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Posted by Esther Young on May 15, 2021



Chase Hudson is a 19-year-old influencer, musician, and television producer. On May 15, 2002, he was born in Stockton, California, to Tamora Hudson and Cole Hudson. Chase has two siblings named Karissa Hudson and Marlena Hudson. He is dating Charli D'Amelio.

 His TikTok account is lilhuddy and has almost thirty-one million followers along with nearly two billion likes. He started TikTok in 2018 and got super famous for performing skits, dances, and lip-syncs.

Chase also has a youtube channel, LILHUDDY, with almost fifty million views and two million, two hundred, twenty-three thousand subscribers. It got him into signing the largest talent agency in the world, WME.

He is also known as the co-founder of the HYPE House. The HYPE House has many famous TikTok stars. The purpose of the HYPE House is for TikTokers to create creative content. Today it has almost twenty million followers with over six hundred million likes.

Today he has released music on his youtube channel. Songs he wrote are America's Sweetheart, 21st Century Vampire, and The Eulogy of You and Me.


Fun Facts:

1- He has a net worth of four million dollars.

2- His hobbies are painting and baking.

3- He is obsessed with BTS.

4- He has a talent for drawing and cooking.

5- It is not easy for Chase to block out the haters.

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