JTG was born in Harlem, New York, United States on December 10th, 1984 and is the Wrestler. At the age of 38, JTG biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, and networth are available.

Date of Birth
December 10, 1984
United States
Place of Birth
Harlem, New York, United States
38 years old
Zodiac Sign
Professional Wrestler
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JTG Career

Paul began his career in 2006, working in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) under the ring name The Neighborhoodie. While there, he was placed into a tag team with Shad Gaspard, calling themselves "The Gang-Stars". They held the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship on two occasions.

In 2006, the tag team was promoted from OVW to the Raw brand under the name "Cryme Tyme", with Paul changing his name to JTG. On September 4, 2006, a series of vignettes began airing on Raw, hyping the debut of Cryme Tyme. On the October 16, 2006 episode of Raw, Cryme Tyme debuted and defeated two members of the then named World Tag Team Champions, The Spirit Squad (Mikey and Johnny), in a non-title match. In November 2006, at the Cyber Sunday pay-per-view, Cryme Tyme defeated Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, Charlie Haas, Viscera, and The Highlanders in a Texas tornado tag team match (as voted by the fans). As part of their gimmick, Cryme Tyme regularly stole items belonging to other wrestlers and on-air personalities, and sold them to fans. They were also selling false entry numbers at the Royal Rumble. A few months later at the New Year's Revolution pay-per-view, Cryme Tyme won a tag team turmoil match against The Highlanders, World's Greatest Tag Team, Cade and Murdoch, and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and Super Crazy, earning them a shot at the World Tag Team Championships. They then competed mainly on Heat for the next few months, although they made a backstage appearance at WrestleMania 23. They also took part in the tag team battle royal on April 2.

After Mr. McMahon's "death", Cryme Tyme plugged some merchandise and auctions on WWE's official website in memory of him. On the June 29, 2007 episode of SmackDown, Cryme Tyme was defeated by Deuce 'n Domino (with Cherry) in an inter-brand match tag team match. While Deuce, Domino and Cherry celebrated their victory, Cryme Tyme appeared on the titantron and, in storyline, stole their car, taking it to Brisco Brothers Auto to sell it for parts chanting their signature catchphrase, "Money money, yeah, yeah". On July 21, 2007, Cryme Tyme defeated The James Boys to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship for the second time. On August 13, 2007, Cryme Tyme returned to their hometown of New York City on an episode of Raw from Madison Square Garden, losing to then-World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch in a non-title match by disqualification when Shad used a chair on Murdoch. On the August 20, 2007 episode of Raw, Cryme Tyme stole Murdoch's hat and sold it to a fan, and the following week, stole Cade's and gave it away to a fan. In the middle of this feud, on September 2, 2007, both Paul and Gaspard were released from WWE.

Paul, along with Gaspard wrestled at the Jersey All Pro Wrestling 10th Anniversary Show on October 27, 2007. Wrestling as Crime Time, they defeated The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz. Paul appeared in Derby City Wrestling (DCW) at their end of year show. He was then involved in a feud with The Mobile Homers in DCW.

Cryme Tyme returned to WWE on the March 31, 2008 episode of Raw, where they defeated Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch in their first televised match in nearly six months. Cryme Tyme began working with John Cena on the June 30 episode of Raw when they helped him interfere during John "Bradshaw" Layfield's match. The following week, they again appeared together in a backstage segment when they vandalised JBL's limo. After a house show match, Cena announced they had created a faction called CTC, "Cryme Tyme Cenation". Separately, Cryme Tyme started a feud with then World Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, stealing their championship belts for a time, then losing a title match to them at Unforgiven. JTG entered early into the Royal Rumble match at the 2009 Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January, after cheating to get a spot instead of Shad. JTG lasted nearly 12 minutes before he was eliminated by The Undertaker. On the January 26 episode of Raw, JTG and Shad attempted to win the World Tag Team Championship from John Morrison and the Miz, but were unsuccessful.

On April 15, 2009, Cryme Tyme were drafted to the SmackDown brand as part of the 2009 supplemental draft. They earned a Unified WWE Tag Team Championship match against Jeri-Show (Chris Jericho and Big Show) for SummerSlam after defeating The Hart Dynasty on the July 31 episode of SmackDown. On the August 7 episode of SmackDown, JTG pinned Jericho in a major upset, however at SummerSlam they lost the match after Show hit JTG in the face and Jericho pinned him. At the Royal Rumble, JTG entered his second royal rumble match but only lasted 25 seconds getting eliminated by CM Punk. At WrestleMania XXVI, Cryme Tyme competed in the dark match battle royal, but neither won the match.

On the April 2, 2010 episode of SmackDown, Cryme Tyme was quickly defeated by John Morrison and R-Truth. The loss of the match prompted Gaspard to attack JTG, breaking up the team. Their feud culminated with a strap match at Extreme Rules which JTG won. After JTG won against Caylen Croft, Gaspard immediately attacked him unsuccessfully. Shad won a rematch on the May 6 episode of Superstars, but their feud came to an end when Gaspard was sent to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

Also after the split up of Cryme Tyme in 2010 JTG went on to compete in singles and in tag team action strictly on the SmackDown roster wrestling against talent such as Mike Knox, Chavo Guerrero, Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Vance Archer, and even teaming with other talent such as MVP, Chris Masters, and Trent Berreta in tag team action and in six man tag team action since the team split up.

JTG was announced to be one of the Pros for NXT Redemption, mentoring Jacob Novak. On the May 3, 2011 episode of NXT, he started his feud with William Regal when Regal called him a "muppet" while Novak was calling Regal out to a match, turning him heel. Two weeks later, Novak was eliminated, being the first to no longer be part of the show. In the 2011 WWE draft, JTG was drafted to the Raw brand in the supplemental draft via WWE.com on April 26, 2011.

On the May 24 episode of NXT, JTG had a feud with Vladimir Kozlov's rookie Conor O'Brian after he was pinned by O'Brian in a singles match. Afterwards JTG attacked O'Brian until Kozlov made a save and attacked JTG. He wrestled on the May 26 episode of Superstars as a face in a losing effort against Curt Hawkins. He officially cemented his status as a heel on the June 7 episode of NXT Redemption when he attacked Yoshi Tatsu on JTG's in ring segment "Straight Outta Brooklyn". As he was going backstage, Matt Striker came out and announced JTG would face Tatsu in a match, which JTG lost. On the July 19 and August 2 episodes of NXT Redemption, Kozlov started a feud with JTG beating him two times in a row with Kozlov also dressed like JTG in the second match. The feud ended when Kozlov was released by WWE on August 5, 2011. JTG scored his first win in months on the August 5 episode of SmackDown teaming with David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty to defeat The Usos and Trent Barreta. JTG gained a girlfriend and manager in Tamina in November 2011, leading to a feud with The Usos, whom Tamina had formerly managed; JTG continually found himself losing to The Usos.

Alicia Fox then approached JTG in May 2012 and offered to give him a makeover, which JTG accepted. On the May 9 episode of NXT Redemption, JTG debuted a new look and defeated Yoshi Tatsu, which was his first and only win in 2012, as JTG soon reverted to losing matches for the rest of 2012 and 2013, including his final match, which was a loss to Santino Marella on the September 20, 2013 episode of Superstars. After not appearing on WWE television in 2014, JTG was released on June 12.

In June 2014, JTG and tag team partner Shad Gaspard began taking bookings as Crime Time, changing the spelling of their name in order to avoid a lawsuit from WWE. On August 23, 2014 for Warriors of Wrestling, Crime Time and The Blue Meanie were defeated by Chachi, Verna and J-George. This was JTG's first match since leaving WWE. He appeared at wrestling events by himself or with Gaspard as part of Crime Time in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In 2017, he wrestled for Joey Ryan's California Bar Wrestling promotion in matches alone and alongside Gaspard. In 2019, he wrestled a tag match with Shad at a Game Changer Wrestling/Suburban Fight Pro event, and in a battle royal at Joey Janela's Spring Break 3. On February 15, 2020, Crime Time appeared at former WWE wrestler Santino Marella's Battle Arts promotion in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, which would be their final match together as following scheduled events were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gaspard died three months later on May 17, disbanding the tag team.

Three months after Gaspard's death, JTG made his first wrestling appearance at VxS Wrestling on August 16, 2020, losing to Brian Cage. He also appeared at Brii Combination Wrestling on September 5 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. On October 9, JTG defeated Trey Miguel at Game Changer Wrestling's For The Culture event, and also participated in a Battle Royal at the promotion's Spring Break 4 event the following day, which was broadcast on FITE TV. On November 6, JTG won the VIP Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in Haltom City, Texas, becoming his first solo championship after defeating Gino, Shane Taylor, and Will Allday. He reappeared at the wrestling promotion on January 29, 2021 after issuing an open challenge to take his championship title, which Alex Hammerstone accepted but lost. He returned to the promotion again on March 26, defeating Carlito, and has continued to make appearances with the promotion, with his most recent being on March 6, 2022 in a match against Shane Taylor.

In February 2021, he appeared at Florida-based wrestling promotions and returned to VxS Wrestling in New Jersey, defeating Mance Warner. On April 9, he appeared at VxS Wrestling's Lucid Dreams show in Tampa, Florida that was broadcast on FITE TV in a match against Dr. Cube. After being attacked by Dr. Cube and his entourage, he was saved by Big Cass and won the match. On October 22, he made his PCW Ultra debut in Wilmington, California, where he was defeated by Steve Madison. On October 24, he won the Waco Association Wrestling Championship in Waco, Texas after defeating Juventud Guerrera.

On June 6, JTG made his National Wrestling Alliance debut at their When Our Shadows Fall pay-per-view event, defeating Fred Rosser. A month later on July 6, he was defeated by Chris Adonis in an attempt to earn his NWA National Championship title. In December of that year, he formed a tag team with Dirty Dango under the name "Dirty Sexy Boys."

JTG, in his first WWE appearance in eight years, appeared with Gaspard's wife and son in the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on April 1, 2022 awarding the Warrior award to Gaspard.