Isabella Avila (onlyjayus) fun facts, biography, height, and more

Posted by Esther Young on May 7, 2021

Isabella Avila is a 22 years old famous tik toker born on April 12,1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, to unmarried parents. She is the third child and has eleven siblings but only mentioned Jaidyn, Ania, Xoey, and Xanna. She also has to go back and forth from Nevada to New Jersey to meet her mom and dad.

She is on Instagram, tik tok, youtube, and twitter. Her youtube channel, tik tok, Instagram, and Twitter are onlyjayus. She has five-hundred, forty-three thousand followers on Instagram. On her Twitter, she has over thirty thousand followers. Her youtube channel has a large number of four hundred fifty thousand subscribers. On her tik tok, she has over twelve million followers and has more than half a billion likes.

Fun facts:
1- Isabella can play the guitar, electric bass, cello, piano, and double bass.
2- She is the host of the Netflix podcast "Know it all."
3- Avila is 6'2" tall.
4- At the age of fourteen, she is a lesbian.

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