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Posted by Esther Young on July 23, 2021


Lisa and Lena Mantler are 19-years-old internet celebrities, musicians, and influencers, born on June 17, 2002, in Stuttgart, Germany, adopted by Viktor and Lili Mantler when they were six months old. They have two siblings, Tim and Tyra Mantler. Currently, they are single.

Lisa and Lena Mantler have many social media. They use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok.

Their Instagram account is @lisaandlena, with 2,054 posts, 16 million followers, and 675 following back on Instagram.  They first started on June 24, 2015.

Their Twitter is Lisa & Lena, with 160.2k followers, and followed 83 people back. They have three tweets and started in March 2016.

They even have a youtube channel named xLL by Lisa and Lena. They started on January 14, 2016, along with 57,439,539 views and 922k subscribers.

Lisa and Lena have a Facebook account, Lisaandlena, that started on July 18, 2016. They have 143 posts with 198k followers.

Lisa and Lena are the most famous for their TikToks. Their account goes under the name of Lisaandlena. It has 365 videos with 13.5 million followers and 38 following back. They started back in 2020. After that, however, they restarted their account.


Fun Facts:

1- They were both in the 2019 German flim, Was wir wussten- Risiko Pille.

2- Lisa and Lena have a clothing line, J1MO71.

3- Their net worth is $150k.

4- They relaunched their TikTok account in 2020.

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