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More than THREE HUNDRED more victims are now suing the university for 'covering up the sexual assault', October 4, 2023
Columbia is accused of'covering up the sexual assault' of 'the most prolific serial sexual predator in New York City history,' according to the complaint, which was filed Tuesday in the New York Supreme Court.' In July, Hadden was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting more than 200 patients while working at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. The assault began in the 1980s and he resigned in 2016. In 2021, Columbia agreed to pay $72 million to 79 of the doctor's victims, and the following year, a $165 million settlement with 147 patients was reached. Attorney Anthony DiPietro told the Wall Street Journal that Columbia orchestrated a massive cover-up that went on for years. Columbia has made it abundantly clear that the only thing they care about is their money, and in the case where they can, I would be aiming to hit them as hard as I can,' said DiPietro.

As his victims cheer outside court, ex-Columbia gynecologist Robert Hadden SOBS as he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting patients, July 25, 2023
In court on Tuesday, Robert Hadden, 64, who sexually assaulted hundreds of patients for more than two decades at prestigious New York hospitals, sobbed as he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Hadden stood with his hands folded before him to say that there had been'much I'd like to say,' but that his lawyers had advised him not to keep his testimony brief. A sobbing Hadden staggered, sighing as he sat down, 'I'm so sorry for all the agony I caused,' he said. He took off his glasses and wiped tears from his eyes.

Robert Hadden, an ex-Columbia gynecologist, will be sentenced to 20 years in jail for abusing patients, July 25, 2023
Hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by gynecologist Robert Hadden over the decades. According to a federal judge, the 64-year-old intends to spend 20 years in jail. According to federal sentencing guidelines, a 20-year term would be about four times longer than the term suggested. Hadden's crimes while working at hospitals, including Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, merited a longer prison term, according to the judge, since his activities allegedly began in the 1980s, he deserved a longer sentence.

Robert Hadden, a convicted Columbia University gynecologist, has requested a three-year term from the judge, July 7, 2023
Lawyers representing a Columbia University gynecologist who was found guilty of sexually assaulting hundreds of women during his career have requested that the judge give him a three-year term, but state prosecutors want him to serve 25 years. Robert Hadden, 64, lived from the 1980s to 2012 in prestigious New York hospitals, organizations that have since agreed to pay more than 200 former patients a total of $236 million to settle civil appeals. Federal prosecutors said he exploited his position of privilege for decades to sexually assault, rape, and molest patients in fake and predatory medical examinations.

Bill Maher slams San Francisco's 'wild' reparations scheme, 'This is madness.', March 19, 2023
Despite San Francisco's 'wild' proposal to offer black residents $5 million in reparations, despite the state not having a history of slavery. Maher doubted whether the scheme 'goes too far,' during a meeting with former presidential nominee Andrew Yang and Michigan congresswoman Elissa Slotkin, arguing that woke craziness' is fueling the outlandish plan.

Why Universal Basic Income is a pipe dream for Americans, February 27, 2023
Hundreds of local governments are attempting to provide promised payments to poor households in the area of $250-$1,000 per month, from Tacoma, Washington, to Gainesville, Florida. The pilots are popular, and recipients say that the money helps families bring food on the table, reduce anxiety, pay education prices, and tackle daily challenges such as being able to buy a car to commute to work. But they are also proving tumultuous. They single out particular groups, such as transgender Californians, in some cases. Advocates have even stated that they are inspired by the Black Panther militant Marxist group or are reparations for historical injustice.

In a recent podcast, JK Rowling says that her anti-transgender remarks had been misunderstood.', February 15, 2023
JK Rowling, 57, made the remarks on JK Rowling's latest podcast, The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling, where the writer will address the backlash she has suffered since the summer of 2020. Rowling, a political reformer and journalist, appears in the audio essay, from book bans to fans swearing off her books completely. In addition, the series includes interviews with Rowling's supporters and top writers, as well as a slew of journalists, historians, and others. Rowling, who appeared with Phelps-Roper at her $2.8 million Edinburgh mansion, is seen denying she ever intended to offend anyone by a series of remarks that began with a June 2020 essay in which the author outlined her 'deepest mistrust' of the burgeoning transgender movement.

The gynecologist accused of molesting 200 women in a white coat in Manhattan is labeled 'predator in a white coat.', January 24, 2023
Robert Hadden, a disgraced Manhattan gynecologist, was found guilty of federal sex trafficking charges on Tuesday. Hundreds of former patients have come forward to accuse him sexually preying on them in a spree spanning decades as he was branded a 'predator in a white coat' following his deposition.

Columbia University agrees to pay $165 million settlement to 147 patients of pervert gynecologist, October 8, 2022
Two New York hospitals affiliated with Columbia University have agreed to pay more than $165 million to 147 former patients who have accused a former gynecologist of sexual abuse and misconduct. Robert Hadden, who has reportedly not worked as a doctor since 2021, surrendered his medical license after being convicted in 2016 on sex-related charges in state court - but was not sentenced to prison. Among Hadden's accusers was Evelyn Yang, the wife of the former presidential candidate and New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang. She went public in 2020 with allegations that Hadden abused her when she was his patient in 2012. Former Broadway dancer Laurie Kanyok was also among accusers who brought a civil suit against trustees of Columbia University and its affiliated College of Physicians and Surgeons and New York Presbyterian Hospital. Hadden currently awaits trial on separate federal charges of sexually abusing dozens of young and unsuspecting female patients for over two decades.

MAILMAN: 6,000 New York hotel beds for migrants on the taxpayers' dime? You ain't seen nothing yet, August 19, 2022
Growing up in small-town Western Kansas, I couldn't afford to travel to New York until I was 21. When I did make my grand arrival, it was on a Chinatown bus. I paid for it out of my own pocket. Then I asked a cab to take me to my hotel near the Waldorf Astoria. The cab driver, however, dropped me off at the Waldorf, where it was swiftly made known that I, in my Gap dress and department store boots, was certainly not a guest there. That's not the tale for the busload of migrants who are being shipped into the city from Texas and Arizona - after first illegally entering the country -- and being housed, on the taxpayers' dime, at fancy New York City hotels. On Thursday, New York City's Department of Social Services requested an extra 5,000 hotel rooms to accommodate New York's newest guests. That's on top of the 1,000 rooms the city announced they'd be renting last week at places like The Row, a four-star Times Square resort.