Adriana Paz

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Adriana Paz was born in Mexico City, Mexico on January 13th, 1980 and is the Movie Actress. At the age of 44, Adriana Paz biography, profession, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, build, measurements, education, career, dating/affair, family, news updates, and networth are available.

Date of Birth
January 13, 1980
Place of Birth
Mexico City, Mexico
44 years old
Zodiac Sign
Actor, Film Actor, Stage Actor, Television Actor
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National Autonomous University of Mexico
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Adriana Paz Life

Adriana Paz (born January 13, 1980) is a Mexican actress and dancer.

She began her artistic career in Spain, shooting commercials and acting in a play.

She was recognized for her role as Toña in the Mexican film Rudo y Cursi (2009) with a nomination for the Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She garnered critical praise starring as Miranda in Las Horas Muertas (2013), for which she was awarded Best Actress at the Morelia International Film Festival.

She subsequently starred in the TV series Sucedió en Un Día (2010), Capadocia (2010), El Encanto del Aguila (2011), Dios, Inc.

(2016), and Vis a vis (2017). Paz is also featured in other films, including Todos los Besos (2007), Backyard: El Traspatio (2009), Not Forgotten (2009), Un Mexicano Más (2009), El Mar Muerto (2010), 4 Maras (2012), Morelos (2012), Elysium (2013), Spectre, and Las Aparicio (2015).

For her lead performance in the drama La Tirisia (2014), she received the Ariel Award for Best Actress and for the films Hilda (2015) and La Caridad (2016) she won two consecutive Ariel Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2017, her performance in El Autor earned her a nomination for the Goya Award for Best New Actress.


Adriana Paz Career


Paz appeared in the script of Callejón de Lis, written by Joseph Danan and directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, which appeared at the La Capilla Theatre in 2003. Historias de Leyenda, a television show hosted by Canal Once, was her television debut. Todos los Besos, César Aliosha's first film role, was her debut film role. Paz shot her head shots with actress Manuel Teil, who then invited her to the casting for a film that year. Later, she was invited to the casting sessions for Carlos Cuarón's first feature film. Paz met Cuarón and Diego Luna at a callback meeting, and the next day Teil informed her that she had won the role of Tora, Beto "Rudo," the character played by Luna. Rudo y Cursi (2009), starring Luna and Gael Garca Bernal, is about two soccer players who are half-brothers and become rivals after a talent scout discovers them and begs them to try out for a professional team. Pete Hammond, a writer for Backstage magazine, was critical of the film's female roles, pointing out that "[Dolores] Heredia and Paz don't have a lot to do but are also good in a generally good cast." Rudo y Cursi's first Ariel Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress was given to her by Paz. She appeared in the film Backyard: El Traspatio, directed by Carlos Carrera, the following year.

In the film El Mar Muerto directed by Ignacio Ortz in 2009, Paz appeared in the films El Mar Muerto, starring Ada López, Joaqun Cosio, Leticia Gutiérrez, and Mario Almada. The film used Mexico City's historic center as its main location, and the story revolved around a murder that occurs during a blackout. She appeared in Un Mexicano Más (2010), directed by René Cardona III, based on Juan Sánchez Andraka's book. "She [La Chiquis] works with Don Leodegario (Ernesto Gómez Cruz) at his restaurant bar and is looking for a husband who can keep her out of the village, but until that happens, she's having a lot of fun with him, the male tutors, and all the male students wandering through the village."

Kristyan Ferrer appeared in the film Las Horas Muertas, directed by Aarón Fernández; this was the first lead role for the actress in 2010. Sebastián (Ferrer) runs a motel and forms a friendship with Miranda (Paz), in the film. It was a "truly breakthrough role" for Paz, according to Variety's Jay Weissberg, who "enlivens the screen with palpable charm." "With the warmth and ironic self-awareness that Paz brings to Miranda, the picture may have been a smaller car or at least a less absorbent one," Weissberg said. During the 2013 Morelia International Film Festival, Las Horas Muertas was screened, where Paz was named Best Actress. She was unable to attend the festival because she was about to give birth to her son. "I do not like to think about awards, it is better to make them for the sake of doing them, and if they do arrive [accolades] are lauded and cherished," the actress told El Sol de México. Paz appeared in Elysium directed by Neill Blomkamp, Matt Damon, and was also included in Antonio Serrano's film Morelos, about José Marro Morelos' military service in 2011.

In La Tirisia, a film written, produced, and directed by Jorge Pérez Solano (2014), Paz played Cheba, the lead role in the film. The story, which is based on a popular word tirisia ("the death of the spirit), is set in Mexico's Mixteca region, and it centers on two women (Paz and Gabriela Cartol) who were impregnated by Sylvestre (Gustavo Sánchez Parra). When Cheba's long-awaited husband returns to town, she finds her in deep despair after she had to give up her newborn (Sylvestre's child). "It is a very well-written story that wants characters with depth," Paz told Diario de Xalapa, "It brings me a lot of joy and made me say, 'I want to watch this." It was the first time I watched it; it left a lump in my throat. It's stunning." Because the film was not shown in commercial movie theaters in Mexico, it was not possible to be shown. Rather, La Tirisia was on display at film festivals such as the Chicago International Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, and the Toulouse Latinoamerican Film Festival, as well as the Toulouse Latinoamerican Film Festival, and later, a month-and-a-half stretch at Cineteca Nacional. "It is not fair," Paz said about it. We don't have the same equipment as the big production companies, and filmmaking is not as easy. It's impossible to design a project and also know that there is no such thing as a fair distribution and exhibition of these films."

Boyd van Hoeij of The Hollywood Reporter praised Paz' appearance, saying she was "exceptional as a compassionate woman with needs and wants of her own but with societal norms of her gender." Jaime López Blanco of Sputnik magazine described her appearance as "fascinating on the inside of a woman's death from within, who was missing one of their children." Paz was named Best Actress at the 57th Ariel Awards for her role in the film. "I certainly expects me to not lower the quality of my work," Paz said, "the joy it brings in me, not less so because it gives me the opportunity to be known as a good actor." "I am a writer, and I believe that continuing on this path and going for characters that challenge me more."

Paz told El Financiero in 2015 that she wanted to do a musical project because she "loves to perform" and wanted to return to the stage. In 2015, she appeared in the film Spectre's opening scene alongside Mexican actors Tenoch Huerta Mejen, Stephanie Sigman, and British actor Daniel Craig. Paz was also in the cast of Andrés Clariond's first feature film, which is based on a play written by French author Marie NDiaye. The film is about a housewife (Verónica Langer) who employs a maid (Paz) and who, in the days that follow, develops a fascination with her, preventing her from leaving the house. Since he didn't want very well known faces, Clariond cast Paz praised her for her "personality and power."

Luis Fernando Galván of En Filme described Hilda's character as "complex and beyond any cliché imposed by Mexican cinema in the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, where the poor are seen as sympathetic, honest, and generous in her film "Nosotros Los Pobres (1947) or the telenovelas, where the humble and beautiful maid is saved by prince charming from her evil patron's clutches." "If you are a brunette actress with long hair," Paz said of this role. [the producers] often give you [the producers] this position." Hilda does not talk, so everything comes out of her enthusiasm and presence. She isn't either funny or a robber. She isn't a thief or a robber. Hilda is nothing like that. She is a woman who is raising her children with her husband who does not stoop but does not rob, is not one of those stereotypes" who is not a good woman who does not stoop and is not a victim of the ones that do not stoop, does not steal, and is not one of those stereotypes. The film received five nominations at the Ariel Awards of 2016, with Paz winning for Best Supporting Actress. Las Aparicio (a film version of the TV series of the same name) was released in 2015 in a small capacity, with Paz playing a small part. Paz was lauded by Jes Chavarro of Cine Premiere for her "brief and effective" appearance, despite mixed feedback.

Paz appeared in the first season of Dios, Inc., produced by Sergio Sánchez for HBO Latin America, as a guest starring role. Rafael Sánchez Navarro, Luis Arrieta, Roca, Carlos Torres Torres Torrija, Isabel Burr, Dagoberto Gama, Manuel Balbi, and Fernando Luján appeared in the series. Paz is featured in the 2016 comedy film Original y Copia, directed by Guillermo Barba, co-starring Christopher Uckermann, Zuria Vega, and Juan Pablo Medina. This is Paz' first comedies. "It's a place where I hadn't stopped and that was far from straightforward," the woman said as she was discussing the career. It was difficult but amusing, "I would make another comedies again"; Casi Una Gran Estafa was released in Mexico in August 2017. Paz and Veronica Langer (her co-star in Hilda) reunited for the film La Caridad, directed by Marcelino Islas in 2016; Paz received the Best Supporting Actress award at the 59th Ariel Awards for the role of Eva in La Caridad; Paz and Tenoch Huerta filmed El Móvil (associated as El Autor), in Spain, and they appear as a couple being inspired by a writer who uses them as inspiration for a book. Paz received a Goya Award for Best New Actress in Mexico as part of the Morela International Film Festival in 2017, and for her appearance, she received a nomination for Best New Actress. The actress appeared in the third season of Spanish TV drama series Vis a vis, which ended in 2018.

In 2018, Paz appeared in Nadie Sabrá Nunca, Jes Torres Torres' first feature film. The drama, which takes place during the 1970s, is about a housewife struggling with machismo. "I think it's very interesting how Jesus [the film director] raises these questions." Women have suffered from misogyny, but we are also those who perpetuate it. How it affects younger generations. They didn't even think about it at the time, and they didn't have to go against all odds. According to Sector Cine magazine, "I think it's important to clarify the role that women play in it because it also suffers from it, like Rigoberto [played by Jorge A. Jiménez], who must fulfill the role."


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