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Posted by Esther Young on July 5, 2021


Anna Cathcart is an 18-year-old film actress and actress, born on June 16, 2003, in Vancouver, Canada, to unknown parents. She has one sibling, Sara Cathcart.

She starred in many movies and tv shows. The movies and tv shows are Odd Squad (Since 2014), Descendants (2015), Odd Squad: The Movie (2016), Descendants 2 (2017), Descendentes: O Destiono dos Irmãos (2017), Dino Dana (2017-2020), To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018),  Under the Sea: A Descendants Story (2018), Under the Sea: A Descendants Short Story (2018), Odd Squad The World Turned Odd (Since 2018), Descendants 3 (2019), Fast Layne (2019), Spring Breakaway (2019), Zoe Valentine (Since 2019), To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020), Dino Dana: The Movie (2020), Spin (2021), To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021), Odd Tube, and P.S. Ti Amo Ancora.


Fun Facts:

1- Anna loves Polaroid cameras.

2- She has never attended acting classes.

3- Anna is a fan of Shawn Mendes.

4- She loves fairs and carnivals.

5- Her net worth is one million dollars.

6- Her height is 5' 3" (163 cm) and fifty kilograms (110 pounds).

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