Super Heavyweight Championships.

Bobish has competed in numerous MMA competitions, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the Gladiator Challenge, and King of the Cage.

With the average length of his fights being 2:43, he did not progress past the first round.

Personal life

Bobish now lives in Cleveland, Ohio, where he began supporting local fights in 2010 when he founded "Ultimate Cage Battles." Bobish was once Mike Tyson's sparring partner and bodyguard. Bobish is married and has four children.


Dan Bobish Career

Mixed martial arts career

Bobish became interested in mixed martial arts after hearing friends in the bar where he bounced, The Flats, where Ultimate Fighting Championships games were generally scheduled. Dan Severn, the UFC's mainstay, came from a similar wrestling background, and was recruited to battle in Brazil.

Bobish made his professional debut on October 22, 1996 in Brazil at the Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 4 Heavyweight tournament in Brazil. Mauro Bernardo, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter who Bobish defeated in a first-round fight by dragging him down and choking him with his forearm, was his first encounter. Dave Beneteau, another UFC veteran, would appear in the second round, but Bobish won by a cut. Kevin Randleman, a retired NCAA college champion from Team Hammer House, then defeated him in the final against yet another wrestler and UFC veteran Kevin Randleman from Team Hammer House. Bobish controlled the first minutes of the game, whipping neck cranks and landing several punches, but Randleman escaped. The two teams then traded hard hits, with Bobish getting the better of it, but Randleman took down and mounted him from where he had landed many strikes. Bobish's jaw was dislocated by two of the hits, causing him to cough.

After the loss, he returned to the United States and joined Severn's team full-time, learning with him, Don Frye, and gunfighting instructor Becky Levi.

Bobish returned to Vale Tudo Fighting 6 tournament, knocking out Ucimar Hypolito in six seconds in order to meet Carlos Barreto, a well-known Carlson Gracie trainee. The American wrestler ruled the majority of the match, falling and striking the ground and pound on Bart on a pound. At one point, controversy erupted, when Barish colleague Wallid Ismail and Murilo Bustamante said Bobish had been picked out in an armbar attempt by Bart, while Hammer House stablemaster Mark Coleman said Carlos was holding the ropes to prevent being taken down. In any case, minutes later, Bobish started to feel weak, and he fell to a triangle choke submission when he didve into Barto's guard to continue his ground and pound assault.

Bobish made his first appearance in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1997, after Severn and his other teammate Don Frye's tenures. He qualified for the UFC 14 heavyweight tournament, where he was placed against kickboxer Brian Johnston and UFC veteran Brian Johnston. Despite the fact that his rival was an expert in his field, Bobish was notably offended, folded him against the fence and pinned him to a forearm choke. Bobish advanced to the quarters against fellow NCAA Division I champion Mark Kerr, who opened their match with effective leg kicks and a takedown score. Bobish tried to escape, but Kerr held him down while hitting the ground and pound, and eventually jammed his chin against Bobish's eye, causing him to cough.

After progressing to 6–3, Bobish met Eric Pele at KOTC 12: Cold Blood for the vacant KOTC Super Heavyweight Championship. Bobish was victor after Pele's corner threw in the towel at 1:10 in the second round.

Bobish then defended his title against Mike Kyle before losing it to Jimmy Ambriz at KOTC 16: Double Cross.

Bobish was in Japan for his first MMA bout in event X-1, comfortably defeating Basil Castro in a gruesome manner following his professional wrestling career in Japan in 2003. He was then sent to the PRIDE Fighting Championships in November and 2003 against legendary UFC and PRIDE veteran Gary Goodridge. However, the match was short and complicated: after receiving an eye poke in the first striking exchange, Bobish stopped fighting and told the referee that the match would be called off for the ring doctor, but it wasn't, and Goodridge profited from the confusion to knock Bobish out.

Bobish returned to PRIDE 27 against feared Ukrainian striker Igor Vovchanchyn. The American scored a first takedown and mounted Vovchanchyn, initially looking for a neck crank and later finding a keylock, while applying ground and pound throughout the process. Vovchanchyn recovered guard, and Bobish's action was revived on the ground with a yellow card owing to a lapse of inactivity. Vovchanchyn then struck multiple times while standing on the ground, but Bobish was able to take him down again and into a north/south position, effectively ending the round with another submission attempt. Vovchanchyn managed a physically ill Bobish with punches and knee strikes until he was eventually defeated and mounted him for his own ground and pound at th second place. Bobish then expressed verbally, devoid of energy.

On October 31, 2004, Bobish met Mark Hunt, another well-known kickboxer. Bobish had a takedown and compelled Hunt to wake up, landing hammerfists and knee strikes, and even attempted a crossface hold on the kickboxer at one point. However, the tough Hunt absorbed the injury and was able to recover to his feet. Hunt compelled Bobish to recover with an uppercut and a body kick when he was showing signs of exhaustion.

Bobish returned to King of the Cage and regional US promotions after his PRIDE reign. In his last ten fights, he went 8–2 for 8–2. On October 19, 2007, he lost his last fight at Hardcore Championship Fighting: Title Wave against Alexander Emelianenko. During the fight, Bobish blew out his L3 and L4 discs in his back and decided against doing surgery rather than having surgery.