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Posted by Esther Young on June 19, 2021


Melissa Peregrym, professionally known as Missy Peregrym, is a 39-year-old actress, model, and film actress, given birth in Montreal, Canada, on June 16, 1982. Her parents are Reverend Darrell Peregrym and Vanessa Peregrym, and her siblings are Cassandra and Amanda Peregrym. Her husband is currently Tom Oakley (married in 2018), and her previous husband is Zachary Levi (2014-2015). Her child is Otis Paradis Oakley (born on March 21, 2020).

Missy Peregrym has starred in many movies, tv shows, and short films. The films, tv shows, and short films she starred in are Dark Angel (2000), Stick it (2006), Wide Awake (2007), Something Red (2011), Cybergeddon (2012), The Proposal (2013), Backcountry (2014), Pyewacket (2017), FBI, Halálos szérum, Life As We Know It, Reaper, and Rookie Blue.


Fun Facts:

1- She so far modeled for Mercedes-Benz, Sprint Canada, and the Olympics.

2- Missy's name means honeybee.

3- Melissa's net worth is three million dollars.

4- She coached high school basketball.

5- Missy supports TOMS.

6- As she was growing up, she enjoyed snowboarding.

7- The agency she signed her contract with is the Liz Bell Agency.

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